The Tree House

I've visited The Tree House out on Boniface a few times now and I always enjoy coming back. They have a chill atmosphere with good music and awesome staff. This time Rachel helped me out and she gave off such happy positive energy that the rest of my day was uplifted. Great choice of cultivators! Great quality cannabis! I only purchase flower, however I have picked up a tasty cartridge from them and this is where I got my first CBD gummies. Both were priced fairly and I was very happy with what I got. When you visit, and you should visit, you will notice the really cool wall designs hand-drawn by local artist Ted Kim. It is very impressive work worth checking out.

Heat Wave

The Heat Wave has hit Alaska and it is good. Beautiful nug with a lot of frost on the leaves. Awesome trim job that shaped the bud nicely. It was so firm and dense that when grinding it up I needed some extra elbow grease. The aroma these buds give off is of pine and citrus. Fire it up and expect smooth smoke with such a strong pine flavor it blew my mind. Huge bong rips left me coughing and it took less than a whole bowl to get me baked. This batch was cultivated by Guest Services and has a THC of 18.61% with Terpenes at 2.10%.

This is a very good strain. It did not take much to bring me to a balance where I felt normal. The first few hits brought on a warm body high I felt in my arms and chest. 


The aroma coming off these buds is a mixture of sweetness and something else I cannot put my finger on. The smell reminds me of these orange-flavored pills my school nurse would give me anytime I complained about my stomach. They were probably sugar pills, but I loved them! The nugs have a good amount of frost on them and a very nice trim job that gives them a round shape. They have a medium density and are firm when squished, but also easy to break by hand. Burns well and goes out quickly. Smooth smoke that tastes just like it smells. This batch was cultivated by Boreals and has a THC of 20.03% with Terpenes at 1.78%.

Wow, what a nice body high. Muscles were relaxed and it felt like this would be great for helping with inflammation. It did give moderate nerve pain relief. I also didn’t expect this strain to hit me as hard as it did. One bowl was more than enough to chill on. Perfect for zoning out on games or watching a movie. 

Fire Mints

These buds have a woodsy aroma and when you squeeze them; a freshness almost like pine comes off. The nugs have really nice trim jobs and a good amount of frost on them. They have a soft to medium denseness, easy to squish. They stay firm and together. I squeezed a nug so tight it did not want to let go of my finger! Easy grind and good burn. Very first hit was mild on the lungs and every other hit afterwards was smooth. The smoke tastes earthy. This batch was cultivated by Boreals and has a THC of 25.29% with terpenes at 2.58%.

This strain gave me a lot of energy. 

Lime Gold

These buds smell like Thyme and some other spice I can’t quite identify. I do remember smelling strong citrus at the dispensary when it was being picked from the jar and packaged. My nose didn’t catch the citrus this time. Decent amount of frost on the buds, thicker coating on the bottom of the nugs. They have a soft denseness and stay firm. Easy grind, good burn, and expect smooth smoke that tastes like it smells. Heavy hits give a little sting to the lungs but it doesn’t hurt or feel harsh. This batch was cultivated by High North and has a THC of 23.24% with terpenes at 2.40%.

Seriously amazing pain relief and body numbness. I felt as though I took some prescribed pain medicine. I couldn’t feel my legs unless I touched them. 

Good Karma

The first thing I noticed on these buds was the heavy amount of frost. Thick coats of trichomes over the leaves and bud brought a tear of joy to my eye. Depending on nug size, they have a soft to medium density and are very firm. Easy to grind and easy to smoke. Super smooth hits that taste earthy sweet just like the aroma the buds give off. There is a faint freshness that tickles the nose a bit too. This batch was cultivated by Karma Grown Gardens and has a THC of 22.29% with terpenes at 1.57%.

It gave me the balance I look for to feel normal and get a boost in energy. My body was mobile and my mind was global. I felt high with a clear mind that was processing a lot of information. It didn't make me feel overstoned either. This is an everyday strain I would use to get through the day and stay productive.

Liberty Haze

I picked up this huge beautiful bud with a lot of frost and a wonderful trim job. It had a medium density, really firm, stuck to the fingers, and had an easy grind. Good burn that gives smooth smoke. The buds had a citrus aroma but the smoke tasted earthy. This batch was cultivated by Boreals and has a THC of 21.96% with terpenes at 2.63%.

This is a very chill strain. It helped slow everything down and kept me in the moment.

Lunar Lettuce

You want to get me excited over a strain? Fire up that Lunar Lettuce and let's get higher than the moon! Wow, does this bud smell so delicious! Sweet citrus aroma that resembles oranges. A stunning big nug with a lot of frost and a perfect trim job. It had a strong density and stayed firm when squeezing it. Easy grind, good burn with smooth to mild hits. Just the first few hits felt a dash mild on the lungs but it smoothed out real quick. Extremely tasty smoke! Just like it smells! Really mouthwatering! This batch was cultivated by Tanana Herb Company and has a THC of 24.47% with terpenes at 1.61%.

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