Alllard Fake News

Robbins for Mayor campaign Facebook post

It wouldn't be the first time Eagle River Assemblywoman Jamie Allard has stood accused of gossiping, confusing her facts or of being grossly dishonest, but now Eagle River's very own Nazi sympathizer has drawn the ire of...Republicans after promoting what the Robbins campaign says is fake news.

The Robbins campaign posted an article from Alaska Politics & Elections (APE) which wrote earlier in the week that:

"Jamie Allard called Dan Fagan this morning with a story that Anchorage Mayoral candidate Mike Robbins had a lien against him for back child support. A last-minute charge like this is usually pretty significant in any political campaign. She said on the air that it was easily findable in Court View."

According to APE, Allard's claim didn’t come from Court View, "but resides in the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Recorder's Office (DNR), specifically the Recorder’s Office. It took a little while to chase the documents down. There are two of them. One places the lien on Feb 6, 2020The other removes it on July 23, 2020."

One apparent supporter of Robbins' campaign wrote that they hoped Louisiana-based radio host Dan Fagan would set the record straight and that "Allard needs to apologize."

In response, the Robbins campaign claimed that Fagan gave a "very weak and timid statement that Allard was, in fact, wrong and that she was not looking at the whole report."

The Robbins campaign also said, "It is unfortunate that the other team, through their surrogates, are acting like typical politicians and slinging mud because they are behind."

The Eagle River Assemblywoman has gone all in on far-right extremist candidate David Bronson, assumably because Mr. Bronson likes only the very best supporters who often use alternative facts.

Mrs. Allard is facing an organized effort to recall her from the Anchorage Assembly.

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