You can say this about the political Left. It looks silly sometimes, but it never gives up.

A Left-leaning website,, funded by a Left-leaning special interest group, Future North PAC, has decided it will embark on the quixotic mission of recalling Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

The PAC’s treasurer, Adam Lees, has ties to the Alaska Democratic Party and is aide to Anchorage Assemblywoman Suzanne LaFrance, MustReadAlaska reports.

The website says the group is worried about “an administration with tyrannical and profligate tendencies filled with incompetent and embarrassing appointees and an Outside, couldn’t-tell-a-salmon-from-a-halibut, Cruella de Vil-look-alike, ideological budget hatchet-woman who could not care one bit about Alaska or its people.

“We do not believe Alaska is just a warehouse for the world to pillage and exploit. We reject the narrow, short-sighted vision that Alaska is only worth as much as the oil pumped out of its land and waters.”

It goes on, blah-blah-blah.

The group’s recall windmill will not be easy.

Article 11, Section 8, of the Alaska Constitution says almost any elected official, except judges and a few others, can be recalled. State law stipulates the grounds for recall are lack of fitness, incompetence, neglect of duties or corruption, and it lays out the complicated, time-consuming process.

The recall effort first will need to round up 28,501 signatures, or 10 percent of the votes cast in last year’s general election, just to apply to the state director of Elections for its recall application certification. If that is successful, the group then must collect signatures equaling a whopping 25 percent of the previous general election, or 71,252 signatures. Once those are certified, then the group must wait for a special election to be called.

It seems a terriblysteep hill to us, what with there being no actual, real-world grounds for recall. But perhaps a recall is not what this is really about. Maybe there is something else. Suzanne Downing of Must Read Alaska surmises it all simply may be a data mining exercise for Democrats, who know a recall has not a ghost of a chance of success.

Everybody who signs a petition becomes a cheap data point in upcoming elections, and that take makes sense. There will be no end to robocalls and junk mail, no end to Democrat politicking.

Something to think about.

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