The budtender at Enlighten told me this was a new strain for them. He hadn’t tried it yet, so he couldn’t offer any input. It looked decent, and smelled alright when he let me sniff the sample in the black plastic container. I was curious; I haven’t tried anything by Absolem’s Garden, so I went for it and threw down the $18 for a gram.

I’ve been using my Pax vaporizer in place of my bong or pipe. Not every time, but more and more I’m choosing to reach for it because it has a much gentler effect on my lungs. It also allows me to adjust the heat settings to release the cannabinoids more effectively. I like the way cannabis tastes in my Pax; I get a more floral flavor, full bodied. It’s oddly nostalgic to me. Much different than burning it, the vaporized flavor is more delicate. I thought this would be a good way to start my taste test.

I’ll be honest, it didn’t have as much flavor as I was anticipating. The next bowl I loaded in my bong. The flower burned nice, again with just a hint of flavor. The bud itself was beautiful; well manicured and dried just right, resulting in a nice even burn. It just lacked flavor. Now, this could be good for some people. Not everyone likes a strong, earthy, deep cannabis taste. If you’re one who isn’t so much into the smell, but you like the effects, this is a great strain for you.

More inside

After consuming it I was highly motivated to cook. I sat on my couch, flipping through cookbooks, deciding which cookie recipes would best work with the ingredients I had available on hand. I decided on chocolate chip and ginger molasses.

Appetite is a tricky dance for me. Mine likes to stay away as a stress response, which can get uncomfortable at times. Cannabis, and THC in particular, are helpful for me to stimulate my desire for food. I like a healthy balance of energy and appetite and that’s what Pineapple delivered. I was able to say focused and enjoyed my baking project in the kitchen and my neighbors later appreciated eating them.

The third bowl I loaded of the Pineapple seemed to have a more pronounced flavor, perhaps because I was already in an enhanced state of mind when I enjoyed it. In the end, I decided I liked the energy and appetite it provided. Personally, I like a more pronounced flavor and smell, but that’s a matter of individual preference. The flowers were definitely lovely.

This is the kind of weed that I would have happily accepted and not even considered critiquing prior to the legal market, however now that we have stores and choices and so much access, I’ve gotten picky and critical. I’m now allowed the luxury of preference. I always like to remember when trying new strains and cultivators that it’s only this luxury that allows me to have an opinion. Deep inside me there’s this simple girl who’s just happy to be able to buy legal weed.

Orange Cream Soda

American Growers Company

I’ve come to have high expectations of American Growers Company from Palmer. These expectations have come as a result of constantly experiencing an awesome product. Orange Cream Soda is no exception to this.

I asked my budtender for something flavorful. I was intending to grind it down and mix it in with a custom blend I’ve been making for my Pax. While I was liking the mix itself, it was lacking flavor. Orange Cream soda was the perfect additive.

Besides being full of taste, the flowers themselves are the bright green kind that seem to almost crumble into trichomes. I know this isn’t possible, but that’s what it seems like. The high itself was a bit on the relaxing side for me. I tend to lean towards the more cerebral effects of the stronger sativas, and this seemed to be more of a relaxing body high, yet not quite what I would consider an Indica feel. I could definitely feel it in my body, a slower, relaxed mode of being. I appreciated this for the later part of my evening, that space between dinner and bedtime. Sometimes the sativas can make it tricky to settle down and sleep. The Orange Cream Soda hybrid offered enough energy to keep me powering through my evening while still making bed time feel like an attainable goal.

The kid in me can’t help but be captivated by names like Orange Cream Soda. The picture on the package of a soda bottle takes me right back to walking to the corner store with my sister and brother and bringing back our glass bottles for deposits on Crush. Remember those days? While I did pick up a strong citrus taste, I can’t say I got anything creamsoda like.

Orange Cream Soda is a great example that we ought to consider much more than just THC content when we’re picking our weed. If we’re still walking into the stores and asking for the highest THC numbers, then we haven't been paying attention. Let’s remember; there are over 100 known cannabinoids, THC being just one of them. To pick our strain based on THC content can sometimes mean ignoring other cannabinoids which may be just as beneficial, if not more. If you’re one of the many who’s still making your choice based on high THC numbers, I encourage you to branch out a bit. This particular harvest only contained 14.96% THC. It would be naive to dismiss it based on this fact.

Orange Cream Soda offers so much more than THC. The relaxing, slightly analgesic effects are an indicator that myrcene is present, giving it a clam, pain relieving property. Well, for me that is. Let’s remember, I’m just a simple 40 year old hair stylist, writer, mama. Anything I tell you is simply anecdotal.

I highly recommend trying out anything American Growers Company offers. They’re putting out a great product. Let’s support their contribution to our legal market.


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