Sights from Pop-Up Salon

It has been the honor of your author to have participated in encouraging Mikey Huff in his pursuit of launching the Wool sock Project. This was especially true recently as we had the opportunity last week to make the day a little better for some residents downtown.

Last week’s article previewed the collaboration between the Wool Socks Project and Joshua Coombes’s #dosomethingfornothing initiative in Downtown Anchorage. London-based Coombes came to the city as a guest of Mikey Huff to perform the simple generous act of cutting hair for The Downtown residents that otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Through the generosity of the Anchorage Downtown Partnership and Bob Goode of the 4th Avenue marketplace, the pair was able to have a safe warm place to set up a makeshift hair salon. Kaladi Brothers Coffee and a host of volunteers made sure that the shop had a well-appointed ‘lobby’ filled with coffee, hot cocoa, and snacks.

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