Hi! I’m your Stoned At Home Dad Surge and this week I review seven different strains of cannabis from Catalyst Cannabis Co. With two dispensaries in Anchorage, you can find them on the south side and on Muldoon Rd. Both are beautiful on the inside and both are very busy! I usually wait until their parking lots have a few cars before I pay them a visit. Outstanding knowledgeable staff and budtenders who have never let me down. Their cannabis comes in nice glass containers and really cool box packaging. Remember that their prices are marked higher because they include the deposit cost on the jars. Their website is top notch and they are actively fulfilling online orders from weedmaps. Their cannabis? Let’s see...

Rain Dance

These are beautiful buds with a great amount of frost on them. THC at 29.39% and CBD is at 0.13%. Amazing trim job that left some dark leaves peeking out of the frosty buds. The aroma smells of sweet diesel and lemon citrus. After grinding it up, I noticed some skunky smells too. Fire it up and expect mild hits that taste sweet with some faint tartness.

This strain is strong and brings on a heavy high that lasts a good while. Half a bowl started to give me a nice head buzz and relaxed my body. Help with nerve pain and a few other aches. Finishing the bowl made my eyes heavy as well as my body. I felt couch-locked and very stoned. This strain is perfect for sitting down and knocking out a few hours of video games.

Blackberry Dream

These are some big hairy berries! The nugs were covered in frost and a lot of beautiful hairs. Awesome trim job, I love the way the bud looks! Fruity sweet and earthy aroma that tastes the same in the smooth smoke. The first few fresh hits gave an aftertaste of berries that lingered on the breath for a few moments. Cultivated by High Vibes, this batch of buds has a THC of 27.91% and CBD at 0.1%.

Wow! Did this strain have me baked like a blackberry pie! First few hits helped me focus and really did away with my nerve pain. Smoking past my moderation point brought on a head buzz that started to make my eyes heavy. My entire body became heavy and I just wanted to lay down and rest. My concentration and focus went out the window. Processing a thought took too long. I was stoned, couch locked, and feeling brain dead. This is some strong weed!!! Definitely a nighttime strain to go sleep on. 

Strawberry Goji Cookies

Looky looky, I got a cookie! These Strawberry Goji Cookies  are beautiful! Frost factor is outstanding, completely covering the nicely trimmed buds. The tiny orange hairs peek out from behind the very frosty dark green and purple trim. The aroma gave me nostalgia of my fathers car back in the 90’s. It was the pine scented air fresheners you’d hang in your car. This bud smelled just like a faint version of those with a sweetness to it. Sweet pine describes it perfectly. Expect smooth to mild smoke that tastes earthy with the pine undertone.

Snow Lotus Gardens cultivated some strong buds for having a THC of 17.1%. About half a bowl is perfect for moderation and any more gets the head up in the clouds. A few hits helped improve my focus and gave a pleasant head buzz. The more I smoked the more my mind would wander and I would forget what I was thinking or talking about. Honestly this strain feels like it belongs in the 20%. The effects are felt in the head. The eyes get heavy and it becomes harder to concentrate. Even though my eyes were heavy, my head felt like it was floating in the sky. I recommend smoking this strain in moderation to help with focus, but if you’re looking for a head trip into outer space? Pack some Strawberry Goja Cookies and you’ll get there!

Lost At Sea

Cultivated by Alaska Frosted Flowers, this frosty batch has a THC of 26.05% and no CBD. Earthy aroma with the smell of roots. Reminds me of walking into an Herbal Store. Heavy frost factor with a good trim job. The buds look spikey and with all the frost it reminds me of a rough diamond from the sea. Especially with the beautiful green hues. Fire it up and expect mild to smooth hits which taste like sweet roots.

Lost At Sea was good to me, it really helped calm my body. It provided complete relief for my nerve pain and a few minor aches. Just a few hits was enough to start feeling the vibrations of my voice all throughout my body. The body high was very pleasant and I did not feel over-stoned. It helped me drift into pure relaxation. If getting Lost At Sea does this to me, sign me up for a three hours tour!


This being my first chocolate strain, I expected to smell… chocolate. I have to remind myself that this is not Willy Wonka, it's weed! Instead the aroma is of an earthy morning dew in the wood. If you’ve gone hiking in the crisp early summer morning by a lake or running river, this is the smell. I love it! I even love the way this beautiful dense nug looks! Great trim job, a very good amount of frost, vibrant colors, and pretty little orange hairs. This batch was cultivated by Alaska Cannabis Cultivators and has a THC of 25.08% with no CBD.

Fire it up and expect mild to wild hits that can have you coughing hard, so hit it with care. The taste of the smoke is sweet and fruity. After a few hits I gained some energy, focus, and a huge euphoria came over me. Smoking more gave a nice pleasant high that did not feel too over stoned. The higher I got, the more difficult it was to stay focused. The mind really wants to wander with this strain. This one is a wonderful sativa I recommend to help improve mood and still be productive without getting stoned.

Grape Diamonds

It is hard to tell the colors on this Grape Diamond because of all the thick frost in the way. Seriously, the frost factor is high with this one and it has a really nice trim job. The aroma is heavy on the gas and there is some kind of other sweet smell, almost fruity. The smoke hits harshly and then feels mild when you get stoned enough. The taste is just like it smells.

Cultivated by Emerald City Organics, this batch has a THC of 20.76% but it feels like it should be higher. It only took one bowl to get me really high and another half a bowl to make me stoned. A few hits and my body relaxed as my head buzzed. The mind high helped me focus at first, but by the end of the first bowl I could not concentrate anymore. By then my aches and nerve pain went away too. Also my voice vibrated all in my chest. This strain hit me hard and lasted for a while. I had to play mindless games to feel productive. I could not keep my mind focused enough to do anything responsible. I recommend smoking this before bed or if you want to zone out and feel chill.

Ghost Town

Catalyst cultivated this batch and it has a THC of 22.69% with CBD at 0.14%. The nugs were small and adorable with a good amount of frost on them. They looked spikey and had pretty green to dark leaves with a few purple. The aroma stomped me. I smelled the earthy tones, but there is a sweet spice flavor I cannot put my finger on. I squeezed the bud to release some stronger aroma and it gave off a sweet stinky flagrance I still couldn’t recognize.

Fire it up and nothing but smooth smoke no matter how hard you hit it. The smoke tastes just like it smells, I cannot put my finger on it. Half way through the smoke session I began tasting the aftertaste of black liquorice on the back of my breath. I love the way the smoke tastes, I just wish I knew what that flavor is exactly.

The first few hits slowly started to relax me. My focus improved, anxiety went down, and my nerve pain started to get some relief. By the time I was done with the first bowl, I felt a complete body high that was lifting and all my pain was gone. My concentration was slightly affected where I would misuse words, but I was still able to slow down my thought process and stay on topic. My energy improved and I did not feel too stoned. I actually was very productive smoking this strain. I recommend this one if you have tasks you need to focus on. It is completely fine as a daytime strain.

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Good Bye and Stay High!


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