Today, Governor Dunleavy announced he would not veto the Senior Benefits funding again this year, and payments will happen in the near future retroactive to July 1. Over 11,000 Alaska seniors receive Senior Benefits. The Legislature restored the funding in House Bill 2001 – along with 80 percent of his other vetoes - which passed with overwhelming support.

“I am glad to hear that Governor Dunleavy is supporting Alaska seniors by not vetoing these funds again, said Senator Elvi Gray-Jackson (D-Anchorage). “These are vital payments to the most vulnerable Alaskans so they can afford basic life essentials like food and medications, and it should not have been taken away in the first place.”

In addition, over 4,700 seniors have not received benefits for May and June of 2019 because of the Governor’s line-item vetoes. The Legislature restored those vetoes in July through House Bill 2001, which Governor Dunleavy has yet to sign.

“Going forward, I hope we do not have to revisit this issue. Seniors need and deserve stability.” continued Sen. Gray-Jackson. “They have helped build this great State, and we must show them our gratitude and support when they are in need.”

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