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Toke Talk by Surge Kulikov

Toke Talk by Surge Kulikov

If you just flew into Anchorage, Mile High Alaska is the first dispensary you see driving into town on International Airport Road. They have their own parking lot and so many signs in their window that the outside reminds me of a New York City bodega. The inside however is bright, clean, and roomy… unlike a NYC bodega! Awesome friendly budtenders with great knowledge of the strains on the shelves and the current Alaskan cannabis industry. I love when budtenders spark meaningful conversation and make you feel heard. 

Mile High Alaska is climbing to the top and is one of two places in Anchorage where I have found an eight of flower for $25. That is awesome.

Frozen Tangerines

Frozen Tangerines is the most delicious smelling and tastiest cannabis I have ever come across. I’ve come across a lot of citrus strains, but this one blows my mind every time. Beautiful buds with a good frost factor and a lot of nice orange hairs. This batch has a THC of 26.52% and THCa of 29.9%

The buzz came in quick with a flood of euphoria. I was happy and smiling the entire smoke session. It slowed my thinking after a bowl and really lowered my anxiety. Small amount of pain relief. This strain relaxes the brain and would go well with watching videos or playing video games. 

Grape Kush

So much frost on these buds it left a pile of kief in the grinder. I love when that happens. Great trim job and very dense nugs. Strong citrus scent that smells like sweet mandarins. This batch has a THC of 22.13% and CBD at 0.27%

Such smooth smoke, I only had a few coughs from huge rips. Sweet, earthy, and tastes like the sweet part of the grapefruit. The taste lingers on the back of the tongue for a short while. A few hits and a stoned feeling started to hit the back of my eyelids. Before I finished the first bowl, I was high. Body completely relaxed and some pain relief. My mind was dumbed down. It was really hard to think and stay focused. After finishing the second bowl, I couldn’t remember what I did today and the following hour was a blur in time. I recommend this as a night time strain or something for a lazy day.

Key Lime Pie

Nice looking buds with a lot of dark green and brown hues. Great trim job and a decent amount of frost. The aroma caught me off guard. When I unscrewed the top of the container I could smell lime and a faint odor that resembles poo. Yes, there are strains out there which smell like poo and that does not mean there is anything wrong with it. In the container it had the foul smell, but outside of the container and grounded up in the grinder, there was no poo smell at all. Just some sour lime. This batch has a THC of 20.71% and CBD at 0.08%. I expected a funky taste from the smoke, instead it tasted earthy with a hint of lime. Very smooth hits and the smoke tickled my nose. The first few puffs made me want to sneeze. 

Alien Rift

Earthy/Fruity smelling buds that are labeled as “Immature” and honestly they look like popcorn buds. You would find those on the bottom of the plant. They are fluffy, lots of trim, and some very thin twigs. But for $25 an eight, this is perfect. When you’re broke and on a budget like me, this is exactly the kind of weed to search for. Quantity in my price range that gets the job done and wow did this strain blast me off. This batch has a THC of 24.21%.

Member OG

Just like Alien Rift and 10th Planet, Member OG is labeled “Immature”. The buds look pretty grown up to me. They smell sweet and sour. There are some small to medium sized nugs with no trim and I found 3 stems. For the price of these eighths, it is one of the best deals I’ve come across in town. You can walk away with a half by droppin down a Benjamin Franklin. These are frosty nice buds with a THC of 23.17% that get the job done.

At first I started feeling energized, but that was because I was passionate about what I was discussing. Halfway through the bowl I started to really calm down. I had a nice body buzz and the back of my eyelids were getting heavy. It provided pain relief and messed up my thought process. It took only one bowl to get me high enough to take a nap.

Blackberry Dream

This Blackberry is hairy and frosty. Great trim job that shaped it like a triangle. The aroma was earthy with some type of bland spice. I want to say it reminds me of pepper without the kick. This is a smell I am not too familiar with, but I like it. These nugs have a THC of 26.16% and CBD at 0.11%

The hits are mild and a little wild if you rip it too hard. The smoke tastes like the spice I’m unsure about. The first few hits gave me a lot of energy and improved my concentration.  I’d recommend smoking this strain in moderation if you want to get some work done.

10th Planet

10th Planet has some nice bright colors and lots of frost. The aroma is of fruity sweetness and earthy woods. It must have come from a small planet because the buds are so tiny. Does not bother me since the price I paid for it was a value you cannot find on any other planet. Nice looking buds that are dense, have very little trim and no stems. This batch has a THC of 17.39%.

Fire it up and expect smooth hits with small to medium tokes. Try and inhale all the smoke from the 10th Planet and it will be harsh on the lungs for a minute. So take it easy and get used to the atmosphere on this alien terrain. The first few hits improved my focus and concentration, but by the second bowl I was too high to think of anything new. My mind started to dumb down with a very pleasant head and body high. This strain gave me a huge appetite too.


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