Surge Kulikov

Surge Kulikov

Hi! I’m your Stoned At Home Dad Surge and this week I reviewed five different strains of cannabis from Piece of Mind Alaskan Cannabis. 

I'm quite surprised to see three dispensaries on one block, especially with two of them separated by an empty space and some walls. Piece of Mind, which used to be Satori, is a chill dispensary that looks like it would serve best as a smoking lounge. There is lots of room on the inside and a lot of glassware. Friendly staff and a nice clean shop. I was bothered that they only had 5 flower strains available. But honestly, all the flower I tried were potent in terps and strong in effect. They have a good website with an awesome news section. This is the only Piece of Mind in Alaska, the others are in Washington. Overall, it is a good dispensary. 

Lime MAC

Yooooo!!!! These are some pungent buds! On a scale of one to a dime, these are 10 on a lime! I love the citrus aroma that also comes in a bit on the sweeter side. The nugs were small but very frosty with amazing trim jobs. They have a medium density and you can break them completely apart with just two fingers. Easy grind, good burn, and smooth smoke that tasted like sweet citrus. This batch was cultivated by Great Northern Cannabis and has a THC of 16.03%.

This strain gave me some high euphoria where I felt amazing and happy. However I could not think straight at all. Even with a few hits, it was hard to stay focused. This is usual for a lot of indica strains I've tried. I was able to engage with the kids pretty easily and have fun. But ask me to complete a simple task and my mind would prioritize random things to do. I recommend straight up chillin and relaxing on this strain at the end of the day. Don't do any heavy brainwork or smoke before starting up on school work.

Sundae Driver

These are some very frosty buds! I broke them up pretty easily with my fingers and they left a whole lot of kief behind! Unfortunately some of that frost got up my nose as if it was an eighties party and for over an hour I was feeling sneezy. Luckily I got to get a whiff of these buds before that happened and they smell good! They have a faint sweet pastry aroma to them and the smooth smoke they produce, tastes sweet with a hint of sour. I did get some tartness in the first few hits but it faded quickly. Medium density, easy grind, and a good burn. This batch was cultivated by Cotton Mouth Cannabis and has a THC of 19.12%.

About two or three hits and I was on a roll! I had my wits about me (for the most part) as I ranted about a terrible movie, without smoking much more. When it was over and I was nearing the end of the first bowl, the real effects came on and I stopped caring. If you are looking for a strain to give you that mental IDGAF release, this one could be the one for you! I was bothered by something all day, as well as that movie, and with one bowl. Poof! I didn’t care!

Mercy Fruit Haze

Start up those engines! These buds smell like some high grade diesel! They are really pungent and also have a sweetness to them. Nice looking nugs with a good amount of frost and wonderful trim jobs. They have a medium density and can be broken up easily with two fingers, leaving very frosty fingers. I again rubbed my nose and unwittingly gave myself a stuffy nose filled with kief. The buds give an easy grind, fast burn, and smoke that tastes mostly earthy and sweet. The first hit and heavy bong rips hit hard like smoking hash, but it smooths out fast and if you smoke lightly. This batch was cultivated by Mercy Tree and has a THC of 19.08%.

This strain got me good! I became so high at about 30 minutes, with a bowl and a half down,  that I became self-conscious about repeating the same words in sentences. I had to look it up and it is called ‘epizeuxis’. This has happened before with the strain Subzero, where I was talking like Jimmy Two Times from the movie Goodfellas. I couldn’t contain myself after a few minutes of trying to talk like a robot and was filled with a huge amount of energy and euphoria. Amazing cerebral high! You might get some memory loss, because I lost about an hour of my life. I’m trying to remember what I did after I smoked and I just cannot remember! No wonder this strain won the best Sativa Flower in the Alaska Leaf Bowl 2021. Bravo!

Marmalade Kush

Wow these buds smell so freaking good! Like delicious sweet tangerines with a sour undertone. Even the taste of the smoke is just as mouthwatering and actually lingers on the breath long after the smoke session. Nice looking nugs with perfect trim jobs and a good amount of frost on them. They have a medium density and are firm, but can be broken up by hand easily. Just expect some real sticky fingers! Easy grind, good burn, and smooth hits expect the first few which hit hard, almost like smoking hash. This batch was cultivated by Great Northern Cannabis and has a THC of 19.88%.

This is a nice chill strain. Loved the way it relaxed me, especially when I was feeling hyped up from talking about the movie. After a bowl and a half I was feeling amazing without an overly stoned feeling. Instead my head had a nice buzz and I enjoyed the rest of the evening with the family. If you are looking to chill out and enjoy yourself, this one is a good pick and it tastes so good too! 

Super Lemon Haze

Really potent buds that remind me of some clean barracks. They give off a strong lemon chem aroma that you can compare to Pledge lemon. Beautiful buds with dark colors and lots of red hairs. A good amount of frost and wonderful trim jobs. The nugs have a medium density and can be broken up with two fingers. Easy grind, fast burn, and hits hard on huge bong rips. Smooth smoke if the hits are light. Tastes just like it smells. This batch was cultivated by Herbal Dreams and has a THC of 23.77%.

This strain got my head buzzing and I was too high to think right. Although I couldn't keep track of my thoughts, lots of waves of euphoria came and it was an overall pleasant high. I did smoke the rest later in the day in moderation and felt more focused with a light buzz. I recommend this one as a midday strain, but take it easy or you might get lost in your head like I did.

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Good Bye and Stay High!


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