Laughing Salmon

Laughing Salmon owner Kyle Lutz is excited to open the doors to his all new cannabis retail facility but there’s still details to work out, especially since there’s still an ongoing crisis over COVID-19.

Lutz said they recently acquired their license and they’re able to open up whenever they want, it’s just a matter of hiring employees, installing their point of sale systems, and working out procedures to maintain social distancing practices for coronavirus.

“We’ve just got a lot of little things we’ve got to put together,” Lutz said.

Lutz said their POS systems should be far enough apart for the six-foot rule and they may be able to offer curbside service through online orders. He said they’re still waiting in stipulations from the state before proceeding to a curbside model.

He said they don’t plan to offer curbside after the crisis, if at all, so they won’t be installing any special features like a drive-thru window.

Lutz said they’re aiming to open in about two weeks. He said that he’s heard the recent outbreak is actually causing a boom to overall cannabis sales, with people stockpiling cannabis like it’s toilet paper.

“It’s crazy to think a few years ago it was illegal but now we’re essential,” Lutz said with a laugh.

Lutz said his heart goes out to all the people affected and those out of work.

“A lot of businesses have shut down and thankfully, we can continue to try to operate here,” Lutz said.

Laughing Salmon cultivates their own cannabis products and even creates their own concentration manufacturing. Lutz said they’ve been cultivating since the cannabis industry was allowed to set up in the Valley through High Tide Farms.

Lutz said Laughing Salmon will offer specials for purchasing the products made in house. He noted that the whole facility runs off solar power. There’s a solar panel right next to the building

Once the store is open, people will be able to access it right off the Palmer-Wasilla Highway. It’s located across the street from Wasilla Lake, near the Shell Gas Station.

“The main thing is we’re in a great location,” Lutz said. “We’re gonna be fully integrated.”

Lutz said that he moved to Valley from Williston, North Dakota, 16 years ago. He said the Valley is a small town community like where he grew up, but Valley has grown at a very rapid pace since he got here. Regardless of the population boom, this is the place he wants to be.

“This is what I call home,” Lutz said.

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