Spring Pottery Sale An annual favorite featuring work by UAA students and faculty. Cash, check and card are accepted, and the sale ends at 5pm. (Gordon Hartlieb Hall, Room 108, 3300 Seawolf Drive)

BFA Thesis Exhibition II Bachelor of Fine Arts candidates devote a large measure of time to studio work as they plan for a professional life in art. A written thesis and exhibition at the Kimura Gallery in the Fine Arts Building culminates the completion of the program. For the first thesis exhibition, the following candidates will be displaying their work in a group show: Alyson Kennard — “One Thread Is Strong Enough”, Jessica Saiki — “The Human Saiki (psyche)” and Barbra Medcoff — “Anonymous Misogyny”. (UAA Kimura Gallery, 3700 Alumni Loop)

Christina Wilson Art SteamDot on O’Malley in south Anchorage is proud to present Christina Wilson Art for First Friday the month of May! Christina is an Alaskan artist who features thick texture and vibrant colors in her series of Alaska mountain scenes up all month at SteamDot Cafe. There will be no formal reception but feel free to come checkout her art all month long! (SteamDot,10950 O’Malley Centre Drive)

Exhibition: Woven Homes The bird’s nest is messy, architectural, graceful, and heavy in symbolism. It appears as a coincidental theme in the work of the four Alaska based women artists exhibited here. Woven Homes explores this connection and asks why the nest might be such an intriguing artistic subject? The nest itself can function as a symbol of the home, of growth, and of femininity. It is a home created from its environment: both a safe seclusion, yet also open enough to provide a window for onlookers. Some of the artworks here contain the presence of an egg, speaking to the experience of growth and motherhood. The opposite has a powerful effect as well. The absence of the egg can embody infertility or maturity. Featured artists: Carol Lambert, Melanie Lombard, Holly Nordlum, Sara Tabbert. This exhibition is in the ARC Gallery, located in the lobby of the UAA Consortium Library. (ARC Gallery, 3211 Providence Drive)

Aiviq & Nanuq: Sea Horse and Sea Bear of the Arctic Perhaps no creatures better reflect the climate, landscape and culture of Alaska and the Arctic than the walrus and polar bear. Power and vulnerability coexist within these giants living in a massive Arctic – a distinct region known for its own striking contrasts. They are animals without equal in size and strength, yet their greatest protection comes from the ability to adapt to a changing world and a warming climate. Their lives have entwined with humans for centuries. To the first peoples of the Arctic and sub-Arctic, walrus (aiviq) and polar bear (nanuq) each have been predator, co-habitant, sustenance and spiritual ally. To generations of artists and culture-bearers, these remarkable creatures are both material and muse. They have been revered for centuries, studied by scientists, commodified by pop culture and manipulated by politicians. Through the lens of artists and artworks from Alaska and around the world, this 8,000-square-foot exhibition at the Anchorage Museum explores the ways these iconic animals offer important insight into the culture of the North and its complex future. (Anchorage Museum, 625 C Street)


Inuit: The Arctic We Want Dr. Dalee Sambo Dorough (Inuit-Alaska) is the newly elected International Chair of the Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska, a non-governmental organization that represents approximately 165,000 Inuit from the Russian Far East, Alaska, Canada and Greenland. She holds a Ph.D. from University of British Columbia, Faculty of Law (2002) and a Master of Arts in Law & Diplomacy from The Fletcher School at Tufts University (1991). She is affiliated with the University of Alaska Anchorage where she served as an Assistant Professor of International Relations within the Department of Political Science from 2008-2018; former Chairperson [2014] and Expert Member of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (2010-2016); and co-Chair of the International Law Association (ILA) Committee on Implementation of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Tickets are available at (49th State Brewing Company, 717 W 3rd Avenue)


Northern Focus Photography Photography Exhibit and Artist’s Reception hosted by Great Harvest Bread Co. (Great Harvest, 570 E Benson Boulevard)

Writing Tom Clancy and the Jericho Quinn Thriller Series Marc Cameron is the New York Times bestselling author of Tom Clancy Oath of Office, and Tom Clancy Power and Empire, the Arliss Cutter Mysteries, and the Jericho Quinn Thriller Series. His forthcoming book, Tom Clancy Code of Honor, is due out in November. A retired Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal, Marc Cameron, who is originally from Texas, spent nearly thirty years in law enforcement filling assignments from Alaska to Manhattan, from Canada to Mexico. During his career, he served as a uniformed police officer, mounted (horse patrol) officer, SWAT officer, and detective. In early 1991, he accepted a position with the U.S. Marshals Service where he moved through the ranks to retire as Chief of the District of Alaska. (UAA Bookstore, 2901 Spirit Drive)

FireBear Designs Starting out as a part time adventure almost 10 years ago here in the wilds of Alaska, FireBear Designs produced lamp work glass beads primarily for use by other jewelry artists. In 2015, we launched the studio into full time mode and focused on producing their own jewelry designs. While they work primarily in silver, they have also added other precious metals, unique stones and gemstones to their collections. (Tiny Gallery, 706 W 4th Avenue)


North x North Festival Opening Night Open galleries. Open minds. Opening of the North x North Festival. Explore new exhibitions that highlight Northern places and people, including Alaskans and Salmon, Arctic Portals and The Culture of Media: Representation from Nanook to Molly. Take part in activities and conversations around sound, performance, gender, innovation, migration and food. Visit for a full list of events. (Anchorage Museum, 625 C Street)

Global Soundscapes at the Thomas Planetarium Global Soundscapes takes you on an ear-opening journey into the science of sound and the exciting new field of soundscape ecology. Experience basic acoustics through interactive activities and slow-motion footage of pulsating musical instruments, vibrating vocal cords and slobbering raspberries. Learn how animal sounds occupy distinct sonic niches in orchestral soundscapes. Discover how soundscape ecology can be used to assess the biodiversity and health of global ecosystems. Please use the museum’s 7th Avenue entrance. (35 minutes). (Anchorage Museum, 625 C Street)


May First Friday at IGCA The International Gallery of Contemporary Art is pleased to present new exhibitions by three artists this May. Center Gallery: A Place to Call Home / Elizabeth Eero Irving North Gallery: The Illusion of Motion in the Accordion Book / Shoko Takahashi South Gallery: Dollar Cinema / Mikhail Siskoff. (IGCA, 427 D Street)

Cloud Chamber Using nontraditional light sources photographer Kerry Tasker explores enigmatic glacial forms with a pyrotechnic visual investigation of the transforming Alaskan landscape. (Akela Collective, 320 W 6th Avenue)

C.ON.A.H. City on a Hill is a moniker Justin Parsons creates for his artwork. Born and raised in Alaska, Justin cites his influences as his father and mother, who raised him in a sign shop where he was always around paint. He is also influence by his friends, dog, and all the great painters he surrounds himself with. His preferred mediums change often, ranging from traditional lettering to spray painting. (Uncle Leroy’s, 701 W 36th Avenue)

Danielle Larsen — The Can Factory Danielle Larsen is a contemporary illustrator and painter with Unangan Aleut, Koyukon Athabascan, Inupiaq and European ancestry. She is best known for her colorful, graphic, large-scale paintings of jarred, smoked salmon inspired by her father, John E. Larsen Jr. from King Cove, Alaska. Her mother, Florence Wiehl from Beaver, is also an inspiration for her artwork. Her paintings are rooted in her Alaska Native culture and her memories growing up in Southcentral Alaska. (APU Leah J. Peterson Gallery, 4101 University Drive)

Lynn Larsen — She’s in the Brooks Fairbanks based artist, Lynn Larsen, travels to the Brooks Range every year to encounter the Arctic’s spirit of place. Her paintings of mostly the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge mountains stay true to each mountain’s long geological story and reflect her summer adventures in the Brooks Range. (APU ConocoPhillips Gallery, 4101 University Drive)

First Friday SSP Studio & Gallery SSP Studio & Gallery is not your normal photography gallery. Here you will find some of Alaska’s top talent pushing the envelope of their cameras and taking the lens to new depths. Thought provoking, intriguing and mind-blowing art. Get ready to have your mind accelerated to new levels. (SSP Studio, 2217 E Tudor Road, Suite 11)

2 Friends First Friday Linda Vollertsen has had decades exploring different mediums and materials in her artwork and is currently interested in “unveiling” what is within her subject through the art of photography. Terri Atwell (Beadwitched) is also an artist of many materials and is currently showing her unparalleled beading talents by making one of a kind necklaces and earrings that are sure show stoppers! As always, there will be live music by Jeannie McLeod and delicious food provided by Rugged Raven catering. (2 Friends Gallery, 341 E Benson Boulevard)

Steve Gordon Steve Gordon presents 13 exciting and varied oil paintings in his exhibit “New Work” opening at the Georgia Blue Gallery on Friday, May 3, 5:00 — 7:00 pm. Steve has been an artist since childhood and taught painting at both UAA and APU. His work can be seen at the Anchorage Museum and in many collections throughout the United States. The exhibit will be on display through the month of May. Mike Gordon will sign copies of his intense and lively autobiography “Learning the Ropes,” during a First Friday reception, 5:00 — 7:00 pm on May 3. Mike operated Chilkoot Charlie’s, the world-famous Spenard bar, for 45 years. He also sought to tame personal challenges and a mid-life crisis by climbing the Seven Summits, the highest peak on each continent. (Georgia Blue Gallery, 3555 Arctic Boulevard, C5)

Joanie Havenner “I have been fortunate to call Alaska home since 1983. I first came to Alaska in the deepest, darkest part of winter and despite that, I fell in love with the state. The beauty of Alaska never ceases to amaze me and take my breath away. The first time I went to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and saw the resident brown bears, I was hooked on bears and sought to observe them in their natural habitat. Traveling to Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Silver Salmon Creek Lodge in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve, and most recently, to McNeil River State Game Sanctuary, I have had some uncommon opportunities to get up close and personal with bears of all sizes and ages. Other subjects I love to photograph are Alaska’s beautiful landscapes, flowers of all kinds, and just about anything nature has to offer. In addition, I enjoy photographing families, friends and my two cats! I truly enjoy creating images that resonate.” (Caffe D’arte Dimond, 223 E Dimond Boulevard)

Jamie Janko Jamie Janko is a local Alaskan Artist. She creates original acrylic and multimedia paintings on canvas that are often reactive in UV light. Janko brings these paintings to festivals and fabulous venues for display. She also participates in First Fridays and other art shows, and some market events. She started creating art as soon as it was exposed to her at a very young age and have been naturally drawn to draw etc. In 2015, Janko decided to start “working” and selling her art. She continues to grow and expand, thanks to those who have supported her in every way. Through time as her style developed and it still does, it’s said she produces what many refer to as “psychedelic” art. She agrees. (Midnight Sun Café, 245 W. 5th Avenue, Suite 106)

To each his own Bivy presents “To each his own”, an ongoing living catalogue and exhibition of personal collections, souvenirs, memorabilia, inheritance and collectables. Presenting initially some of the personal collections of the two founders of Bivy and their families, the project expands inviting anyone to submit their own collections. All the submissions will be published on a dedicated page on Bivy’s website, while some of them will be included in the exhibition. In parallel, a collection of keychains will be collectively started. In fact, visitors are invited to bring a keychain and install it in one of the designated empty spaces. (Bivy, 419 G Street, Suite 100)

Amy Keyser Meet the artist! Welcome Spring with a burst of color in glass by local artist, Amy Keyser. Since 2005, Amy’s whimsical Christmas ornaments have become collector’s items for locals. Her attention to detail and sense of humor is expressed in glass via quirky penguins, adorable poppy bowls, and an almost retro-sensibility that makes her glass creations stand out as the field of artists attracted to art in glass widens. (Crest Gallery, 939 W 5th Avenue)

First Friday at Anchorage Distillery For First Friday May edition they will be hosting Ashley Seabolt Originals and Art by Hailey Morgan! Their short cocktail menu for the evening will include a Ghostarita, and they’ll have food from K’s Kitchen. (Anchorage Distillery, 6310 A Street)

First Friday at the PAC Enjoy 1% for Art and Backstage Tours with special guests Alaska Youth Orchestras — tours at 5:45pm, 6:15pm and 6:45pm (limit to 25 people per tour). Guests can also play Broadway Bingo, follow the clues to find the Holy Grail (Spamalot is coming!) and test your memory for characters with a matching game! Learn more about upcoming events with Perseverance Theatre (Guys & Dolls), Anchorage Concert Association (Spamalot!) and Spring Concert (Alaska Youth Orchestras). Tasty bites from our First Friday partner — Glacier BrewHouse! Beverages available for purchase from Ginger. Great for all ages. Make us your first stop for First Friday — parking will be validated by Easy Park! (validation available between 5:30-7pm, so come by the PAC first!) (Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, 621 W 6th Avenue)

Karen Padgett Spring break up is here and Mother Nature is stretching her limbs! Please stop in on Friday May 3rd, 2019 to welcome local Artist Karen Padgett as she shares her playful works of art. Bringing nature indoors and giving your senses some much need color stimulation from the hum drum winter. Her artwork will be up for the entire month of May! (Williwaw, 609 F Street)


Andy Hehnlin Meet the artist! New series of original paintings by Nikiski artist Andy Hehnlin. Andy is a true renaissance man, gold miner by day (summer months), and painter by night (winter months). Andy has prospected in the rivers of Girdwood, the beaches of Nome, and the hills of the Wrangles. He began painting professionally in 1995. At first, he painted to entertain himself during the long Alaskan winters while he waited for the gold-bearing land to thaw. Now, he is one of Stephan’s most sough-after artists. Located inside the Hotel Captain Cook. (Stephan Fine Arts, 939 W 5th Avenue)

First Friday at Resolution Brewery Resolution Brewery is excited to showcase the work of Keren Lowell. Keren received a Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Fellowship in 2016 and has worked in Wrangell Mountain, the Bunnell Street Art Center in Homer and the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT. She uses textiles and textile processes to create pieces that move freely between the realms of sculpture, installation, performance and wearable art. She is currently conducting sewing workshops and classes. (Resolution Brewery, 3024 Mountain View Drive)

The Yellow Show A group show celebrating all things yellow, paintings by Sparc artists demonstrate the vibrancy of color. Refreshments provided. (Sparc, 425 D Street)

Dan Twitchell Meet the artist! Enjoy a coffee or glass of wine while enjoying Dan Twitchell’s newest collection of original oil paintings. As a longtime Alaskan, Dan is a self-taught artist and photographer. He paints in both plain air and studio style, using reference photos taken during his excursions around the State. His painterly style with colorist influences reflect his interpretation of Alaska’s beautiful wildlife and rugged terrains through vibrant colors and loose expressive brushwork. “I do not merely want to capture the image with my brushes; rather with careful, colorful strokes of paint.” (Captain Cook Coffee Cubby, 939 W 5th Avenue)


Loussac Library Spring Book Sale Don’t miss Friends of the Library’s Spring Book Sale! Get great prices on books, DVDs and other materials! Shopping here is a win-win for you and our community. The Friends’ 2019 book sale, fundraising goal is $40,000, all of which goes to our five Anchorage Public Libraries. (Loussac Library, 3600 Denali Street)

Carlos Pereira Join local master oil painter Carlos Pereira at ZIP Kombucha on May 3rd for First Friday! The artist will be featuring brand new works of abstracts. (Zip Kombucha, 3404 Arctic Boulevard)

The Art of Kinbaku Come view a rare collection of seductive and erotic print art depicting actual Japanese inspired Kinbaku scenes. Paper, canvas and metal prints will grace the walls this evening and throughout the month of May. The one-off Kinbaku prints will be for sale with all proceeds donated to de-marginalizing Rope Art throughout Alaska. (SubZero, 612 F Street)

Wild Alaska The Aurora family welcomes Alaskan artist Chip Brock, displaying his Original Oil paintings on linen. Stop by and enjoy some amazing Alaskan art while live music from the Rick Zelinsky Trio serenades you! (Aurora Fine Art Gallery, 737 W 5th Avenue)

Yuliya Hegelson-Thompson Sevigny Studio will be highlighting the art work of Yuliya Hegelson-Thompson for the month of May. She paints with oil on canvas. Becky Kotter will be here playing and singing for your listening pleasure. (Sevigny Studios, 608 W. 4th Avenue)


The Giver Jonas’ world is perfect. Everything is under control and safe. There is no war or fear or pain. There are also no choices. When Jonas turns 12, he is selected for special training from The Giver. Jonas learns The Giver is the only person who holds any memories of real pain and real joy. Now Jonas will learn the truth about life—and the hypocrisy of his utopian world. Through this astonishing and moving adaptation of Lois Lowry’s Newbery Medal-winning novel, discover what it means to grow up, to grow wise, and to take control of your own destiny. Performances are May 3-26, Thursdays – Saturdays at 7pm and Sundays at 3pm. Tickets range from $13-$17 and can be purchased through our website, (ACT, 1133 E 70th Avenue)


Pianist Blair McMillen An evening with pianist Blair McMillen is a program unlike anything Anchorage audiences have heard in recent past. His programs are innovative, exploring the unusual, quirky, provocative, traditional and non-traditional, reinventing the wheel approach to music and performance. Blair is an excellent musician but also an expert performance artist. He has the capability of making all audience members from novice to advanced, from engaged to the highly skeptical, completely reframe their context for a musical performance. This concert promises to be a real barn burner! Tickets are available at (UAA Recital Hall, 3700 Alumni Loop)

Guys and Dolls For some guys, life is a gamble—every day another throw of the dice. New York hustler Sky Masterson seems to be on a roll, but in the game of romance, his luck is about to run out. Will he beat the odds and get the girl, or come up snake-eyes? Perseverance Theatre’s musical dream team and an all-star cast will captivate you with their intimate staging of this brash Broadway favorite! Based on the street-wise stories of Damon Runyon and featuring all those Frank Loesser songs you love to tap your toes to; Guys and Dolls is a sure thing. Tickets are available at (Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, 621 W 6th Avenue)


First Friday Comedy Liven up your First Fridays with local laughs. Each month, Hard Rock Café features a new line-up of Alaska’s best stand-up comedians. Hosted by Matt Jardin on the second floor. A $5 donation is suggested, and this event is 21 and up. (Hard Rock Café, 415 E Street)


Play Parties Their exclusive play party will get you relaxed and excited for the kind of fun you can only have in a 5000 square foot dungeon with a “Boom Boom Room!” Members are welcome to bring as many guests as they like and becoming a member has never been easier! Text 907-775-8419 for details! Or visit them on the web (ACAL, E 5th Avenue)

House Sessions at subzero Friday nights SubZero are bringing back the House Sessions! Local DJ’s will be bringing you house beats that will set the SubZero Microlounge mood! They’re bringing you Jacob Mattie, DJ Clint Staples, AKHM DJ’s & DJ Just Adam with a few others thrown into the mix. Playing every Friday night from 9pm to close. (SubZero, 612 F Street)

Orion Donicht Orion Donicht is made from the syrupy effluence of Fairview, Alaska. This tacky man has picked up eclectic dust and dogs, dew and mists and overall is a compendium of music you know, music you don’t know, and music you thought you knew. A deft story telling creature, his feats of limber linguistics and quick wit keep this author trying to describe him truthfully, without sounding like a jack ass. (Van’s Dive Bar, 1027 E. 5th Avenue)

NxN Arctic Dance Party Dance to music by Medium Build with special guests Harper’s Farce and Tanana Rafters at Williwaw. Tickets are $12 at the door. (Williwaw, 609 F Street)

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