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Surge Kulikov

Surge Kulikov

Hi! I’m your Stoned At Home Dad Surge and this week I review seven different strains of cannabis from Raspberry Roots. This dispensary has planted its roots on Raspberry Road and they are doing outstanding! Awesome staff with the most knowledgeable budtenders I have met in a while.

Mystery Horse

Saddle up there partner! This is the most dense bud I have ever come across! Even pressing it down into what looked like a beef patty, the bud kept together without breaking (although I broke a sweat!). A beautiful nug that I want to hug. Awesome trim job and vibrant colors. The aroma is pretty pungent of an earthy and stinky sweet smell. The same smell can be tasted in the smoke, which has a little harshness to it but hits mild. It is an Indica Dominant cultivated by Alaskan Blooms. This batch has a THC of 26.09% with a CBD of 0.01%. 

Wow! The mystery behind this horse is that she must be packing horse tranquilizers or something, because I felt brain dead and completely relaxed. The first few tokes I felt weight behind my cheeks and eyes, going down to my chest. My focus started to improve but by the end of the first bowl, it was difficult to process my thoughts. I felt dumbed down to the ground. This is an amazing strain that will fry your brain so be careful how you use it. 



Sweethearts is an in house stain grown by Raspberry Roots and has a THC of 25.38% with CBD at 0.01%. Amazing trim job on this big beautiful dense nug. Very frosty bud that smells like a fresh vegetable garden. The aroma kicked in my nostalgia and it brought me back to my greenhouse days when I grew various vegetables and just started out cultivating cannabis. It mostly reminds me of carrots pulled out of the soil. Amazing smell! I love It!

Fire up this garden herb and you’ll get smooth hits when hitting it lightly. Mild to wild hits when taking huge bong rips! The smoke tastes just like it smells and has mostly an earthy flavor. The first few hits helped relax and bring down my anxiety. About a bowl in, my nerve pain and a few other aches felt some relief. My concentration started to go out the window as my mind would jump random thoughts. The body high was relaxing and my mind was full of creativity. I did not feel too stoned. This strain is one I would smoke in the garden while getting my hands in the dirt.


Jungle Punch

This nug must have been harvested from a frosty jungle of weed. Leafy bud with a very good trim job that creates a beautiful shape. The trim left over was covered in a heavy amount of trichomes. The aroma was mostly earthy with a sweet root smell. There is a light aroma from the bud that reminded me of a sweet champagne. Stoned Salmon Farms did an awesome job cultivating this batch. It has a THC of 25.82% and CBD at 0.13%.

The hits are smooth to mild if you take small tokes. Take a huge rip and that mild might get wild leaving you in a coughing fit. Earthy sweet smoke that brings in a really euphoric high. Does it help with pain? Yes. Does it help with the brain? No. Will you be higher than a plane? Oh Yes! The first few hits helped relax my body and calm me down. It did not unscramble my brain but it did help slow down my thought process since I was more relaxed. I did get really high with only one bowl. I did not feel too stoned and was still able to be productive. Appetite greatly improved as well. I recommend this strain right before a meal or after one, before the dessert comes. 


Lava Cake

Let’s get baked on Lava Cake! This is one of the best looking buds I have ever seen! This Lava Cake is layered with thick heavy frost. Perfectly trimmed dark purple leaves peek out from the coat of frost and tiny orange hairs really top this cake off wonderfully. I’ve never smelled cannabis like this before. A pungent sweet and sour aroma that reminds me of some baked goods I’ve had when stationed in Germany. It truly made me hungry just smelling it and even hungrier after smoking it. Talkeetna Traditions cultivated this batch and it had a THC of 19.56% with CBD at 0.01%.

The smoke tastes just like it smells and was really enjoyable. The hits are smooth to mild. Small hits let you enjoy the flavor. Huge rips hit hard and you can easily catch your breath afterwards. The initial effects were energizing and euphoric, as though I just ate some cake. The “sugar crash” or stoned feeling came about at the end of the first bowl. This strain did help with pain and relaxing a little bit. I still felt anxious and even hungrier. 

To fix that, I cooked a three course meal for the entire family without a problem and I stuffed my face like it was my last meal. This strain is great in the kitchen! Cooking on Lava Cake works well and I have a feeling from the taste that it would be amazing in infused baked goods.

Berry Floss

Berry Floss was cultivated by ThirdState and has a THC of 22.86%. It is a cross between the strains Mental Floss and Berristan. This beautiful bud is vibrant with colors and little orange hairs. Good amount of frost and an excellent trim job on this dense nug. The aroma is of a sweet pine and parmesan cheese. The same smell can be tasted in the sweet smooth smoke.

It only took a few hits to start feeling the balance I seek from cannabis. I was more focused, my pain subsided, anxiety went away, and I felt normal. It’s hard to come by a strain that is so well balanced. Even after smoking an entire bowl, I felt better than before. This feels like a social strain because I felt talkative and wanted to be around others. It did not make me feel too stoned and I was still very productive afterwards. I recommend this as an everyday strain to get through the day and it would be a great strain to bring to a party, everyone will enjoy it!


Bruce Banner

What is big, green, dense, and stinky? Yes, the Hulk, but so is this Bruce Banner! Very frosty bud with deep dark colors and tiny orange hairs. Kudos to the barber who trimmed up this nug so nicely. Bruce needs a shower, because this bud is stinky and the aroma is really potent. I love the smell since I’m a stoner. If I was new to cannabis, this smell would take some getting used to. This batch was cultivated as an in house strain by Raspberry Roots and has a THC of 20.86%

This is the weed Hulk must smoke to turn back into Bruce Banner and the weed Bruce smokes to stay so focused. As a hybrid this strain is very well balanced. My body was relaxed after half a bowl and I felt much needed pain relief. The same half bowl improved my concentration and energy. I was about to think clearly and ahead without an issue. The high is pleasant and relaxing. Even after two bowls, I felt very good without the feeling of being too stoned. 

I was able to be productive and get a lot of things done. This strain I recommend if you have projects to get done like our boy Bruce Banner. 


Dole MAC

Dole Mac is a cross between Hawaiian Tang and MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies). The result comes out as a hybrid sativa that smells like fruity sweet tea. The buds are covered with frost from top to bottom. Awesome trim job! This batch was cultivated by Stoned Salmon Farms and has a THC of 24.02% with CBD at 0.12%.

Really smooth smoke that tastes sweet and earthy. A few hits will bring down anxiety and help uplift the spirit. My focus improved and a lot of worries just melted away. There was minor pain relief after smoking an entire bowl. By then the body is even more relaxed under a pleasant high that does not mess with concentration. This strain seriously dissolved my stresses and worries. It put me in a state of IDGAF that lasted about two to three hours. I recommend smoking this if you have some stressors you need to forget about. 



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Good Bye and Stay High!


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