South Anchorage has a new marijuana store to offer you, and it’s getting great reviews. A quick peek at Weedmaps will show what the people are thinking; word is on the street is The Frost Farm is the place to hit up.

I’ve got a soft spot for small family business.It’s what I was raised in; it’s my comfort zone, and that’s just what we have with this retail and cultivation duo. Besides small business, I also love art because it’s what my mother sold. The Frost Farm is just that, a work of art. It’s the retail store for The Frost Frontier, a multi-award winning cultivator in our fine state.

When Beth Brewington invested her finances into backing a Cannabis cultivation and retail facility for her sons, she also invested her life. She’s put years worth of sweat equity into the business, as have her boys.

She’s smart to do so, because her son Evan grows, in my humble opinion, some of the finest Cannabis in the state of Alaska. It’s almost become a joke when I go into retail shops and ask the budtenders what they’re liking the best. Unless they’re cultivating in house, they almost always suggest something grown by The Frost Frontier.

Evan Schlossberg has won several Cannabis Classic awards over the years, taking home Best Indica in 2016 for his infamous Alaskan Blackberry. He’s got a reputation for being a genetics and breeding master, which shows clearly if you ever get an opportunity to discuss strains with him.

Evan’s been legally growing high quality cannabis since 2006, originally starting out in Oregon with a medical card. Due to health challenges, he’s not been able to work the traditional 9 to 5 schedule. Despite holding a degree from Oregon’s prestigious Laurelhurst College, Evan was unable to enter the traditional workforce. His health required him to get creative with how he made his income and growing legal cannabis for medical patients allowed him to do that.

When Cannabis became legal in the state of Alaska, Beth saw an opportunity to create a legacy to leave behind for her boys, a theme I’ve seen a few times now, as I’ve had the pleasure to interview several new cannabis businesses over the past few months. Alaskans tend to value family business and we like to support the small local guy. It’s especially wonderful when that small local guy happens to be one of the best.

Besides having an award winning product, The Frost Frontier now has a beautiful new store, located just off Dimond on Dimond D Circle. In the entry way you’ll find art from local artists, with the intention of hosting a First Friday type event, in which local artist will have an opportunity to showcase their work. The store has a modern yet classic feel, slightly industrial while still maintaining a well finished, polished appearance.

In an effort to help reduce the environmental devastation that is the plastic packaging associated with the legal Cannabis industry, The Frost Farm is offering reusable packaging. Depending on the amount of product being purchased, the customer receives either a glass jar or plastic, child proof container. An incentive of $1 off is offered when the container is brought back to be refilled.


Enough about the store though, can we talk for just a second about the weed? I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to a few of my personal favorite strains. Let’s start with one that everyone’s loving, at least everyone I know who’s tried it; Grapefruit Juice #3. The THC levels vary on it according to the crop, but keep in mind this true Sativa strain has been said to be an energetic experience to all those who give it a try. It’s a great way to start off the day, complete with a strong grapefruit flavor. I wouldn’t recommend smoking it before bed, as it tends to be higher in THC content as well as a true Sativa strain, which can sometimes keep me up and moving. This is definitely a highly productive herb.

I’ve already written about the award winning Alaskan Blackberry, so I’ll keep it short and sweet and say do yourself a favor and give it a try. Besides being a true beauty to look at with it’s deep purple color, it’s the kind of weed that makes me question everything I know about Cannabis. It’s not a heavy hitter in the THC department, coming in at a 14.45%. I find it to be the ideal evening strain. It’s relaxing to me, the effects settling into my body with a gentle, calming sensation. This is a strain pretty much everyone seems to enjoy, in that it’s not too cerebrally invasive.

Animal Cookies is a strain that I picked up because it was on their $10/gram special, which caught my attention. I’ve written before about my thoughts on “sale” or “discounted” weed, so I was curious to see what would be offered for the lower price. This is where The Frost Farm wins my heart; they don’t offer sales because the weed is bunk or no one’s buying it, they offer sales because they happened to cultivate a bunch of something and they like to offer a daily, affordable special that the average Joe can afford to take home. This is the beauty of in-house cultivation. It allows the cultivator to cut out the middleman and offer a lower price, which us consumers appreciate (especially those of us on a budget).

Like most freshly opened marijuana stores, the inventory is still being built, but that isn’t stopping folks from rolling in. When you’re selling a high quality product at a fair price, the people will come. They’ll take notice, and they’ll tell their friends. Despite having been open less than a month, the store has began building a steady flow of daily regulars. It’s clear by reading the WeedMaps reviews that the people of Anchorage are loving The Frost Farm. If you haven’t made it over there yet, do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s likely to become your new favorite shop.

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