In Alaska there is one undisputed queen of marijuana edibles — Chef Bombshell Michelle. A staple of cannabis events, she is known for singing while she cooks, a combination of talents she has started recording for her online cooking show, Burnin’ With Bombshell. She has a reputation of helping medicate a number of people’s ailments as well as her own. From her home kitchen she has already won Best Edibles in the 2018 and 2019 Press picks. Her big news right now, though, is a move to the recreational market, where she will likely create more award-winning edibles. She’s busy getting her kitchen ready, but was able to meet with me to talk about her new position as head chef and edibles manufacturer at the soon to open Green Growcer on Dimond. 

What do you have to do to prepare for opening a new kitchen?

Currently, building the kitchen. For a chef that’s better than sex, like seriously, it’s so much fun.

You get to pick things out exactly how you like them that way, right?

Uh huh. Yep, I get to pick out how I like it, how I want the flow to go, and, yeah, it’s pretty fun. Overwhelming, but fun. 

I can imagine.

Well, ‘cause see, as a chef normally, you’re entering into somebody else’s kitchen that they already thoughtfully put together in their design, and then you’re just making it work to the best of your design. So, being able to actually put one together, thoughtfully to everything that’s going to be made, is really exciting. Really exciting.

What made you decide to move into the rec market?

Honestly, the right people asked me. I already planned on moving into the rec market out of state, and, I already planned on that with Leaf Nation. So that was already something that I’ve been trying to work towards, but in state, nobody really, I can’t afford the opportunity, and nobody really put that in front of me, except for Denali Dispensaries. Whenever they get a manufacturing license they’ve already asked me to be on board and I said yes to that a long time ago…they still have a long ways out till they’re at that phase, which is totally fine, they’re still my family. But, when I was approached, I sat there and hemmed on it for a little bit and thought, ‘You know what? No, I’ve wanted this.’ So yeah, I’m ready for it.

What is the most exciting thing about moving into the rec market?

The consistency. The routine. I miss the routine of the kitchen, a lot. I miss prep lists, I miss banging out just a set list all the time, and not having to constantly do something different every day. Like with my cooking show I have to think of something different all the time, and try to not repeat. That gets overwhelming. I’m ready for a set list to follow, and it’ll give me, some woosah, really, as a chef. It’ll help me calm down some. 


I’m also looking forward to not having to worry about the hustle all the time. Now I only have to, outside of what I do in the kitchen will be appearances, educational shows, stuff like that, and then, working on my show, my cooking show, so it’ll shorten up my schedule a lot.

So you’re keeping up with your cooking show, too?

Right now I took a break from it so I can fully concentrate on the kitchen and the plan at hand and making sure I can get everything—something that is exciting is, navigating all of AMCO’s regs and, that’s honestly kind of fun. It’s also fun for me because it’s such a downscale from what I normally do, so the fun part for me is taking this smaller amount, and stretching it so far. I think it’s fun. I like challenges, a lot. 

By stretching it, do you mean the THC itself?


Mm-hmm. Well yeah cause the milligram dosage is so small compared to what I’m used to doing, so, yeah, it can be interesting.

Is that hard for you at all?

No. No, it’s all math. It’s just all math, and I love math. I’m kind of a nerd for it.

What’s the hardest difference to adjust to?

Waking up early. Waking up early, because of my brain damage. So trying to kick start my brain and making sure it’s working on time has been quite the challenge, quite the challenge. But I’m doing it, so I’m happy. My Chiari [brain malformation] always gets in the way and I’m not gonna let it win. I’ve put together an awesome crew, awesome crew that, they all know I’m disabled, and, know how to handle me, and all are really ready and willing to follow my lead.

So it’s definitely set up to be helpful to you?

Oh yes, very much so. And along the way I also get to give them education, so, it gives me a big old boost.

Yeah, I know you like educating people too.

Yeah, it’s how you live on. That’s what I was always taught.

So, what you teach people stays with them after you’re gone?


Yep. Legacy.

What kind of products are you developing?

I am doing lemonades, good old southern honey lemonades, nice, smooth, not too tart. There was a very talented chef prior to me, and I stepped in for them, and so I’ve picked up what they already have approved with AMCO…like some cookies and other things. I am looking forward to getting to where I get to put my personal touches, since we’re the Green Growcer, I get to play around with that name a little. I want to add my award-winning touches, my garlic butter, somehow figure out a way we can do a specific fresh item from, just our shop, because then I can feature something, I can feature a lemon bar or creme brulee. I want to see if there’s a way we can start moving towards that direction, that would be really cool, I know that’s far far in the future, but it’s an idea that’s really fun. I can’t wait to put my touches on it, I make really good savory items. The industry shouldn’t be all sweet. 

It gets old.

It gets old. It gets old really fast. Enter Bombshell. Laughs. That’s totally joking, but still, it shouldn’t be all sweets. A lot of people try to use cannabis to help them medically, and sweets are counterproductive. So I would like to move in a different direction but for right now we’re going to put out some really fun, delicious items. I was a pastry chef for a very long time, so I can bang out some of the best of them.


We were getting ready to leave the restaurant when Michelle Stopped me.

I know exactly what is most exciting to me about joining the rec market. I have been cheering on my friends and watching their products just fly, and being super excited for them, and I constantly would manifest and just, imagine my items on the shelf with them, and now it’s happening. That is what I’m most excited about. It’s happening. Long time coming.

As a budtender, I’ve seen a lot of edibles gain popularity quickly. None of them had Chef Bombshell’s reputation behind them.

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