Surge Kulikov

Surge Kulikov

Hi! I’m your Stoned At Home Dad Surge and this week I reviewed seven different strains of cannabis from Denali Dispensaries.

I love walking into a dispensary and they play jams you can bob your head while picking flower. Chill and bright atmosphere with giant joints floating around. Inside feels a little bit like a shop out in the bush with its wooden interior design. Friendly and wonderful staff! Cedric helped me out and he was fantastic! Great choice of cultivators and their in house strains are really good. After getting seven different strains I was surprised at how little I paid! Great prices and excellent service!

Odin’s Wild LemonadeOdin went hard on the lemonade! These buds have a strong citrus aroma that fences between fresh lemon zest and chem flavor. Nice looking nugs with lots of frost and a good trim job. They had a medium to strong density and stayed very firm when I tried to crush them with my fingers, even lingering on the finger for a while. Easy to grind, good burn, and very clean ashes. The smoke tastes just like it smells and hits hard with huge rips and smooth on light ones. This batch was cultivated by Denali Dispensaries and has a THC of 20.16% with CBD at 0.1%..

I was exhausted from a whole day of running around and shoveling snow off the roof. This strain gave me a nice pick me up and got me energized. I was able to continue the rest of the evening getting a lot done. It did mess with my short term memory, but I was focused and still able to think straight. Very nice uplifting high with no stoned feeling. I recommend this one if you are looking at getting things done!

Tropicana CookiesWow, these buds are the darkest I have ever had!!! Truly beautiful and stunning! With how dark they are, the trichomes within the groves sparkle like diamonds. The aroma is not as strong coming off the buds as it is in the smoke flavor. Smelling them I got a faint sweet scent while the smooth smoke tasted fruity sweet with a faint fresh citrus. Exhaling through the nose, it reminded me of tropical swisher sweets but not as intense. The buds have a medium density, very firm, are easy to grind, and really clean ash. Cultivated by Denali Dispensaries this batch has a THC of 18% with CBD at 0.1%.

This was a super nice pick me up! It helped get my mind right and thinking straight. I felt more calm, self aware, and really in touch with what was happening around me. A stoned behind the eyes did creep up on me and I had a stoned look for about an hour. This one helped me get through the rest of the really snowy day!

Gelato OGI picked up sweet and stinky tones off these buds and they reminded me of something I couldn’t remember. I asked for a second opinion and my friend said that it smelled like marshmallow root. I don’t know what that smells like so I’m taking their word and sharing it! Beautiful frosty nug with dark hues and dark amber hairs. Amazing trim job, they really took the time to make it look stunning. It had a very strong density and stays firm. Easy to grind, good burn, clean ashes, and super smooth smoke that tastes just like it smells. This batch was cultivated by Alaska Cannabis Exchange and has a THC of 29.7% with CBD at 1%.

WIth the high THC I was expecting to get stupid stoned, but as I’ve discovered over the last year of reviews is that is not always the case. instead I had a very pleasant body high with some good pain relief. I was moving the entire day nonstop and my nerves were bothering me. This strain calmed me down, settled some of the pain, and I still had a clear enough head to think straight. Had two smoke sessions, First was light and moderate with a bowl and half down. I was able to be productive on it and move around easily. Second was the rest of it, which was perfect to end the day. It completely relaxed me and helped me write this.

Grease BucketThese are some stinky sweet buds! They have a mild citrus to them and the smoke tastes earthy sweet. The buds had a lot of frost on the outside and many of those trichomes glistened like diamonds in the light. Very dense nug and stays firm. Gives an easy grind, fast burn, and smooth hits. This batch was cultivated by Denali Dispensaries and has a THC of 23.57%.

This feels like a really nice hybrid. It gave me that feeling of balance where I can be productive, active, and focus without my mind wandering off. This is what I look for when it comes to smoking during the day. I would smoke this right after lunch to get myself back on track. I didn’t feel too stoned until I finished the second bowl. Even then I was so level-headed and mindfully aware that with some minor chaos that followed the smoke session, I was able to fulfill my parental responsibilities like a boss!

Cookies and CreamThis huge bud has an earthy aroma and a little sweetness to it. Super dense nug with a good amount of frost, wonderful trim job, and very firm. Some of the trichomes within the crevasses sparkle in the light. Easy grind, good burn, and smooth smoke that tastes just like it smells. This batch was cultivated by Denali Dispensaries and has a THC of 20.25%.

I was really upset before I started smoking and this strain helped me relax and chill out. I didn’t mind my worries anymore and I was enjoying a very pleasant body high. A stoned feeling hit the back of the eyes and a small buzz in the head. I got the munchies on this one and the tacos I ate tasted so good too! These cookies and cream are exactly what I needed!

Lime Time

This is a pungent one! Strong citrus chem smell that can be compared to lemon scented cleaning agents. These ones always kick in my nostalgia and bring me back to cleaning barracks. Nice looking nugs with a good amount of frost and wonderful trim jobs. Bright hairs everywhere too. The nugs have a strong density and stay fully firm if you squeeze them. They are super sticky and really held on to my fingers. Easy grind, slow burn, and very clean ashes. The smoke hit mild on the first few hits and then it smoothed out quickly. It tastes just like it smells. This batch was cultivated by Denali Dispensaries and has a THC of 18.28% with CBD at 0.1%.

To start, I was exhausted from a long day of finishing tasks and cleaning up the house. Then this strain gave me a little boost in energy! It also scattered my thoughts to the wind. I was trying to tell my son a bedtime story by explaining old Mr. Bean episodes and I was so scatterbrained he kicked me off the bed… literally. After about two houses my mind was sober enough to think straight and focus really well. Head stayed buzzing for a long time with a pleasant head high. You can feel it in the frontal lobe and hear the buzzing in the back of the head.

GSCAsk me what the smell is on these buds and I can’t even tell you! I’ll pick up a scent and then another overpowers it. The main aroma is some spice I cannot recognize because of a faint citrus that lingers. A few times I picked up a smell that reminded me of gunpowder, but then it was masked by a latex smell which came and went fast. I’m so confuzzled, it’s like trying to decide which Girl Scout cookies to get. So many flavors!

This batch was cultivated by Worner Brother Horticulture and has a THC of 24.22%. Nice looking nugs with excellent trim jobs and lots of frost! They have a strong density and stay completely firm when pressing them with your fingers. They are quite sticky! Easy to grind, very good burn, and expect smooth smoke that tastes mostly woodsy and sweet. The fresh burns gave off a pine flavor.

Then two to three hits later was all it took to get high on this one. What shocked me is I didn’t realize how lit I was until I was enjoying washing my hands for like 10 straight minutes completely zoned out. After the first tokes, I felt some really nice vibes that made me happy and calm. I love how it took only one bowl to get me faded! I put on headphones and listened to my favorite playlist and it was amazing! The bass rumbled through my body as meaningful lyrics played with my emotions. I highly recommend this strain to chill on!

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