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Working in a pot shop it’s your job to have some kind of radar for which cultivators grow good weed. Looking over a menu a customer might not see a strain they know, but they might see one grown by a cultivator they know they like. A customer will gravitate to that strain even though it’s unfamiliar, like a new song from a favorite musician. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of hit-or-miss within a single cultivation; they either know what they’re doing or they don’t.

Guest Services, out of Houston, Alaska, is one of the cultivations that consistently produces excellent cannabis. They’re especially known for their Lemon Ice Pucker, White Tahoe Cookies, Guicy G and Kosher Zkittlez. But Guest Services is moving into new territory — a concentrate extraction facility called Choice Concentrates, and a lot of people are pretty excited about it. I had a chance to speak with owner, John Guest, about the new happenings.

You already have an established cultivation going on, Guest Services. What are the advantages of having your own manufacturing facility?

The advantages are quite diverse, the number one advantage that I’ll have is control of the product to the end consumer, from the beginning. And the extraction—Guest Services is a standard cultivation and it will benefit to have our extraction here because of the product from beginning to end, having control of it…we have two licenses that we opened up just recently, one is the extraction, the other is a limited cultivation. So in the same, Choice Extracts is a DBA of Guest Services, so they, it owns both, but, the limited cultivation is a seed hunting facility. So we’re targeting searching for new strains and finding and developing strains and then being able to produce strains for a particular reason such as extraction with solvent, solventless extraction, and just kind of finding the variances within the strain that will accentuate well for the variety of products that are produced in the market. So, you know finding flower, a pheno, so of twenty females of a certain strain you’re gonna likely have one where the flower smokes the best, then likely another pheno that’s going to produce a better extract, better hash material, produces more hash or, different flavors are able to be accentuated through the process of extracting hash.

So the limited cultivation is separate from your regular cultivation?

That’s correct.

Are you going to be extracting Guest Services cannabis exclusively or will you extract other cultivators’ cannabis as well?

It’s our hope to process other cannabis cultivators, but we’re a low budget operation, so we’re self-funded, so for right now we can’t afford to bring on new product especially with the demand going in the market right now. So you likely won’t see us run any other cultivators’ strains for, likely a month or two.

What kind of concentrates are you going to be making?

Our extraction is a hydrocarbon extraction. So we can produce terp sugar, sand crystals, diamonds, batter, crumble, and then in the future, which currently we don’t have a short path distillation, so we won’t be making any cartridges, probably for a year or so. That’s when we assume to kind of have the money to expand into that.

How are the choice concentrates going to be different from other concentrates on the market?

That’s a good question. You know I don’t have a detailed process of all the extractors’ distillate procedures, in fact I don’t know the differences. And we’re pretty new to extracting. You know, so, I won’t expect our product to be as good as Refine or Cold Creek or the extractors that I’ve been dealing with and it’s just gonna take us some time to perfect our measures. I guess also, I don’t know what they do, you know I would have to have a detail of how they operate so I could say the differences of how we’ll be different. We’re just making our first entry to the market with our first form of extract so, I personally have to go pick some up and try it, and also uh, it’s gonna take us time to create even the products, the diversity of products that we are wanting to offer and then also perfect those products, as we learn more.

So you’re looking to find a wide range of really cool strains with your limited cultivation so you can turn around and make a bunch of different concentrates when you get your process down?

Exactly. And then also be able to tailor the product, the extract that we’re producing, to accentuate the strains that we’re finding and the pheno of that strain that we find. So you know you find that maybe one has a ton of terp content to it and creates a really juicy consistency and separates really well, so mixing diamonds and terps in that case would be the way we’d want to do it, and same with every single one of those processes so, I would say as a whole Choice Extracts has a lot of research to do. And that’s what the facility’s for, and maybe that’s what makes us different from other extractions, would be that, it’s going to be a continuous research process in order to kind of tailor make a process for a strain. Where other processors might be going through and doing the same processes with a bunch of different materials, we’re gonna try and do a bunch of processes with the same material and see the differences in the product.

We are an extension of Guest Services and we’re pretty proud of the cannabis we cultivate out of our standard and we hope to keep the level as high, if not higher, you know we’re always trying to raise the bar on ourselves and improve our processes.


John Guest is refreshingly humble in an industry where people like to brag whether they’re entitled to it or not. And he’s probably right that there will be some trial and error in the first batches. But it took trial and error to grow good weed in the first place and I know Choice Concentrates will get that shit dialed in. 

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