Maria Athens

Maria Athens, the News Link Alaska Anchor who posted a video accusing Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz of posting X-rated photos on an underage girls website, and which was first reported on by The Blue Alaskan and Anchorage Press, was released from jail on Sunday according to publicly available information on Alaska CourtView.
Since her release from jail, many have been wondering why the video, which led to a joint investigation by the Anchorage Police Department and the FBI clearing the Anchorage Mayor of criminal wrong-doing, is still publicly available on Ms. Athens' professional Facebook page.
News Link Alaska General Manager Scott Centers, who is also reported to be the fiance of Ms. Athens, has not yet commented on Athens' arrest nor whether she is still employed by the news station.
Rumors have swirled across social media since Ms. Athens's release that she may be undergoing mental health treatment after the Alaska Landmine posted an interview with Molly Blakeley's daughter.
In the interview, Blakeley's daughter says that her mother told her Athens was "in API because she assaulted an officer," and also said, "I just feel so bad because yes obviously this woman Maria was mentally ill."
During her arraignment, Ms. Athens was barred from returning to the news station and interjected, saying, "I do the news every single night!"
Ms. Athens' attorney told her to be quiet and that they would talk about it after the hearing, with Ms. Athens immediately asking if "this" was the hearing.
Right now, it's unclear where Ms. Athens is and whether she is still employed with News Link Alaska or what kind of medical treatment she's received, if any.
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