Country Cannabis

Surge Kulikov

Surge Kulikov

I’m blown away by Country Cannabis. By far the most unique and one of the most stunning Alaskan dispensaries I have ever come across. They’re in a barn! With a silo! Country Cannabis in huge channel letters on the silo so everyone driving by can easily spot them! They have their own parking and a beautiful clean shop. Inside there is a claw machine, an arcade, and farm fresh eggs! Taylor was an outstanding budtender who recommended 6 of the 7 strains I picked up. She listened to the type of buds I wanted and picked out the best ones. Even with customers coming through the door, I did not feel rushed and she was friendly to everyone. Great choice of cultivators and really good cannabis. 


Super Skunk

Holy smokes this is the smoothest smoke I have ever smoked and that’s no joke! These were some of the cleanest hits I’ve experienced in a while, almost like smoking on some vape oils. It produces a good smoke cloud and tastes earthy with a light sweetness. Before the burn, the bud had an earthy aroma with a little sweetness, but it also gave off a stinky undertone when I squeezed the nug. It had a medium density and was very firm. Lots of frost all over and many little red hairs everywhere. Perfect trim job. This batch was cultivated by Worner Brothers Horticulture and has a THC of 19.54% with CBD at 0.1%.

Apple Sherbet

Wow, the smell of these buds remind me of a close friend who didn’t smoke at all. He actually smelled like cheese, deli meats, and sometimes soup. These buds have a pungent stinkiness that is sour yet very very sweet. The smoke however tastes sweet and tart like Granny Smith apples. It hits smooth and tickles the throat/nose a bit. NIce frosty nug with a few hairs and a slender build. Good trim job with a few very frosty leaves left behind. Strong density and stays fully firm when squeezed. Doing so really releases the strong aromas ten fold! It has an easy grind and a good burn that wants to stay lit. This batch was cultivated by Five Star Flower and has a THC of 22.78%.

If I was back in college, this is the strain I would be looking for to help with writing papers. It slowly brought my focus in line. My mind wanted to wander like usual, but within about 10 minutes I was able to keep my thoughts together. 


Sour Diesel

These are some gassy buds. Sweet like diesel and earthy too. I could taste the same flavor in the smoke, but the sweetness of the diesel turned fruity after each exhale. It hits smooth with normal tokes and huge rips feel a little mild on the throat. Gorgeous dense nug with lots of little hairs and a good amount of frost. Amazing trim job, looks really full and beautiful. It gave an easy grind and burned very well. This batch was cultivated by Alaskan Greenery and has a THC of 21.09%.

You ever pack a bowl, smoke it all, and then get so talkative while high that you forget to pack the second bowl? Yeah, that happened to me with this strain TWICE in the same day! Just one bowl made me feel social and just wanting to yap about anything. It greatly improved my focus and attention span. I felt some energy that lasted a long time. 


Go Time

These buds have an earthy and sweet aroma, yet there is another smell I’m lost on. I believe it is close to Thyme or some other herb I can’t get out of the memory banks. I was going to compare the smell to the spices in my pantry, but I smoked all the weed before I got a chance. 

Nice looking nug with plenty of frosty and bright to dark orange hairs. Perfect trim job on all the buds. Very dense nug and extremely firm. First rotation on the grinder might be tough, but it eases up.

Good burn, tries to stay lit for a bit. The first rip hit heavy and then it smoothed out quickly. 

The smoke tasted just like it smelled. This batch was cultivated by Alaska Precision and has a THC of 20.29%.

This strain calmed my anxiety yet gave me some energy and really good focus. I felt myself going from sporadic thinking to a mindful focus. 



The buds have an earthy aroma with a light citrus undertone. Both of those smells are overpowered by what I believe is a chem/gas aroma. It reminds me of what the inside of a factory or warehouse back in the city smelled like. The smoke has the same flavor and hits smooth if you hit it lightly. Big rips feel mild on the lungs and stir up a small coughing fit.

Nice big looking nug with a lot of frost on it, especially on the bottom. The big trichomes deep in between the buds gave off a beautiful glimmer in the light. I love when it sparkles! Amazing trim job, medium density, fully firm, and really sticky! Easy to grind and it has a great burn! This batch was cultivated by Freedom 49 Farms and has a THC of 20.5%.

This strain made me feel normal and balanced. That is when I feel myself grounded and calm with my anxiety under control. My focus improved for a while until about 30 minutes in when I started to get spacey and zone out. 


Notorious THC

Beautiful bud with a bumpy shape. A decent amount of frost on the outside with some thick trichomes deep in the crevices that shine like flawless diamonds. Dense like diamonds too! Amazing trim job for their shape, really maintained a nice contour all around.

The aroma coming off these nugs is mostly earthy with a very faint gas smell. However, fire it up and expect smooth smoke that tastes sweet and a little tart. This batch was cultivated by Worner Brothers Horticulture and has a THC of 23.75%.

This one is very well balanced, exactly what I look for as an all day strain. 


Lemon Meringue

Wow, what a pungent lemon scent! Smells like the inside of a clean barracks! Strong aroma similar to lemon scented Lysol. The flavor of the smoke however tasted stinky at first, almost skunky. But by the first hit from the second bowl, the flavor matched up exactly to the way it smelled. Smooth hits that do tickle the nose if you exhale that way.

Nice looking nug with a lot of frost. Great trim job that gives a wonderful full shape. It had a medium density and stayed very firm when I squeezed it. 

Easy grind with a good burn. This batch was cultivated by Cotton Mouth Cannabis and has a THC of 22.98%.


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