Surge Kulikov

Surge Kulikov

Raising children is very rewarding, but it is emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially draining. As parents, we have to provide and guide our children toward becoming kind responsible healthy adults with compassion, love, and a drive that empowers them. This is a 24/7 responsibility parents face while trying to balance work life and maintain social connections with others... Wow, do I need a smoke now!

Can cannabis help parents? Yes! 

Parents, if you are new to cannabis and have thought about trying it for the first time, this one’s for you. When it comes to being a responsible parent you have to be a responsible cannabis user. There are plenty of things to keep in mind when deciding to try cannabis. As a parent entering the wonderful world of marijuana, there are three main things to consider.

First, ask yourself why you want to try cannabis. Pain relief? Lower anxiety? Improve concentration? Energy boost? Sleeping aid? The list is vast. If you just want to get high, there is no shame in that either.

Then, ask yourself if you can moderate — be honest when you answer. Cannabis can be abused to excess just like any other substance. Moderation is key.    

Finally, how can you keep it away from your children? There is a reason every piece of legal weed you purchase has a warning label reminding consumers to keep marijuana out of the hands of children. Be responsible and store your cannabis goodies somewhere safe and out of reach for kids. 

You answered these questions, did your research, and now off to the local dispensary. Shake off any fears or worries, especially if you’re over 30, because it is not an undercover drug sting operation. You can legally buy marijuana now. It’s wonderful! The dispensaries here in Alaska are beautiful, clean, and hire some of the most knowledgeable budtenders around. 

They can explain all the different strains they sell as you browse. What effects each one brings and what to expect; describe the aromas of the buds, sometimes opening the jars and pushing the scent your way. They can recommend edibles, which is a good choice for nonsmokers; talk about the various THC and CBD levels. Remember that THC is what makes you feel high. CBD products are a great option when needing to stay productive and clear-minded.

When smoking for the very first time, only smoke a little bit, like a puff. Wait a few minutes until the full effects kick in. Then decide if you need more. Too much can really inebriate and get in the way of a fun and active day with the kids. 

Cannabis use in parents leads to really imaginative playtime with children. Fort-building, pretend play, art activities, and even playing with Legos turns into awesome adventures. Games that parents felt they have outgrown become fun again. Simple games such as tag or hide and seek can be enjoyed pain-free. 

The relief for pain that cannabis provides is amazing. Being a parent is challenging enough; it becomes even more difficult when the parent has their own medical issues. Pain alone can turn the kindliest person into someone angry and miserable. Having the ability to move around without pain enables for more physical activities with the kids.

Cannabis is great for pain and some strains really help the brain. Having a calmer mind helps maintain focus and concentration. This will allow you to stay engaged longer when playing. Some cannabis strains give a boost in energy which helps keep the motor going. Find yourself some favorite strains that give you the desired effects you seek.

Parenting is hard work, but using cannabis responsibly can make it a lot easier and more fun. Playing with your children builds lasting bonds and teaches them. They may forget that they learned something while playing and that is alright; they will remember the time spent together. 

Chances are if you smoke too much, you might forget a few things too. So keep playing with your kids and build those memories.


About The Author:

I’m a happily married father who has raised four kids for over a decade. I have used cannabis daily since leaving the military to help with PTSD and nerve pain. I love watching my children grow up and being a part of their lives. They have taught me so much I will never take for granted. Without cannabis, I would not function the same and would always be in pain. My children are my world and cannabis is what keeps it moving. For fun I host a daily cannabis review show called Toke Talk that focuses on showcasing and reviewing a different Alaskan-grown strain every episode.



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