Hi! I’m your Stoned At Home Dad Surge and this week I review seven different strains of cannabis from AK Frost located on the corner of A Street and International Airport Road in Anchorage. Very nice dispensary with its own parking lot and some of the best deals in town! I spent less than $200 picking up these strains and they all added up to an entire ounce!

Golden Goat

Cultivated by Isidore this batch has a THC of 14.04% and a CBD of 0.07%. The nuggs are hairy! So many beautiful red hairs on some really big buds! The aroma is so sweet and sour! Very smooth hits that taste earthy with some sour flavor.

One bowl gives a nice gentle head high that increases focus and lowers anxiety. The chest relaxes. Not much for pain relief. Two bowls and the head high increases along with the focus. This sativa won’t make you feel overstoned! It feels like a chill strain to kick it with some friends, play some video games, and watch some movies together.

Denali Dall

Climb the peak with Denali Dall! This new sativa strain smells fruity sweet and fresh! This batch has a THC of 21.06% with CBD at 0.08%. Beautiful orange hairs curl in between the frosty buds and some of the purple leaves. They are dense for how soft they are. These are really fresh buds cured well. Expect mild to smooth hits with smoke that is more earthy than it is sweet.

I started getting a nice head buzz on only half a bowl. Anxiety went down a little and my mood became very happy. Finishing the bowl helped my focus by a lot and also increased my energy. The second bowl kept the nice head high, but the focus became impaired. Started processing too many thoughts. This strain feels perfect for inspiration and a boost in energy!

Sunny Cove OG

Brighten up my day with some Sunny Cove OG! This hybrid strain has a THC of 26.14% and CBD of 0.10%. The one gram nug was big, beautiful, and dense! Squeeze the bud to hear the nice crisp crackle and release the smells from inside. This bud smelled like parmesan cheese and some sour. Fire it up and you won’t be tasting an Italian dinner, just some nice earthy flavors with that sour. Take moderate hits because the smoke is mild to harsh. If you decide to take a giant bong rip, prepare to shed a tear.

The high is very relaxing and calm. This hybrid is fairly balanced on both the indica and sativa. After just one bowl, I received a very focused high and complete body calmness. A flood of happy euphoria that kept my energy up although I would have been happy just doing nothing. It helped with some pain relief and my anxiety went away. Two bowls kept the same focus and the body high intensified. I could feel every sound I made vibrating from my chest to my fingers. This strain feels like a productive strain when used in moderation. Otherwise get Sunny baked and relax.

Queen of Soul

Bow to The Queen Of Soul! Cultivated by Isidore, this batch has a THC of 24.65% and CBD at 0.08%.

Her aroma is mildly sweet and reminds me of a cappuccino with very sweet cream. The smoke on the other hand tastes earthy with some dried tropical fruit. Expect mild hits so be careful taking huge rips. The bud itself is very frosty with a nice trim job. Even the little bit of trim left is very frosty and shapes the bud beautifully. The buds are dense and will leave fingers sticky icky!

Half a bowl was good enough for me. It gave a very calming body high with an increase in focus. Finishing off the bowl elevated concentration and my own vocal sounds vibrated throughout my body. Smoking another bowl brings down the energy into complete relaxation. Great strain to calm the mind and body.

AK Aspirin

Ever smoke weed and not get high? AK Aspirin will give the effects of marijuana without getting high. This is crazy!

It has a THC of 4.96% and CBD at an amazing 13.92%. This strain is something to try if you’ve never tried a CBD high strain! The CBD gave a very calming effect on my entire body. Nerves tingle everywhere as goosebumps started appearing. Very little impact on concentration, so focusing was still difficult. Just half a bowl helped relieve some aches and nerve pain. An entire bowl dissolved all anxiety. Complete body relaxation without the high.

The bud was harvested about 5 months ago and it still looks and smells great! The aroma is lemon pine, strong on the lemon. Smells like a clean military barracks! The bud was flattened a bit but it kept its shape very well in the packaging. Nicely frosty with a few hairs. Trim could have been better in a matter of how the bud looks. Yet because of the way the bud was squished, I believe it’s trim job was ruined. I’m not upset for the trim itself looks super frosty! Overall, it was a nice looking bud.

Cat Piss

Take a whiff of this Cat Piss and you’d swear there is a cat in the room. More earthy than feline, but you’ll smell that distinction. The buds are very frosty and trimmed well so each nug was shaped nicely. Beautiful in color with a few hairs. This batch was cultivated by Isidore and has a THC of 18.91% with CBD at 0.08%.

Smooth hits with a taste that is earthy. The smoke does smell a little feline. Although the packaging describes this strain as an Indica, it feels like a Hybrid stronger on the Sativa side. Half a bowl gave some moderate amount of energy with focus. The high was more energizing after finishing the bowl up. Body felt some sensation but did nothing for pain. There was a nice high and no heavy stoned feeling at all. This feels like a morning strain to get the day started! Because of the smell, if you don’t own a cat, try this strain and see if anyone thinks you adopted one!

Summer Solstice

This weed smells of sweet diesel! Beautifully shaped buds that have a nice frost on them. It is a sativa strain with a total THC of 19.46% and a CBD of 0.08%. The hits are mild and the smoke is wild! Tastes like sweet diesel with earthy undertones.

One bowl is just enough to do the mind good. This strain will greatly improve concentration and lower any anxiety. There is no overly stoned feeling even after three bowls, just a very pleasant head high. This cannabis is a productive strain that really helps the brain. Smoke this to work on a project. Up the focus and bring in the chill, then get it done!

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Good Bye and Stay High!


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