Allen Ginnett

Monkeys and Gorillas,

Gases and Greases,

Cookies and Cheeses.

Here’s a couple weed tips:

Super lemon haze? lemons for days,

put that lemon away!

I pay, for OG. GG#4.

Kush is Quantum,

Space Candy, Purple Punch- Banzai Valley.

Thunderfunk, Super Glue,

Afghan to Afgoo.

Durban Poison and the MAC,

Bam-Bam, Headache, Trainwreck,

Blackwidow, L.S.D.,

Grapefruit, Blackberry, Tangerine.

Tangie, Cookies Galore!

AK, Girl Scout, Manderin, Platinum and more..

Double Stuffed, Cookies and Cream.

Sour Strawberry, KATSU and KIMBO.

All of these strains got me in LIMBO.

It’s a Snow-Capped Romance. I love to get high,

Life is okay now that weed is legalized; now try.

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