“The event where the people are the show!”

Each spring the Alaskan Aids Assistance Association, or Four A’s, along with local community kink groups and Mad Myrna’s present Fetish Ball, a fundraiser and educational night out, where things always seem to get wild. On March 30th, the event will be happening again, and the organizers are looking forward to an exciting and titillating event.

The planning committee meets months in advance to pick a theme, plot out promotions, and decide which experiences they want to bring back and whether they will be trying out some new things. The space at Myrna’s is packed wall-to-wall with stuff to watch or try, and those that come out tend to do so in costume. Past themes have included a BDSM Boot Camp, a sexy hospital full of naughty nurses and dirty doctors, a Caligula-inspired Toga party, and a day at the School of Hard Knocks. This year’s theme brings it back to school but in an entirely new way with the Perverted Prom.

Each year, the committee also works to try and find a theme that will make it easy for people to dress up and get involved, even if they don’t have a lot of bondage and kink clothing laying around their house. Since many people have tacky bridesmaids dresses, or suits that just aren’t in fashion anymore, the Prom was a great choice to maximize everyone’s fun, and still leave them funds to donate. Four A’s Director of Development Petra Davis is looking forward to her second ever Fetish Ball and hopes that people come out and get to experience some of their fantasies.

“It’s going to be the Prom you wish you went to. A night you truly won’t forget. There are a lot of people that didn’t love theirs, and I hope they can come to fetish ball and have the prom of their dreams,” she said.

Each year there are “tasting” booths so that people can experience something a little naughty of their own, whether that is trying out some impact play; spanking, getting a taste of some electric play with a violet wand, or getting into some rope bondage and experiencing something “knotty” in a whole different way. In the showroom at Myrna’s there is always a stage show that occurs featuring kinky exhibitions and performances and fashion shows from local business like The Look, featuring the newest and sexiest lingerie and underwear. This year to help with the Prom theme there will also be some stage time dedicated to a live band so that people can dance to some of their favorite 80’s and 90’s hits while being sexy and showing off their formal best.

A few years ago, the planning committees decided to add a VIP session to the event from 7 to 9 p.m. for those that wanted a slightly more intimate event than the capacity crowd that is expected later in the night. For the VIP session there are only 150 tickets available and attendees receive a small swag bag, in addition to being able to try out all the booths for free and have a unique show experience that the general admission will not see. Davis is “Looking forward to individuals taking advantage of things. The spanking booth, experiencing sensual touch, and for the voyeurs, peep shows,” she said.

This slightly higher ticket price helps raise even more funds for the work that is done by the 4A’s.

The mission of the Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association is to support and empower people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and to work toward the elimination of HIV infection and its stigma in all Alaskan communities. Established in 1985 as a support organization, the Four A’s has grown to meet the constantly changing needs of the community. Beyond the supportive services that are provided, including a food bank, client lunches, navigating health care, case management, employment, counseling, housing, and transportation, they also provide testing services and a clean needle exchange. All of this is combined with HIV prevention and education services, distribution of safer sex kits, and street outreach.

Fetish Ball is put on by the efforts of many groups beyond those in the kink community, and in past years Body Piercing Unlimited, The Look, The Hole Look, Cindie’s Lingerie, The Castle and more have come together with efforts from the Alaska Center for Alternative Lifestyles, the Mr. Friendly Campaign, Tied Up North, and of course the generous use of the space from the staff at Mad Myrna’s. Performers come in from various burlesque troupes and theatre companies, as emcees work the stage and the crowd to ensure that each attendee is having the best time possible.

The Perverted Prom Fetish Ball is set to be another record-breaking night at Mad Myrna’s, but for Davis, beyond the fundraising and fun, she also wants to make sure that each person will see their fantasies and desires represented at some point.

“Everyone should feel welcome at Fetish Ball, and even if you don’t know what you are into, there will be a kink to satisfy your curiosity,” she said, adding that it’s “a night to let loose, be sexy. There are no pictures. Be yourself beyond on who you are on Facebook and be different than who you are at work. Have fun!”

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