Ganja Guys entry

Ganja Guys entry

Need weed and love tacos? Ganja Guys of Alaska is an amazing dispensary that shares the same building as El Jefe Taco Joint. Nestled on the corner of E. International Airport Rd. and A Street near a line of hotels, they picked a great location to hook up out of towners and locals with awesome cannabis. Their shop is bright, clean, and its atmosphere gives off really good vibes. Stunning website and they are active on social media, both Facebook and Instagram.

Sour Zkittles

As the name implies they have a sour and sweet aroma. There is a bit of tartness and a citrus undertone as well. Looking at this beautiful nug had me dancing. Dark hues and amber hairs on this dense frosty nug. Amazing trim job that shaped it like a triangle. Very sticky too! This batch was cultivated by The Hanger and has a THC of 19.2%.

The first fresh burns hit mild on the lungs and then smooth out quickly. The smoke tastes fruity sweet and earthy. This strain was felt mostly in the brain but it did impact the whole body and took effect fast. 

Milk and Cookies

Sweet aroma with a strong sour and an herbal spice I cannot pinpoint. Captivating frost that sparkles in the light covers this extremely dense nug. There are lots of tiny little red hairs and the leaves are a beautiful dark to light hue all over. This batch was cultivated byTwo Birds One Stoned and has a THC of 22.99%.

The first hits were just a tad mild and tickled the nose a bit. It quickly smoothes out and the smoke tastes just like it smells. You can really taste the sour at the end of the exhale. Couch-locked for an hour staring into bliss. With the first two bowls I had my wits about me but thinking after the third was difficult. Wonderful body high and increase in sensations. 

Dosidos x Watermelon Zkittles

Have you ever stared at an object just because it sparkles? I found myself entranced by the crazy amount of glistening coming off the trichomes. Usually I find them in clusters deep within some nugs, but this one shined like a perfectly cut diamond. Most sparkle I’ve ever seen. Amazing trim job, lots of little orange hairs, and some really dark leaves poke out from the frost. It is a really dense nug too that has an earthy aroma. This batch was cultivated byTaku Horticulture and has a THC of 21.86%.

Fire it up and expect smooth smoke that tastes earthy. Ground up, this bud burns fast and gives huge rips of heavy smoke. Those huge rips will hit hard. I felt the effects come on within two or three minutes and I was stoned on just one bowl.

Thor’s Hammer

The cannabis fields of Asgard must be completely frosty this time of season with the amount of trichomes on these buds. Bright colors with a good trim job that shaped the nug nice and round. It has a soft density to it and an aroma of earthy pine with a floral undertone. This batch was cultivated by Ace of Spades and has a THC of 24.62%.

The fresh burns have a mild hit on the lungs for just a second or two before smoothing out into some pleasant smoke. I could taste the pine on the first bowl and then the sweet floral flavor really came out on the second bowl. This is a very powerful sativa! Huge improvement in focus and concentration. Two bowls did get me high and my head was buzzing. 

Widow Maker #2

These buds give off a sweet citrus aroma with a chem undertone. Many little hairs cover this entire nug and it has a good amount of frost. The tip of the bud broke off and the shape resembled a cat’s head with lots of frost on the inside. This batch was cultivated by Grateful Bud and has a THC of 18.69%.

Expect smooth smoke that tastes like it smells. There is a sweet grapevine flavor to it, too. This strain gave me a major head buzz and some sensations in the upper body. Started with really good focus and after two bowls I was a complete airhead. I did feel more anxious than usual. With other Widow Makers variants to try, I’m excited to see the differences.

Widow Maker #4

A dark beautiful bud with a decent amount of frost. Many amber hairs and an awesome trim job. It has a full shape, soft density, and is very firm. The aroma resembles lemon iced tea. It is mostly citrus with that sweet herbal smell. This batch was cultivated by Grateful Bud and has a THC of 20.2%.

Similar to its aroma, the smooth smoke tastes sweet like green grapes and has a faint citrus flavor. It took less than one bowl to feel completely relaxed with all muscle tension gone. Amazing anxiety control and moderate pain relief. Too many bong rips had my mind too fried to think. I had to lay down for an hour after finishing two bowls. When I felt my energy come back I smoked another bowl and was couch bound for three hours. 

Poison Pineapple

Have you ever bought one of those Tropical flavored Swisher Sweets at the gas station? These buds have that same tropical sweet aroma as those swishers do. Good looking nug! Wonderful trim job, brilliant green and amber colors, and a very good amount of frost. Soft denseness and firm. This batch was cultivated byVoodoo Cannabis Company and has a THC of 24.51%.

Take small tokes on this one since the smoke will go from mild to wild with huge bong rips. It tastes earthy and has a faint sweetness to it. The effects came on quickly and I experienced something I haven’t left in a long while. With a strong clear head buzz, my audio senses heightened and I was too attuned to my surroundings. My mind was wandering to every noise around me. Huge waves of euphoria came and went until my brain was too exhausted from all the stimulation. It did help bring my internal temperature to normal too. This strain would pair so well with listening to music or meditating.


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