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If you’ve been into any of Alaska’s recreational cannabis stores in the last month or so, chances are you’ve noticed a new product showing up on the shelf. Sold in a syringe, often dark brown, almost black in color, the highly potent cannabis oil is well known to many medicinal cannabis users. FECO, an acronym for Full Extract Cannabis Oil, is a dream come true for those using cannabis therapeutically.

You see, believe it or not, not everyone likes to smoke pot. There are many who don’t see the therapeutic value of combusting plant matter and inhaling the smoke. It’s reasonable, given all we know in today's modern world of information, to want to minimize the amount of smoke we inhale into our lungs. This is where FECO comes in. FECO allows us to ingest a very small amount of oil with maximum effect.

FECO can be used in many different ways. Some people have used it topically to treat skin cancer, while others have added it to thier doobies for an extra kick. When ingested orally, the cannabis gets processed through the liver and is reported by many users to have significant value in the treatment of Crohn's disease and other internal digestive ailments. Rick Simpson, the man notorious for originally creating the oil, dubbed RSO, claims to have treated his own cancer by using the oil daily. On his website, phoenix, he recommends making the oil out of several combined indica strains, in order to get a nice mix of various cannabinoids. While some are maintaining this original process, others, such as Anchorage’s R.C. Tinderbox are making strain specific forms of FECO, such as Alaskan Blackberry and Ghost Train Haze.

Back in the days of the black market, FECO was not something that people produced and sold. FECO was historically gifted to those in need by those who had the means and ability to grow and produce the oil. Let’s be real; most people don’t have the resources to grow enough cannabis to produce FECO oil, not to mention the knowledge to pull off the extraction. FECO was gifted to those who needed it by those who could make it. FECO, for me, is a reminder of the true roots of the cannabis community, one that was founded in generosity and a need for rogue healing. For many, FECO is the end of line, the last attempt at relief when all other pharmaceuticals have failed them.

When FECO first appeared on the market it was being sold at prices many couldn’t afford or simply weren't willing to justify. Those of us who’ve used the oil and been blessed enough to have friends provide it, have had a hard time swallowing the hefty price tag. Recently that changed for Alaska, as we saw R.C. TInderbox and Frog Mountain hit the shelves with the lowest prices to date.

While FECO is a wonderful medicine with a myriad of medicinal value, it’s not to be taken lightly. It’s incredibly potent. Figuring out the proper dosage can be tricky, as with any cannabis product. It’s important to start low and go slow, as they say. When the proper dose is achieved, the effects can be profound, however, as with any edible or concentrate, they can also be no fun real quick if one chooses to over do it. A little bit goes a long way in the realm of FECO.

One final note...many people who begin using FECO report minimized effects from smoking flower afterwards. Basically, smoking cannabis loses its effect, so keep this in mind if you’re someone who enjoys the ritual and act of smoking, FECO will likely make smoking seem unnecessary, as the effects will be greatly diminished. As with all things cannabis, this will depend on each individual body. If you’re one who takes a puff or two a night and calls it good, FECO probably isn’t for you. If you're one who eats the whole box of edibles and still doesn’t feel any effect, FECO might by worth looking to.

Thank you R.C. TInderbox and Frog Mountain, for bringing the power to the people in the form of FECO.


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