Dear Editor,

This letter is regarding your Sept 1 2020 story "Green Party Of Alaska Rejects National Candidate, Nominates Jesse Ventura,"

For the record, Jesse Ventura is not running for office in 2020. Governor Ventura has announced that fact several times on various channels.

At the "People's Party Convention" last week, Governor Ventura endorsed the nominating process and candidate of the Green Party of the United States ( ).   See his speech at .  

The Green Party of the United States is recognized by the Federal Election Commission as a national political party.  That's the same legal status that the national Libertarian Party enjoys.

As I understand it, the Green Party of Alaska has an accreditation agreement with the national party that requires it to accept the national party's nomination for president and vice president.   By placing Ventura's name on the ballot, Green Party of Alaska breached that agreement and faces the loss of its accreditation.  

Full disclosure: I have no relationship with the national or Alaska Green Parties or any candidate's campaign.   I have been active in my local, state (CA), and national Green Parties since 1991.

 — Cameron Spitzer

San Jose, California

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