TJ Edwards, right, with Alaska Innocence Project Executive Director William Oberly.


Three years since his release from prison, Talalelei ‘TJ’ Edwards keeps his regular appointments with his parole officer, is gainfully employed on the North Slope, and maintains strong ties to his community. There is no practical reason for Edwards to believe he’ll ever be sent back to prison after spending nearly 14 years behind bars, and yet next month, he’ll be heading back into an Anchorage courtroom looking to be declared innocent.

“I don’t like that being on my record at all; that’s not me — I would never do such a thing,” Edwards said of his April 1, 2004 conviction of 2nd Degree Murder and Manslaughter in the death of his infant godson. “I just want everybody to know there are innocent people that are locked up and need help; they need somebody to tell their story. I just want to be a representation for that — I’m living it.”

TJ 3

Jontay Edwards holds up a photo of his younger brother and father TJ, who went to prison for 14 years for a conviction he’s now seeking to have overturned.


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