I love when I come across a dispensary that is doing everything right. With two shops in town, I visited their beautiful, clean, and spacious dispensary on the corner of East 3rd Avenue and Unga Street. Super-friendly budtender who knew her strains and gave awesome recommendations. I love their cannabis and choice of cultivators. They have a very informative and beautifully designed website where they even post blog articles surrounding cannabis. They constantly post on social media and engage with their following and they’ve given back to their community, having recently raised a lot of funds for the Mountain View Community Center and the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club. 

The Dope

The buds have a strong lemon citrus aroma with a faint undertone of diesel. Brings me back to the days of clean barracks right before inspection. These nugs are firm, frosty, and a little bit leafy. Very frosty leaves so no hurt feelings here. Good trim job that kept a nice shape of the bud, unfortunately I squished it a bit in the packaging and ruined its presentation. This batch was cultivated by Ace of Spades and has a THC of 24.87% with no CBD.

Very smooth smoke even with the biggest rips. The taste is mostly earthy with a hint of the lemon. There was a little stinkiness to the taste at first that I enjoyed, but by the second bowl I was just getting earthy tones and very mild sour tartness on the roof of the mouth. One bowl was just as much as I needed to feel the weight of my body start to sink and the pain relief to take effect. 


Platinum Huckleberry Cookies

These buds smell fruity sweet and look even sweeter! Beautiful frosty buds with dark and bright colors. Awesome trim job and firm nugs that leave the fingers a little sticky. This batch was cultivated by Peace Frog Botanicals and has a THC of 24.73% with no CBD.

Really smooth smoke that tastes earthy. Smoking from a small glass pipe I was good after two bowls. My body was more calm and it gave me the pain relief I needed. By the third bowl the body high was really nice and this strain did not mess with my brain at all. It did give me some strong munchies. I recommend smoking this strain in the evening after a hard day’s work. I did and I felt I earned that cookie!


Violet Vixen

Sweet smelling buds that remind me of berries on the vine. Amazing looking nugs! Full of thick frost that sparkles in the light, little orange/amber hairs, and vibrant dark green and purple colors. This batch was cultivated by Peace Frog Botanicals and has a THC of 25.07% with no CBD.

The first hit was slightly mild on the throat but smoothed out completely. Even taking big rips was smooth. The smoke has an earthy and sweet taste to it. After a few hits my mind was able to focus and concentrate more without my thoughts wandering. I felt really happy and energized. 


Honey Badger Haze

Amazing aroma of mild lemon and earthy birch. It reminded me of the Russian spas I’d visit where we’d use bundles of twigs with leaves called a ‘Venik’ to massage each other. Bright frosty buds with nice little hairs and an awesome trim job. Cultivated by Peace Frog Botanicals this batch has a THC of 20.17% with no CBD.

Smooth hits that tickled the nose at first and tasted just like it smells. This must be a sativa strain because my attention span really improved and I was so energized! It only took about three small bowls to get me on a roll! I felt a nice buzz but did not get too high. I remained productive and multitasked like a boss. This strain is perfect if you need that focus and have things to get done.


Jelly Roll

Sweet grapevine aroma with earthy tones and a certain spice I cannot remember. The buds are beautiful, dense, and firm. They have a good amount of frost and an awesome trim job. Cultivated by Alaska Botanical Farms, this batch has a THC of 21.66% with CBD at 0.1%.

Fire it up and except smooth to mild hits with smoke that tastes just like the spice I’m unable to pinpoint. Earthy flavors too, but what is that spice! This strain is labeled as a hybrid, which at first felt as though it was sativa dominant with the energy I felt. Oh no, no, no! How badly was I mistaken! It is a strong indica that kicked my butt. First few hits started to give me energy because the pain relief kicked in quickly. By the end of the first bowl, the heavy weight of this Jelly Roll rolled over me. I was so stoned I couldn’t think straight. My mind was gone for about two hours. Bravo! This one feels like it has a higher THC than 21.66%.


 SnowCapped Romance

I’m already in love with this SnowCapped Romance. Pleasant aroma that smells like a mix between sweet lemon iced tea and star fruit (carambola). Delicious and beautiful too! Firm nugs with a very good amount of frost that left my fingers ‘snow capped’ and a winter storm of kief in my grinder. Cultivated by The Connoisseur, this batch has a THC of 29.82% with CBD at 0.1%.

Heavy smooth smoke which tastes like it smells. Be careful with this one, it is a very strong sativa! One bowl was way more than I needed. It gave me a lot of energy and my mind was going way too fast to think straight. I was flying high for a while! It did give me a strong case of the munchies. I made two different meals because I couldn’t decide what to eat. Really strong, so prepare yourself!


Moose & Lobsta

A delicious sweet tropical aroma emanates from these buds! They have a very good amount of frost and beautiful light hairs peeking from between the leaves. Really nice trim job. This batch was cultivated by Peace Frog Botanicals and has a THC of 20.14% with no CBD.

The very first hit was mild on the lungs for a short moment and then it smoothed out completely. The smoke tastes sweet and tropical with earthy undertones. This might pair well wrapped in a tropical swisher sweet. The effects of this strain come on quickly with a boost in energy, focus, and lowering anxiety. It feels like the THC is higher than stated since it took me one big bowl to high as a kite. Even with my mind flying, I still felt the ability to concentrate there while my mind felt enlightened. It did give a pleasant body high as well. Awesome grow Peace Frog Botanicals!


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