House of Green

House of Green

Driving down Minnesota Drive, a green house caught my eye and it turned out to be the House of Green.  They have two parking areas, are wheelchair accessible, and have such beautiful outside flowers that are very welcoming. Nice, clean shop with awesome staff. I felt a happy vibe from them the entire time I was there. Drazen gave me great recommendations and he really knew his cannabis. They have a lot of choices and I picked up six of their in-house strains grown by BAM Alaska.

Z Sweet Insanity

Hold on to your seat because these buds are sweet! The aroma reminds me of Haribo Happy Cola gummies — a delicious treat and smell like cola. The nugs are soft and leafy. Lots of frost covers each well trimmed leaf. The bud had a nice shape to it. It stayed firm and together when I squeezed it. The grind was easy but most of it stayed in the grinding chamber. Good burn that gives smooth smoke when hitting it lightly. Harder hits felt mild as though I hit some hash. The smoke tastes earthy with a very faint coca cola flavor. This batch was cultivated by BAM Alaska and has a THC of 25.67% with terpenes at 4.26%.

This is a very well balanced hybrid. With just one bowl I felt very well focused and I had a relaxing body high. 

Opie Dopie

These are some very sweet-smelling buds. They have kind of a candy-sweet aroma to them. Small, leafy nugs with tons of frost and a lot of little hairs. Good trim job that rounded the buds well. Soft denseness, stays firm, and has an easy grind. Fire it up and expect a good burn that gives some smooth smoke which tastes earthy sweet. This batch was cultivated by BAM Alaska and has a THC of 24.19% with terpenes at 2.22%.

The effects took longer than usual to hit and when they did, it’s as though the whole world shifted. When I started smoking I was energized and trying to hold a lot of thoughts together while multitasking. Then about 10 minutes in I was on autopilot while cooking and talking. Trying to think was hard so I just let whatever I did and say go with the flow. 


What a delicious aroma MiSunshine gives off! It smells like tangerines with a sweet tang. The buds are small, very frosty, lots of hairs, and every nug has a nice trim job. There is a medium denseness to them and they are very firm. Good, slow burn that gives the most delicious smooth smoke. Tastes just like tangerines. Hitting it hard may give a small coughing fit. This batch was cultivated by BAM Alaska and has a THC of 22.19% with terpenes at 2.48%.

I got stoned on this one after one bowl. It helped me to fully relax and still keep my focus.

Savage Grape

These are the darkest nugs I have ever seen. Because of the dark leaves, all the beautiful amber hairs really stick out. On top of that, the frost glistens in the light. A super sweet aroma emanates from the buds but is faint in taste when you smoke it. It hits smooths and tastes mostly earthy. I get the sweetness when exhaling out the nose. These buds have a medium density, awesome trim job, very firm, good grind, and a nice burn. This batch was cultivated by Will’s World and has a THC of 20.94%.

This strain creeps in slowly with wonderful relaxing effects. My anxiety felt more in control and I must say after two bowls, I got just the right amount of pain relief I need. 


These buds have an earthy aroma with a pepper spice. They are small nugs that are very very dense and firm. Good amount of frost and an excellent trim job for their size. Easy grind and a good burn that gives smooth to mild hits. The smoke tastes earthy and the spice flavor is very faint. This batch was cultivated by BAM Alaska and has a THC of 24.57%.

I got really stoned on this strain and it only took one and half bowls to get there. 

Scuba's Platinum Punch

A lot of the trimmed leaves have a curl like conch shells and they all have an extremely thick layer of frost so thick it brightens the bud. From the two nugs, one had a soft denseness and the other had a medium density. Both were very firm and super-sticky. The buds have an earthy aroma with a faint sweetness that can also be tasted in the smoke. Hit it softly because huge rips had me coughing to the point I’d start sweating. Doesn’t hurt the lungs, just bothered my throat a bit. This batch was cultivated by BAM Alaska and has a THC of 25.72% with terpenes at 2.49%.

This strain leveled me out less than a bowl in. Really good pain relief and I felt normal enough to think straight. By the second bowl, that thought process was out the window. 

Lava Cake

The delicious aroma from these buds smells sweet and sour. It reminds me of pastries that have buttermilk in them. The sour and tangy taste can be found in the smooth smoke the buds produce. Nice little nugs with lots of frost and a wonderful trim job. They had a soft denseness, good firmness, were easy to grind, and burned just right. This batch was cultivated by BAM Alaska and has a THC of 25.71% with terpenes at 2.49%.

This is a well balanced hybrid that will get you baked like a cake. One bowl was just enough to have my body and mind calm down. I felt focused and relaxed to the point where I felt like myself again.

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