Toke Talk by Surge Kulikov

Toke Talk by Surge Kulikov

Have you ever driven by a dispensary and the exterior catches your eye? Cloudberry Cannabis is one of those dispensaries — a beautiful exterior with their own parking lot. Going inside felt like I was buying cannabis by the beach. There was a bright relaxed ambiance in the air. Amazing wall designs, decor, and a really cool mannequin that resembles their impressive logo. I love when I see customers having meaningful conversations with their budtenders about cannabis and life. I watched Zachary interact with other customers the way a friendly neighborhood budtender should. 

Citrus Crasher

This strain has driven past all my favorite citrus strains and crashed right into first place. Strong citrus aroma that filled up the room and left a smile on my face. It looks like a frosty crown with dark leaves covered in an extremely thick coat of trichomes that sparkle in the light. The nug is dense, firm, and now one of my top favorite strains. This batch was cultivated by The Hangar AK and has a THC of 26.84%.

A few puffs in felt the body high come on immediately. Tingling sensations running all through my body and behind the jaw. It took less than 15 minutes to get baked off of one bowl. By then this hybrid helped relieve a lot of aches and eased the nerve pain. I felt my concentration improve at first but I got too high too quickly. Awesome feelings of euphoria and I really enjoyed the body high.

Hot Lava

These buds give off an earthy woods aroma like the inside of a cabin out in the bush. There is a faint sour smell that complements the earthy tone really well and a certain spice I cannot figure out. The nugs look like slim pine cones covered with a good amount of frost. Amazing trim job and really firm with a soft denseness. This batch was cultivated byStoned Salmon Farms and has a THC of 26.39%.

Fire it up and expect smooth smoke that tastes just like it smells. My tolerance has been at a low 14% THC over the past two weeks and one small bowl had me higher than expected. It undoubtedly improved my focus and concentration. Really put me in the zone once I finished the bowl and I almost tunnel visioned while gaming. I could’ve played for hours if I kept smoking. Wonderful high that comes with some energy and euphoria. Hot Lava is the strain to blaze for a chill game session.

Bat Spit

Don’t let the name discourage you from trying it, this Bat Spit is a good daytime and nighttime strain depending how much you smoke. The aroma fits with the name with a sour sweet smell that has some very faint chem or diesel. It made me think of an old factory. The buds are covered with a good amount of frost and each nug had an awesome trim job that shaped them beautifully. They are dense but soft enough to squeeze the bud without breaking a finger and firm enough to completely stay intact. This batch was cultivated byStoned Salmon Farms and has a THC of 21.05%.

The smoke does taste like sweet grapevines and there is a tasty sour flavor that lingers in the back of the throat. If you want to be productive on this strain, smoke up to your moderation. I felt my focus and overall awareness improve with a slight body high after two or three hits. The more I smoked the heavier my body felt. My mind was still active and going, but my body was slowing. It also gave me a HUGE appetite. 

Melon Cake

Do you like the smell of fresh fruits? These buds made me feel like I was in the produce aisle. The aroma they give off is similar to the outside of a cantaloupe. I love when the strain name pairs well with some part of the cannabis experience and this one takes the cake in smell and taste. The buds are beautiful. Little dark leaf tips peek out from the really frosty nugs. Sticky frost that will cover your fingers. Awesome trim job and overall wonderful presentation. Compliments to the ‘chef.’ This batch was cultivated by Scorpion Grass and has a THC of 23.68%.

Great pain relief and a heavy blanket of euphoria. I felt completely calm and relaxed. Being focused on one thing was easy, but with half a gram smoked, anything more was too hard to complete a thought. I was stoned. Had to lay down for a minute on this one. I recommend this as a nighttime strain.

Death Star Cherry Pie

It smells fruity, sweet and fresh with a pretty strong potency. The buds were not the most impressive in looks because of the various shapes and sizes. It was like puzzle pieces with buds. But what they lacked in presentation, they more than made up for with trichomes. Each nug was extremely frosty with the smallest looking like a tumbleweed that rolled around in a pile of kief. This batch was cultivated by Scorpion Grass and has a THC of 30.63%.

The first few hits were mild and then it smoothed out. The smoke tasted fruity and left a tartness on the breath that was similar to eating a green apple. One big bowl was enough to bring on a strong body high. Amazing pain relief, nice relaxation, and tingling sensations all through the hands and arms. Eyes felt heavy and I was too stoned to think straight. 

Buffy Bud

I love when just the smell of cannabis can bring me back to a time in my life that has nothing to do with smoking weed. The aroma of these buds remind me of advanced individual training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. The smell of diesel from the motor pool and a faint citrus from a clean barracks emanates off these nugs. Such a beautiful bud that is covered with hairs and frosty trimmed leaves that reach outward. Awesome trim job that shaped it wonderfully. This batch was cultivated byFreedom 49 Farms and has a THC of 25.81%.

Fire it up and expect smooth smoke that tastes just like it smells with an addition of a hint of pine. This strain gave a nice balance. A nice body high with minor pain relief and a good amount of energy with a lot of euphoria. Half a gram was more than enough for me. I felt amazing! Relaxed and motivated to get some things done. Thinking was a little difficult, but that is expected when too stoned. The effects of this strain did come on rather quickly. With moderation, this would be a good daytime strain.


Calling this strain Fatso is so on point because it is a very heavy Indica. The aroma is a potent mix of sweet diesel, earthiness, a hint of citrus, and possibly others. The diesel overpowers the other scents and I want to say that the terp percentage on this one has to be crazy-high. The buds looked like they broke off each other so I had a few small little nugs. The frost factor is phenomenal and a really good trim job on every piece. This batch was cultivated byStoned Salmon Farms and has a THC at a whopping 33.08%!

Smooth smoke that did tickle the nose and throat at first. Hit it hard and you will be coughing for a minute but thankfully there is no harshness at all in the smoke. It does taste gassy and sweet like diesel with a bit of tart fruitiness that runs across the tongue. The first few hits brought on a familiar feeling of an intense high coming on too fast. For a minute it felt like I hit a dab or smoked some hash. I came back to my senses and tried to stay focused but my mind was gone. Extremely strong body high and a small bit of energy that I’m guessing was just my own will to do something. Unfortunately I was too stoned to do anything. New smokers be careful and responsible with this one. Experienced smokers should blaze it up!

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