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Surge Kulikov

Surge Kulikov

Found in the heart of Downtown Anchorage, the Tundra Herb Company is a beautiful dispensary worth visiting. Antler handles on their front door open up to a very Alaskan style shop. Feels like the inside of a cabin out in our wilderness. The staff are kind and friendly. John helped me out and gave some really good recommendations. Great choice of cultivators and really good cannabis. Love the amount of information they put on their labels!!! Everything I want to know is right on the package. Awesome website that is easy to navigate and has a beautiful design. For anyone in the downtown area, stop by here to escape the city for a few minutes and pick up something good to smoke. 


Green Avenger

There is a very sweet floral aroma that comes off these buds and some type of faint spice. There were moments I thought I was smelling sweet Italian sausage, which I think is awesome. The buds had a good amount of frost and ground up, it dropped a lot of kief! They have a medium density and are so brittle, you can easily break it by hand but you will have very frosty fingers! Fire it up and expect smooth smoke that tastes earthy sweet. This batch was cultivated by Raspberry Roots and has a THC of 22.85%.

This strain got me so high and dumb I was astonished. With the first few hits I could feel my attention span come together and my thoughts were really easy to keep track. About one bowl in, my brain was flatlined! It did not want to think or do anything. When I did try starting the thought process up, the tracks would veer into so many brick walls. The high was very pleasant and I was buzzing mostly in the head. It also messed with my memory. I recommend smoking this one when you need to forget or just turn the lights off up there.


Williams Wonder

The buds smell like the inside of a tire or burnt plastic, but do not let that stop you from trying this gem! It is a normal aroma that some cannabis strains produce. Also, the taste of the smoke is fruity sweet and not at all as it smells. Smooth hits too. The nugs were small with a good amount of frost on them. Trim job could have been better, yet the trim left over was very frosty. They have a soft density and can be easily broken up by hand. This batch was cultivated by Alaska Precision and has a THC of 17.01% with terpenes at a whopping 3.85%!

This is the perfect strain for anxiety! One bowl made me feel like I took a really strong benzodiazepine. My heart rate and breathing slowed down so much my body temperature dropped and I started to shiver. If I was having a panic attack, this would be exactly what I would need. The best part is the clear head that comes with it. It took a few minutes to regain myself and focus on my breathing. I was completely relaxed and chill without the stoned feeling. This is a strong strain so anyone new to cannabis should be careful and moderate. Veteran smokers, this is straight up amazing for anxiety!


Van Helsing

These buds smell earthy and kind of woodsy with a spice that left my nose feeling fresh every time I pulled it away from the packaging. Squeeze the nugs and the aroma intensifies to what I can only describe as the inside of an auto body shop filled with pounds of cannabis. The smoke flavor is earthy with a fruity sweet undertone. The fresh hits are mild on the lungs and then they smooth out quickly. The buds had a good amount of frost on them and nice trim jobs. They had a soft density and stayed firm and together when trying to crush them. Easy grind and a really good burn. This batch was cultivated by Caradundy Colas and has a THC of 22.91% with terpenes at 1.71%.

Man this one really got me stoned! The first few hits made my eyes feel really warm and heavy. Right before I started smoking, my nerves were flared up and I was not having the best day. One bowl helped alleviate the pain and fully relax me. The more I smoked, the more stoned I felt. Another half a bowl had me couch locked and my entire body buzzing. I sat there for a good ten minutes trying to regain myself. I recommend this as a nighttime strain to help with sleep or if you want to just be super stoned on the couch.


Mother Tongue

Cultivated by Alaska Precision, these buds have a total THC of 19.01% and the total cannabinoids are at 22.34%. They have an earthy aroma and when squeezed, they give off a faint stinky sour smell. The nugs have a lot of frosty leaves and little hairs everywhere. Really good trim job, even the hairs were trimmed. Soft to medium denseness depending on nug size and they are really firm. Easy grind, good burn, and smooth smoke that tastes like it smells with a very faint tartness that comes and goes.

Want to feel good and zero in your focus? This one does that! Plus huge waves of euphoria! I smoked two big bowls and my head was buzzing with a nice cerebral high. 

My body felt balanced and I was happy and feeling really good. I decided to play Just Cause 3 which I’m still new too. I was able to tunnel my focus and react like the game was in bullet time. With the nice high and good vibes, this strain is perfect for video gaming, especially for precision gameplay!


Northern Lights

Northern Lights was the very first strain name I ever smoked back when cannabis was not regulated. It truly fills me with joy that Alaska Cannabis Company grows this strain and we all can enjoy it legally! These buds have an earthy aroma and look wonderful. 

A good amount of frost with great trim jobs on each nug. They have a soft density and stay firm when crushed. Easy grind and a nice burn that wants to stay lit. Expect smooth smoke that tastes earthy with a faint fruity sweet undertone. This batch has a total THC of 19.53% with terpenes at 1.19%.

Three hits of this strain is my perfect moderation point to feel calmer and have some mild pain relief without feeling stoned. To be productive, that’s enough. By the end of the first bowl I was stoned. Feeling super relaxed, my breathing slowed down to a snail’s pace. I enjoyed the pleasant body high and the huge appetite it gave me. I like that I was still able to think straight the entire time. Thinking was slower, but it didn’t veer off every which way like usual. I would recommend smoking this strain when doing your favorite hobby.


Cinderella XX

Cultivated by Raspberry Roots, this strain has a total THC of 25.95% and the total cannabinoids are at 31.24%. They are nice looking buds with a decent amount of frost on them and a great trim job. They have a medium density and are very firm when squeezed. With an mostly earthy and sweet aroma, putting a squeeze on the buds releases faint sweet stink that can be tasted in the smoke. The first hit did hit hard on the lung and I had a good coughing fit. Afterwards, the smoke smoothed out and taking huge rips was easy.

This strain gave me the Cinderella effect. After two bowls I was feeling uplifted, energized, and very social as though I was ready for the ball. It got me to a really nice high and I do not know how long I stayed there. But at some point the clock struck midnight and I was back to my old self like nothing happened. Even feeling tired. So I smoked another bowl and the party was back on!



Subzero must have earned a Flawless Victory and annihilated these buds by freezing them and making them shatter into pieces. Because from the gram I picked up, there were three little nugs intack which were very frosty and the rest was shake. If you are new to cannabis, shake is the collection of all the small parts of the bud that fall off. Very smokable, just not visually presentable. I’m guessing I was the unfortunate one to get the last few grams of this awesome strain. Please don’t let my unlucky draw discourage you from trying it. 

It is really good and quite strong. Smells fruity, sweet, and gassy, like a sweet diesel. Good burn with smoke that tastes earthy and sweet. The first hit was mild and heavy, but it smoothed out real fast. Every hit after was easy on the lungs. This batch was cultivated by Emerald City Organics and has a total THC of 28.06% with terpenes at 4.37%!

This strain got me so high I was repeating myself. I sounded like Jimmy Two Times from the Goodfellas. The first few hits brought on a relaxing blanket over me. By the end of the first bowl I could feel my breathing slowing and my mind slipping. About half an hour in, I felt the effects peaking and that is when I started repeating my words and losing my memory. I had to sit it out for a few minutes before going to watch a family movie with the kids. I sat there frozen for about an hour watching a movie I could not remember. Then all the gears in my head started turning and I remembered everything that happened. Did Subzero get a fatality on me?


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