The Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit with the Alaska State Troopers seized over 143,000 grams of drugs throughout 2020 as published in the Department of Public Services 2020 SDEU report. In total, 143,899.37 grams of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, mushrooms, hash oil, and LSD were seized in Alaska by the SDEU along with 1,373.7 liters of alcohol.

In the Mat-Su, 714.59 total grams of drugs were seized between the months of September and November. The largest seizure of heroin was in September with 74.36 grams and 73.335 grams of methamphetamine were seized in November. K9 members of the SDEU assisted in seizing 57.82 grams of meth in November.

Statewide, more meth was seized than any other categorized drug, according to DPS. There were 26,545.29 grams of meth seized in Alaska by the SDEU during 2020 with the largest month of seizures coming in January with 16,416.55 grams of seized methamphetamine statewide. “Other” drugs include mushrooms, hash oil, LSD, and others and the SDEU seized 99,867.46 grams of “other” drugs during 2020 with the largest seizure month coming in June with 78,151.68 grams seized. There were 1,254.22 grams of cocaine seized with the largest monthly total in October with 732.66. There were 1,373.7 liters of alcohol seized, with 250.73 coming in the largest seizure month of June.

K9 members of the SDEU assisted in the seizure of 12,244.68 grams of drugs total during 2020.

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