The Alaska Department of Public Safety’s Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit recently released an annual drug report highlighting Alaska’s trends in illegal narcotics trafficking. DPS made the 2020 report public in January, illustrating facts and figures for drug related crimes by region and as a whole.

Data from the report detailed statistics like the current street prices for illicit drugs, a substantial amount of drugs and alcohol seized, average sentencing for controlled substance crimes, and an overview of the state’s general drug and alcohol problems, according to a recent press release from DPS.

The Enforcement Unit is an Alaska State Troopers led task force that’s comprised of seven regional task forces. These groups include: Anchorage Airport Interdiction Team, Fairbanks Area-wide Narcotics Team, Kodiak Area-wide Narcotics Team, Mat-Su Drug Narcotics Enforcement Team, Kenai Peninsula Drug Team, Southeast Alaska Cities Against Drugs, and Western Alaska Alcohol and Narcotics Team.

Alaska State Troopers, local police officers, and federal law enforcement agents work together in aach regional task force. Their efforts also coincide with the state’s three High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area teams: Southcentral Areawide Narcotics Team, Fairbanks Areawide Narcotics Team, and Southeast Alaska Cities Against Drugs Team.

“The SDEU is committed to disrupting the ever-present trafficking of illicit drugs in Alaska, not only to save lives and hold criminals accountable but to improve the quality of life for the law-abiding citizens that call this amazing state home,” Deputy Commander of the Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit, Lieutenant Cornelius Sims stated in the press release.

One of the notable figures from the report indicated that there were 165 “unique” drug and alcohol arrests in 2020.

According to the report, there were 1,447.82 grams and 150 dosage units of fentanyl seized by the Enforcement Unit in 2020.

Marijuana seizures increased by 320 percent and cocaine seizures went up by 174 percent from 2019 to 2020.

The press release also noted that international drug trafficking organizations “continue to gravitate towards Alaska’s lucrative drug market.”

“The SDEU and its regional task forces will continue to work with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners to rid Alaska’s streets of illegal drugs and alcohol and arrest those responsible,” Sims said.

The 2020 Annual Drug Report can be viewed online.


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