Robbins. - 1

Anchorage mayoral candidate Mike Robbins at his campaign headquarters in Spenard.

A vagrancy problem that has only gotten worse under progressive leadership and displeasure from small businesses over the city’s COVID-19 restrictions — not to mention the previous mayor’s unceremonious resignation over a sexting scandal and the swarms of Trump backers still fired up over their führer’s defeat — should make this April’s mayoral election a conservative candidate’s to lose.

Technically, the Tuesday, April 6 election (by mail) is non-partisan, but in this political climate labels couldn’t be any more important, and with 9 candidates entered two days before registration closes on Friday, it’s not likely any one of them will reach the required 45% of the vote necessary to avoid a runoff two weeks later.

Robbins - 2

Anchorage mayoral candidate Mike Robbins (in wig) with wife Tetyana.

Robbins - 3

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