A major development in the cannabis world has been the increasing popularity of vape oil cartridges. Also known as vape oil pens, these products have become a favorite of cannabis customers due to their portability, ease of use, discretion, and consistent dosing. However, despite these products seeming similar there are a number of different cannabis oils contained within these cartridges making decisions difficult for new customers.

The most common question budtenders receive is in regards to what vape oil cartridges will fit with what battery. The simple answer is that any cartridge with standard 510 thread will fit on any standard 510 threaded battery. 99% of batteries and cartridges are interchangeable with one another. The major difference in vape batteries is in their power, and how they are activated. The most common pen style batteries are typically measured at 350 MAH, but there are a number of stronger batteries on the market that range up to 1000 MAH. The majority of the batteries on the market work at a single power setting, but there are a number of variable power batteries available.

Many batteries are breath pull, simply requiring the user to inhale through the cartridge to activate the battery. Many others are button activated, these have the advantage of allowing the consumer to “pre-heat” the cartridge oil, but are often being activated by mistake. Overall, the difference between the available batteries is minor, and they are largely interchangeable with one another.

The other major difference in vape oil cartridges is the type of cannabis oil that they contain. The most common cartridge on the Alaska market today contains a hash oil distillate are highly refined oil containing almost pure cannabinoids. These cartridges are commonly above 80% THC and are nearly flavorless. While almost any variety of hash oil can be purified into distillate cartridges, the purification process removes practically all of the residual terpenes. This means that the terpenes are often “re-injected” in a way to match a particular strain of cannabis.

Another product available are cartridges containing high grade winterized cannabis oil processed with co2. These products are made without any petroleum-based solvents, and due to co2 extraction occurring at lower temperatures they contain more of the terpenes and delicate cannabinoids often lost in the distillate process. The first things that will distinguish co2 cartridges to many consumers is that they are often lower in THC, but have a much richer flavor profile and the vapor has a softer feel in the mouth. Many consumers choose them as the most ecologically friendly option, and because they are free of any additives or chemicals.

Finally, in certain cases, today’s cannabis consumer will come across cannabinoid-specific vape oil cartridges. These cartridges often contain elevated levels of cannabidiol (CBD), and are usually marketed by the ratio of THC to CBD that they contain. A local example of this type of 2:1 product would be the the Top Hat Critical Mass CBD cartridges available at Catalyst Cannabis Co which contain 23% THC and 46% CBD. These style cartridges are often favored by medical consumers looking to get elevated levels of CBD with the entourage effect of some THC in an easy to use product.

In the end, there are a wide range of vape oil cartridges available to fit the consumers needs, so it’s necessary to shop at a store with a variety of products and professional budtenders that know and can explain the product. Personally, just this week, One customer left Catalyst this week with a Midnight Sun co2 cartridge bought for when they wanted a cartridge with exceptional flavor and a Good Titrations BHO distillate cartridge with a little over 87% THC, to help with insomnia. Whatever you are looking for in your cannabis experience there will be a vape oil cartridge to meet your needs.

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