Green Tara


15.99% THC

0.07 % CBD


I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to a new-to-me cultivator on the scene, Guest Services. Besides producing some high quality herb, they’re also doing something else I’m appreciating, which is branding. They’ve created a perfectly Alaskana logo, a carved wooden bear head smoking a joint, displayed in stores like a standard wildlife wall trophy.

Having a clever logo is helpful to pull me in but do you know what’s even more helpful? An impressive product, which is exactly what Guest Services is delivering. Something about the name is particularly great to me. Perhaps it’s the few years I spent working the tourism industry in SE, or maybe it’s the fact that I’m prone to tipping the staff at hotels or restaurants with a fat nugget of love, whatever the case is, I like the name. It makes me think of Alaskan Hospitality, something that we’re known for up here. We have a reputation for treating our guests right up in this neck of the woods, which is just what Guest Services is doing.

Locomotion is one of those strains that we see on the shelf and immediately know we need to smell. The flowers called my name, literally demanding I take a closer look. After looking, they demanded I smell, which I did so happily. The terpene profile came in on this particular batch at 2.24%, giving it a full flavored experience, especially when vaporized in a Pax.

Locomotion is a hybrid with a lineage of Blue Diesel crossed with Time Wreck. The best way I can describe the flavor and smell would be straight FUNK. It’s one of those smells that I can’t stop smelling because I’m not quite sure what it is I’m picking up. What is it? It’s like stinky cheese, it smells amazing and incredibly weird at the same time.

This is a hybrid with some energy in it. I recommend using it for a day time or afternoon experience, as it seems to get my mind into a rather creative and productive state. Over eager to try out the flavor, I tasted a bit before bed last night and found myself having a little trouble being able to slow down enough to sleep.

During the day, Locomotion offers a nice stream of steady energy, which wears off gently. I was easily able to get into organizational and monotonous cleaning projects throughout my day. I’d like to pretend it’s my mad Tetris skills that helped me out, but I know the truth is Locomotion played a big part.

If you like a sticky nug with a full funky flavor, Locomotion is your new best friend.

I picked this one up for $14/gram. Let’s take note of the mid-range THC. This is a fantastic flower. I’ve been seeing some nutrient burned, overpriced flowers around town. They’re going for as much as $18/gram because they have a high THC number. Despite that high number, the flowers look and smell less than ideal. Pay attention friends. The best offerings in town are NOT coming in with extreme THC numbers. High THC and high prices does not equate high quality.


14.81% THC

Full Boat is a whole lot of good all wrapped up into one nice package. I’m fairly certain I can’t beat this drum load enough, so let’s once again take notice of the THC content. We’re coming in at what one may consider a lower number if they’re accustomed to looking for those higher 20’s. I’d also like to note the price. I picked up this gram for $12. I know some people will see the $12 price tag and the 14.81% and assume that it isn’t as good as the $18-$20 Top Shelf offering. That would be a wildly incorrect assumption, and we know what they say about assumptions...they make an ass out of you and me.

Full Boat is a spectacularly lovely flower. Not only is it beautiful to look at on display, it’s aromatic in the jar as well. It’s clear that Guest Services is taking care to produce a fine product. The flowers are sticky, dusted with sparkling trichomes, and come in chunky, larger buds. If you’re someone who likes to get the HUGE nug, Guest Services is coming through for you. If you purchase it deli style like I did, you can even ask your budtender to select the largest bud they have. Personally, I like the mid sized buds, but I know some folks get excited about those larger flowers.

Full Boat has a lineage of Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Pre 98 Bubba, crossed with Legend OG. That’s a long way of saying a whole lot of wonderful. If you’re an old school girl scout cookies fan then you might pick up some of that classic flavor and aroma in Full Boat.

This might be a good one to take out fishing. At $12 a gram it’s sitting awfully near black market prices. This makes it affordable to share with friends and enjoy all day long. Besides that, I found myself easily able to hyperfocus and sit still after smoking it. The flavor is classic and mild in the best way. I can’t tell if it’s the pre-98 Bubba or the Legend OG, but something in the smell and taste reminds me of Oregon in the early 2000’s.

Full Boat is the kind of strain I like to bring into a meditation or yoga practice. It feels mildly calming on my nervous system, but not heavy. It’s a great strain for settling in with headphones and a favorite album, as everything seem slightly enhanced, creating a unique listening experience.

The calming was the most pronounced effect for me. If you’re looking for a well priced, flavorful flower with gentle energy, get yourself some Full Boat. You’ll be grateful you did.

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