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Surge Kulikov

Surge Kulikov

Arctic Herbery is the first licensed marijuana retail store to open in Anchorage back in December of 2016. Over 4 years later, they are still doing amazingly. Their dispensary on Arctic Blvd. gives a friendly, neighborly feel with knowledgeable budtenders and a good variety of strains to try. They are active on social media and engage with their following. Great website that gives the option for ordering online. 


I was smiling looking at these buds. They have a healthy amount of frost, a great trim job, and are really dense. Used the bottom of my grinder to press the bud flat with some arm grease power and the whole nug stayed together. Ground up easily, too. The aroma is earthy and sweet. The sweetness is fruity and gassy like diesel, but it leans so much towards the earthy smell that the sweetness is hard to pick up its flavor. This batch was cultivated by VanGreen’s and has a THC of 26.93%.

The hits are smooth to mild and taste earthy. I got a nice buzz after a few hits that came in really fast. I started to feel happy and I felt my focus improve. By the second bowl my head felt light and in the clouds. I did have a slight body high that I mostly felt in the chest. I was stoned without the heavy stoned feeling that weighs the body down. It was a very pleasant high that paired very well with watching funny videos.


Love the aroma! I used to visit the botanical gardens back in Brooklyn where the best smells on Earth can be found and these buds remind me of some of the flowers there. I want to say that it smells like tulips but it has been a while since I smelled some. It is definitely a sweet, earthy flower that takes me back to those beautiful gardens. Speaking of beautiful, these buds are frosty with a great trim job. Arctic Herbery cultivated this batch very well and it has a THC of 26.50% with terps at 2.72%.

Expect smooth-to-mild, earthy hits. There is an aftertaste that lingers on the tongue and it reminds me of green apple tartness. This is a strong sativa that caught me off guard. It quickly passed my moderation point. The first few hits gave me a mild head buzz and a light body high. Halfway through the first bowl I struggled to stay focused and concentrate. My memory went out the window and I felt sooo good! The high is really pleasant. I recommend blazing this strain when you want to wind down for the day and chill. 

Blueberry x Bowser

These buds have a fruity aroma with a strong orange scent. Real mouthwatery smell. Beautiful nugs with a good amount of frost and a nice trim job. This batch was cultivated by SnowCapped Gardens and has a THC of 20.35% with those delicious terps at 1.78%.

I could really taste the orange in the smoke. Smooth-to-mild hits that leave a sweet orange tartness on the tongue and the roof of the mouth. One bowl was enough to calm me down and help me focus. It also helped relieve some nerve pain I had that morning. It gave a nice body high and a slight head buzz. I was able to be productive and get a lot of things done. 

Snake Venom

This must be a woodland snake because these buds smell like a rustic cabin in the woods. It has a nice earthy aroma too. Strong detail on trim, the bud was shaped beautifully. It was dense, firm, and didn’t break under pressure. This snake is a tough one — frosty, too. Cultivated by AK Tasty Cannabis, this batch has a THC of 29.16% and its terpenes is at 1.20%.

This Snake Venom can be used to heal. After the first few hits, it quickly relieved my headache and suppressed my nerve pain. I felt good and energized. However, I have not built up the tolerance for this venom. By the second bowl I could not think straight and I was getting couch-locked. My eyes grew heavy and felt very warm. This is a really strong strain I would take with caution if you’re a new smoker. It really put me down for a few minutes.

Orange Wedding Cake

You can smell the sweet orange citrus aroma emanate off the buds. If the frost was icing, compliments to the baker. These buds are fully covered and look beautiful with no trim in sight. This batch was cultivated by Herbal Dreams and has a THC of 22.69% with terpenes at 1.06%.

Fire it up like it’s your birthday and blow the most delicious smooth smoke out there. Sweet orange flavor covers the tongue and roof with each hit and it lingers on the back of the breath for a while. I cannot stress enough how mouthwatering the flavor is! After a few hits, I felt really good. My mind was able to concentrate and my body started to relax. By the end of the first bowl, my mind began to wander but I was able to retain my focus. I did have some good high energy like a sugar rush and came down to a pleasant high without feeling too stoned. This strain is a treat I recommend everyone try!

DJ Short Blueberry

These buds remind me of crystals the way they are shaped. A great eye on whomever trimmed these beauties. One gram had four small, dense nugs with lots of frost and little orange/red hairs. The aroma was mainly fruity sweet with the usual earthy tones. I sense a faint diesel aroma, but I may be mistaken by the strong fruity smell since diesel also has a sweetness to it. This batch was cultivated by Emerald City Organics and has a THC of 23.21% with the terpenes at 3.17%.

Mild delicious smoke that tastes sweet and gives an amazing high. Just a few hits in and my body was relaxing with my anxiety going down. It helped with mild relief for nerve pain and managed my energy. I was already energized and this strain helped maintain that energy. I was able to stay focused and on point even smoking well into the second bowl. That is when my mind usually gets too stoned to think. This strain feels like a well balanced hybrid leaning toward the indica. The body high was very pleasant and I love that I was able to think straight without being too stoned.

Purple Urkle

The aroma of these buds remind me of grape vines. Sweet potent smell will make your mouth water. Good looking buds with a decent amount of frost and pretty little hairs. Nice trim job on all except one bud, but even the trim left over had a lot of frost on it. This batch was cultivated by Arctic Herbery and has a THC of 21.38% with terpenes at 2.18%.

Very smooth hits no matter how hard you hit it. The smoke tastes like it smells and leaves the flavor of a green apple lingering on the breath. Truly a delight. A few hits gave me a nice buzz and by the end of the first bowl I was good. It helped relieve my nerve pain and the soreness I felt from doing yard work all day. My headache also went away and I felt really good without my concentration messing up. The second bowl got me really stoned and hungry. Feeling better, I was motivated to take a walk with the kids to get ice cream from the store. This strain is great for pain and doesn’t make you feel too stoned.


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