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  1. Ask an Alaskan: Satisfying a boyfriend’s kink - by The Alaskans, Oct. 16


  1. Ending the international dick-measuring contest - by Tom Layou, Sept. 16


  1. Give ‘shrooms a chance - by Darren Smith, April 20


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  1. Koch-blockers: ‘Alaskans for Recalling Governor Dunleavy’ the reluctant heroes out to save the bus from going off the cliff if our legislature won’t - by Matt Hickman, July 8


  1. Melting permafrost may make oil production virtually impossible on the North Slope - by Tim Bradner, Nov. 26


  1. Local musicians to play benefit concert for baby stricken with rare Tay-Sachs Disease - by O’Hara Shipe, Oct. 9


  1. Summer of Dead Fish: Boiling temperatures wipe out fish across the state - by Zack Fields, Aug. 10


  1. The unfinished business of Matt Novakovich - by Joe Yelverton, July 1


  1. First baby born curbside at JBER hospital - by Amy Armstrong, Sept. 24


  1. Alaska’s Woodstock: Wild, crunchy and rustic, Trapper Creek Bluegrass Fest an escape from the world we know - by O’Hara Shipe, June 5


  1. The end of THE END: The day local music died - by O’Hara Shipe, Aug. 14


  1. April 19 is Bicycle Day: Still breaking the stigma of LSD, 76 years from Dr. Hofmann’s magical ride - by Darren Smith, April 17


  1. Sweet Cheeks: Stripped down with Shauna Taylor, aka Lady Duchess - by Cody Herron-Webb, Nov. 26

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  1. Unfriendly skies: The extraordinary flight of JAL 1628, Alaska’s best known UFO encounter - by Lawrence D. Weiss, Oct. 28


  1. Hooked Up: All you need to know about catching first-run sockeye - by Adam Johnson, 


  1. Can Dunleavy get his $3,000 PFD now that Arduin and Babcock are gone? - by Tim Bradner, Sept. 24


  1. Editor’s Note: Press Picks are live now - by Matt Hickman, Sept. 5

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  1. Dispatch from Gimmeland - by Barbara Hood, April 9


  1. Clearing away some fictions in the Dividend debate - by Elstun Lauesen, July 7


  1. Research shows psilocybin — a Schedule I narcotic — to be of great help to patients with end-of-life problems - by Darren Smith, April 23

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