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Clarity of thought and expression about moral issues is not a core competency of CEOs. If anyone had any doubt, look no further than the “historic” pro-abortion statement by nearly 200 CEOs that ran in a full-page ad in The New York Times. It is a festival of absurdity and euphemism, an exer…


The African folktale version of the 1989 Central Park gang-rape has swept the populace! The mob thirsts for vengeance against evil spirits, like Linda Fairstein.

Is there any doubt that many Democrats agree with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she says she wants to see President Trump “in prison”? After the Mueller report, House Democrats seem to believe almost unanimously that the president is guilty of obstruction of justice. Their increasingly hea…

While the Senate approved a $4.4 billion “compromise” operating budget, it effectively killed the $3,000 Permanent Fund dividend backed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

Two events this week brought home to me the strong likelihood that children born today will be vastly better informed than we are.

New York City public school teachers recently revealed that they have been instructed to reject “objectivity,” “written documentation” and “perfectionism” by Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, as part of his effort to “dismantle racism.” Carranza identified these values as tools of the “wh…

Breaking news: Some guy posted a doctored video of Nancy Pelosi. But fear not. The website The Daily Beast sprang into action. It tracked down the random, Trump-supporting man who allegedly posted the offending clip, hounded him until he talked, then published his name and other details abou…

Op-Ed by Les Gara

Attorney General William Barr came to get the lowdown on rural public safety issues in Alaska and got an earful on a difficult and intractable problem.

Wow! This out-of-control homeless camp problem on Anchorage’s public lands must be far worse than we thought. Even Democrat lawmakers are teeing off on Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Police Chief Justin Doll.

Under a headline that reads, “Alaska needs real progress on rural justice. Will Attorney General Barr help deliver it?” the Anchorage Daily News editorial begins:

One of the more unfortunate effects of the Trump-Russia investigation — and there have been many — is the weakening of traditional standards of argument and proof in the public debate over allegations that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia to fix the 2016 election. (Just for the recor…

Donald Trump and Bill de Blasio agree: Joe Biden should be ashamed of his support for the 1994 crime bill. The bipartisan legislation that was long a point of pride for Bill Clinton, who signed it into law, is now in such malodor that CNN the other day identified it in a chyron as the “infam…

With next year being a presidential election year the Democratic Party is gearing up to take on President Trump. So far, they have twenty four candidates and counting who want to get the chance to go up against President Trump. Of the candidates who have announced, so far, there is one who s…

Over Memorial Day weekend, some shocking news broke about the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. David Garrow, Pulitzer Prize-winning King biographer, came across some new details about the FBI’s secret bugs of King in the National Archives. (The full tapes are not scheduled for public release for …

The surprise about the big New York Times story on Donald Trump’s tax returns is that there are no real surprises. Trump’s taxes have been an obsession of the left since he, in violation of a long-standing norm, reneged on his promise to release his returns during the 2016 campaign. Democrat…

Congratulations, graduates! One day, you’ll look back on the past six years and say, “Those college days were the happiest of my life.”

Contrary to the image of potheads as peaceful stoners, “cannabis-dependent psychotic patients were four times as likely to be violent,” according to a study cited by Alex Berenson in his magnificent new book, “Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence.” “No o…

Discussion about the budget continues in the state Capitol and in public forums. Alaskans from every corner of the state are concerned about what proposed deep cuts to close a $1.6 billion budget gap would do to the quality of life we have worked so hard to achieve. We are weighing in on thi…

The last thing the world needs is more of Robert Mueller’s commentary, but Congress is determined to have him hold forth at a public hearing. It’s not as though we don’t already have the special counsel’s version of events. He mustered enormous investigate resources and took two years to wri…

With Alaskans up in arms about crime, Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer may be poking a hornet’s nest today at a town hall meeting where that is the subject.

Using 70 different metrics, U.S. News & World Report put together its annual list of the nation’s best states based on how well state governments serve their citizens.

Understanding the political Left is a mind-boggling exercise for normal Americans.

Using 70 different metrics, U.S. News & World Report put together its annual list of the nation’s best states based on how well state governments serve their citizens.

The Northwest Passage is in the news again — or it would be if Washington understood what’s at stake in the Arctic these days.

Big news out of the White House this week! After a beehive of activity, Jared Kushner will finally be unveiling his comprehensive immigration plan!

There was a school of thought that said former Vice President Joe Biden would begin to sink in the polls the moment he announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination. Biden’s first day in the race, the thinking went, would be his best day.

During Wednesday’s Senate floor debate on the state budget, I offered an amendment to reduce this year’s Permanent Fund dividend from the proposed $3,000 to a more reasonable $1,200 per Alaskan. My reasoning was simple and practical: a $1,200 PFD is one Alaska can afford.

At his contentious hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Attorney General William Barr dropped a big hint about his investigation into the conduct of the Trump-Russia investigation.

All the hoopla about the new royal baby is unseemly and ridiculous. At least on this side of the Atlantic.

The Alaska Senate’s decision to move $12 billion in available cash into the corpus of the Permanent Fund is either a great idea or a reckless “our-way-or-the-highway” political maneuver.

We continue to be amazed – and more than a little baffled. Here is the Alaska Public Media headline that has us scratching our heads: “Dunleavy administration pick for $94,000-a-year labor relations manager comes without labor relations experience.”

Surprise! Anchorage Republicrat Gabrielle LeDoux has jumped ship – yet again. This time, she broke with the House’s Democrat-led caucus to be the only “yes” vote for the Senate’s $3,000 Permanent Fund dividend – while her caucus-mates voted “no.’

So Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign talking about Charlottesville.

No one enjoys getting impeached, and if it happens to him, Donald J. Trump will be no exception. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine any potential target of impeachment in Anglo-American history relishing the fight more than Trump. He’d rather be done with the Mueller investigation in al…

Last November, we were reminded of something that offers us great hope about the future of our state.

That photograph of a black hole has some people wondering whether we are alone in the universe. The odds are that we are not.

There was Bernie Sanders at a Fox News Channel town hall, not giving an inch in a forum every Democratic presidential candidate has shunned. His reward was a cataract of good reviews, and monster ratings. Sanders had a solid hour to try to reach people not favorably inclined to his worldview…

According to Robert Mueller, a president can be guilty of obstruction of justice simply by exercising the powers of the president — if he does so with “an intent to obtain an improper advantage for himself or someone else, inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others.”

It’s time to bite the bullet and admit that human activities are heating up the planet to a very dangerous point.

Eating lunch the other day, a friend turned and asked: “So, do you think Dunleavy is crazy or an accidental genius?”

Those of you who have invested your time, money and red pens to remind lawmakers you want smaller government are giving our big-government betters in Juneau the heebie-jeebies. The pens are piling up and the government-first guys are afraid of the effect they may have on our elected officials.


Even after Trump won the presidency, Jared Kushner was embarrassed by his father-in-law, according to Vicky Ward’s terrific new book, “Kushner, Inc.”


During Governor Dunleavy’s few months in office, he and his administration have already set an alarming precedent by declining to work with Alaska Native Tribes seeking consultation and to establish collaborative government-to-government relations on multiple occasions.

Those holding strong opinions about the size of Alaska Permanent Fund dividends need to let people know.