By RJ Johnson

The theme of the year may have been Breaking Boundaries, but for Anchorage Pride 2019 what happened was a lot of breaking records! With temperatures soaring high into the 80’s for most of the week, hydration became a necessary part of the process for the thousands of people that attended the week of events.

The Pride Committee, volunteers, and organizations did a fantastic job of providing entertainment and education around every corner. From the drum circles of The Queens Guard drowning out protestors and hate speech, to the cheers and screams of the crowds, there was no room for negative words or feelings at this year’s events.

As the community celebrated 50 years since the Stonewall riots, individuals often commented on how far we have come in the search for equal rights and acceptance, and many of the events were themed in honor of the anniversary. Brick Bash at Williwaw had three completely different headliners this year from entirely different genres. Thorgy Thor of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame gave a high energy performance that even included her skills on a violin, and viral star Lardi B kept the crowd amped up. DJ Hottpants from Miami came up to be reunited with the Pride Committee whom he had met while they were on their Orbitz Travel adventure.

For the first time ever, crowd favorite event Lube Wrestling was held at the Alaskan Center for Alternative Lifestyles, as a collaboration with Identity and The Last Frontier Men’s Club, raising $3500 for Identity Inc. Other annual favorites like Drag Queen Bingo and the Rainbow Run were at capacity, proving that when this town finds something they like, they hold on to it.

Jeff Wood, aka Mad Myrna was thoroughly impressed by the entire ordeal, and after he attended the Pridefest celebration at the Parkstrip on Saturday commented on social media “I have been to every Pride celebration we have had in Anchor town and I must say I was very overwhelmed, and extremely happy today. We have come a long way. My hat’s off to the hard work of the Pride committee. Absolutely Fabulous! XXX MYRNA LACHOY XI”

High praise indeed coming from a legend like Myrn

Congratulations everyone. The Anchorage Press and Prism are proud to have been part of this affair.

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