Today I interview Gary Burton, the creator and owner of America's Marijuana Farmers Market, while we smoke Northern Lights from the Tundra Herb Co.

Northern Lights was the very first strain name I ever smoked back when cannabis was not regulated. It truly fills me with joy that Alaska Cannabis Company grows this strain and we all can enjoy it legally! These buds have an earthy aroma and look wonderful. A good amount of frost with great trim jobs on each nug. They have a soft density and stay firm when crushed. Easy grind and a nice burn that wants to stay lit. Expect smooth smoke that tastes earthy with a faint fruity sweet undertone. This batch has a total THC of 17.00% with terpenes at 1.53%.

Three hits of this strain is my perfect moderation point to feel calmer and have some mild pain relief without feeling stoned. To be productive, that's enough. By the end of the first bowl I was stoned. Feeling super relaxed, my breathing slowed down to a snail's pace. I enjoyed the pleasant body high and the huge appetite it gave me. I like that I was still able to think straight the entire time. Thinking was slower, but it didn't veer off every which way like usual. I would recommend smoking this strain when doing your favorite hobby.

Today we have our very first guest ever! Gary Burton joins in on the strain review and tells us all about America's Marijuana Farmers Market (AMFM). A new online platform he started for cannabis wholesale. I ask him a few questions about AMFM and then we get to know what Gary is all about. I personally love this concept and have to share it with all of you! It is a one stop shop free for retailers to use and order all their cannabis products easily and for vendors to sell those products at an insanely affordable price! It is like renting a space at a Farmers Market for $50 a month! 

Do you have any questions for Gary?

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