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Update Feb 7, 2021 19:38

A second video of the incident, recorded by Mike Linn, has appeared in which one of the Wasilla Police Department officers can be heard warning the woman who was on the ground, with tazing if she didn't "calm down."

A Facebook live video is making the rounds on social media after being viewed more than five thousand times. The video seems all but certain to reignite a debate on tactics employed by police officers.

Video taken by Wasilla resident Mike Linn, appears to show two unmasked Wasilla Police officers dragging an Alaska Native woman out of a Wasilla Walmart yesterday evening. The video has some calling into question tactics employed by Wasilla Police Department Officers.

In the video, which is roughly eight minutes long, you can hear one officer tell the woman that she is "trespassing" at the Walmart location. It appears an officer had a knee in the woman's neck at one point in the video.

Bystanders repeatedly ask the officers what they're doing to the petite Alaska Native woman, as two male officers forcibly restrained the woman on the ground, telling her, "You don't have a choice, you're not in control right now."

The woman, identified as Tanisha, was hogtied and dragged out of the Walmart by Wasilla Police Department Officers and tossed into the back of a police vehicle — but not before being placed facedown onto the snow covered ground by the officers.

One commenter on the original video thread claims the woman in the video "trashed a bathroom" at the Wasilla Walmart, but that remains an unconfirmed detail.

A woman can be heard off-camera saying that the officers are taking the woman "away like a goddamn animal," and later shouts, "fuck the police!"

The entire video recorded by Linn can be watched below.

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