Which brown bear best transcends the ordinarily large and enters the realm of extraordinarily fat? Your vote decides in Fat Bear Week 2022. As Brooks River’s world-famous bears make their final preparations for winter hibernation, the Katmai Conservancy,, and rangers at Katmai National Park and Preserve celebrate their success.

After a record number of sockeye salmon returned to Bristol Bay this summer, Fat Bear Week 2022 might be the biggest ever. Through the bear cams, people from all over the world witnessed crowds of bears eagerly taking advantage of the bounty of returning salmon at Brooks Falls. From extra large female bears like 435 Holly and 128 Grazer to huge adult males like 856 and 151 Walker, the enormous brown bears of Brooks River have been packing on the pounds and are ready for the big competition! Can 480 Otis win his fifth Fat Bear Week title, or will another bear steal the crown? Bears 747 and 32 Chunk are giants, but do they have what it takes to hibernate with the title of 2022 Fat Bear Week champion?

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