On Thursday, the Recall Dunleavy campaign releases the updated total of the signatures submitted from grassroots signature gathering efforts across the state. 

Since the signature gathering process began two weeks ago, the Recall Dunleavy movement has collected 29,577 signatures.  

“The Recall Dunleavy events in the Fairbanks area over the second week of the recall effort turned in incredible numbers. More than 5,000 (over 8% of the registered voters in the FNSB) from all political parties signed our petitions. Since our initial kickoff event, multiple other events have been held in the borough, each equally impressive in turnout and enthusiasm. None of our success would be possible without all our dedicated volunteers, as well as you Alaskans. From the Fairbanks Recall Dunleavy effort, I thank every single one of you,” said Aaron Welterlen, lead Fairbanks volunteer organizer for Recall Dunleavy. 

“Recall Dunleavy’s success is rooted in Alaskans standing up for their families, friends, community members, and the future of our state,” said Meda DeWitt, Chair of Recall Dunleavy. 

The Recall Dunleavy group says it will continue to collect signatures through the end of the State Fair (September 2nd) to compensate for signatures that may be disqualified.

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