The annual 3 Barons Renaissance Fair kicks off this weekend for the first of two weekend runs at the Tozier Track at 3400 E. Tudor Road. Activities are noon to 8 p.m. on June 1 and 2 and again on June 8 and 9. Tickets are $8 for adults, $7 for military and seniors and children are $5.

Here’s a little on the background of the activities:

Hillthelstan: Hero of Hillshire

Hillshire is named for Hillthelstan the Bold, a warrior of great virtue and repute, who saved our village from a monster (some say it was a giant bear, some a direwolf, some a mythical beast) that ravaged the area for years, raiding food stocks, carrying off animals and children and fouling the ground.

Legend has it that he fought the monster with three bold knights, finally dispatching it with his spear, before vanishing into the mists of legend.

The 3 Barons Fair Celebration

Hillthelstan's great combat with the creature is honored each year at the 3 Barons Fair where the Barons Red, Green and Blue, compete for the privilege of winning the relic associated with him, the Spear of Hillthelstan the Bold and holding it for the coming year. It is said a successful competition for the relic insures a good harvest and prosperity, not only for the barony that holds it, but the village as well.

The winner of the competition must accumulate the most tokens for good and noble deeds, great combat, wise rule, and exciting entertainments. This is determined by a vote of the people attending the fair. Throughout the fair day, the people of Hillshire award tokens to the fairgoers, who may then vote for the Barony they feel best represents these ideals. Each fair day, the ballot is counted and announced and on the last day of fair, the prize is awarded for the year.

The Royal Courts

Blue Baron

Home of Ali Akbar Mohammet el Mut Amin the Magnificent! Traveling from the mysterious lands of the south, the mighty Blue Baron Amin once again graces the village of Hillshire with the many wonders his court has to offer. Baron Amin has come in search of profit, wives, and, most of all, revelry!

The Blue Baron brings with him his bagoom (first wife), advisors, personal bodyguard, guards and a small number of his many beautiful wives and daughters. In addition, he has brought along his personal entertainers (although some would call them a burden), Akbar and Ahmid and their Circus of the Damned.

All of those wishing to take service with the Blue Baron should present themselves at his pavilion, for Ali Akbar Mohammet el Mut Amin richly rewards those loyal to him.

Red Baron

Baron Dante Fortunati and his lovely wife Isabella Fortunati, lead the illustrious Court of Red. Hailing from Venice the City of Wonders, they bring a cadre of noble warriors and maidens fair, who hold truth, love, and honor above all else. A champion of justice, Baron Dante defends the weak and is renowned throughout the land as a man of magnanimity and benevolence, whose word is never broken and whose intentions are always true.

With his fabled soldiers the White Lions at his side the Baron has come to Hillshire to stand against the tyrannical aspirations of Baron Drake and shield its citizens from the rapaciousness and cruelty of his infamous Court of Green.

To seek the favor of the Red Court patrons must be willing to display chivalry, grace, and courage. Those who put others first will find friends among the Court of the Sun. Those whose greed consumes them would do well not to tarry.

The Green Barony

Ruled by the greedy tyrant Baron Charles Drake II and his wife, Baroness Catherine Drake, the Green Barony is home to many of Tudor England's less than desirable characters. From thieves to murderers, cads and cutthroats, the Drake family once again ventures to the village of Hillshire in search of wealth and power. Through intimidation and violence, Baron Drake has established himself as a cruel and merciless noble bent on capitalizing on the misfortune and weakness of the citizens and patrons of the realm.

Baron Drake commands a retinue of servants, staff and mercenaries that see to his every want and need. The Dragon Guard are hired thugs and armsmen that carry out the orders of their Baron and Baroness with much sadistic delight.

To seek the favor of the Drake household, patrons must be willing to sacrifice all that they hold dear and present themselves before the ruler of the Emerald Throne. Should they succeed in their quest, Baron Drake will reward them for their loyalty and obedience. Failure, however, is met with swift retribution.

The Towns People of Hillshire

Alchemists Guild portrays merchants and magicians who seek profit, the secrets of the unknown, and entertainment through fines of the guilty, walk-around and stage magic, and puppet shows. They represent the home of the Hillshire Magistrate, who is the bane of fools and miscreants.

Crooked Toad Tavern Show portrays pirates out to have a good time at the Hillshire pub, the Cooked Toad, where they sing and tell tales of their adventures across the seas.

Benevolent Fellowship of Fools, Troubadours and Storytellers portrays a Small group of Fools and Storytellers who find themselves in many foolish perdicaments when they are not going around telling stories to anyone that wishes or listens.

Crimson Dove The town merchants have come together under one tent to provide a myriad of gaming opportunities. These games are designed to teach and entertain with historical games of dice, card and board. Beware as you play the game, the game may be playing you.

Tomato Wives & Sons portray a small group of peasants who gather and sell rotten tomatoes to be hurled at particularly bad actors as displayed in the popular, comedic, and messy Tomato Show.

Twisted Tadpole portrays a family friendly establishment for children of all ages offering games, stories, music, and activities.

Battlecrows A rough and tumble group of jailers that patrol Hillshire keeping the peace and tossing folks in their jail... for a price.

Special Attractions

Historic Recrudescence Guild portray village life during the middle ages, as living historians, building, reproducing, and sharing the customs, cultures, histories and lifestyles from dyeing, smithing, coopering, carpentry, masonry, weaving, embroidery, farming, cooking, and medieval European combat techniques.

Society for Creative Anachronism portray the Middle Ages and Renaissance eras and are dedicated to research and recreating the arts and skills of those times. They are their own non-profit organization and membership in the SCA is required to participate with them.

Come See the Shows

Tournament of Champions Witness the live action chess game play out before your very eyes. Just like steel clashes on the chessboard, so do the Barons and their entourages. There is enough thrust and parry, wit and steel to keep you at the edge of your seats.

The Naughty Bawdy Tavern Show The raucous battle between pirates and wenches rages once again this year. Original music and adult themed content will plunder your heart and steal a smile from all who dare join the crew. This show is not for the young.

Peasant Dancing Let the merriment of the day take hold of you as musicians set you reeling at Peasant Dancing. Laugh, sing and dance as our fair patrons and cast join together for a turn in the dance area. Young, old, coordinated or not, there is a place for you among the fun.

The Tomato Show Come join us for this time honored tradition of lobbing rotten tomatoes at our Shakespearean Acting Troupe if you find their skills not up to your standards. It's a comedy, it's a tragedy, it's a fun, messy good time for all.

Circus of the Damned Variety is the word that comes to mind for this troupe of performers. Feats of skill, dazzling beauty and comedy unlike you've ever seen before will entertain you in the Court of the Blue Baron.

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