In 2019, a Fairbanks District Attorney offered a generous plea – 5 years of actual time, amounting to little more than time served – to a man charged with kidnapping and forcefully sexually assaulting a minor, both unclassified felonies with a combined minimum sentence of 40 years. The reason? He claimed his underaged victim was a prostitute.

Charging documents allege that Winfred Hipp had been hanging out with the victim and her father. All three were headed to a BBQ, but the father had a stop to make first. Mr. Hipp dropped the father off and was to continue to the BBQ with the daughter and reunite with her father there. Instead, he took her to his apartment, ordered her inside in a threatening tone, coerced her into smoking marijuana, and had sex with her while she was saying no and telling him she had a boyfriend. Initially, the victim told police, Hipp reassured her that he was using a condom, but then he took it off and continued having sex with her. When the victim’s father arrived at the BBQ and realized his daughter wasn’t there, he went to Hipp’s apartment, where he could hear his daughter being raped through the door. Hipp stopped when the father almost broke the door down. Hipp told police he had not had any sort of sexual contact with the victim. His semen was found inside her and in a condom found on his bedroom floor which also had the victim’s DNA on the outside of it. At his sentencing, he said he’d been raped and robbed by the victim.

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