Dear Governor Dunleavy,

I am not sure how you are going to feel when the first people die in Alaska because of your budget cuts. When people died in my arms, at least I was trying to help. We both will be judged on how we took care of the most vulnerable in our society—the children, the homeless and those who have no voice.

I have taught many WWAMI students over the years. Some worked with me for two decades. How is doing away with this program helpful to Alaskans? Not every WWAMI student stays in Alaska , but most do or have substantial penalties for leaving.

Finally, the University of Alaska Museum of the North and its collections are the soul of our state. To do away with this resource is shortsighted. What is Alaska without its memory? What is Alaska without research about our future? Do not do away with Alaska’s past and future, held and protected by our largest museum and university.

— Sincerely, Mark Withrow, M.D. Kodiak Physician for 40 years.

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