Best Mexican

1st - Taco King

2nd - Bear Tooth Theatrepub

3rd - Gallo's Mexican Restaurant

Best BBQ

1st - Turnagain Arm Pit BBQ

2nd - Roscoe's Catfish and Barbeque

3rd - Smokehouse BBQ

Best Italian

1st - Fiori D'Italia

2nd - Sorrento's

3rd - Little Italy

Best Sushi

1st - Sushi & Sushi

2nd - Ronnie Sushi

3rd - Sushi Ya

Moose's Tooth Awarded Best.jpg

Best Pizza

1st - Moose's Tooth Pub & Pizzeria

2nd - Bear Tooth Theatrepub

3rd - Pizza Man

Best Pho

1st - Pho Lena

2nd - PHOnatik Vietnamese Cuisine & Lounge

3rd - Gia Dinh Pho and Vietnamese Cuisine

Best Burger

1st - Tommy's Burger Stop

2nd - Arctic Roadrunner

3rd - Long Branch Saloon

Best Food Truck

1st - Yeti Dogs -

2nd - Tiki Petes Alaskan Grill

3rd - Waffles and Whatnot

Best Chain Restaurant

1st - Texas Roadhouse

2nd - Sullivan’s

3rd - BurgerFi

Best Taco

1st - Taco King

2nd - Tequila 61

3rd - Bear Tooth Theatrepub

Best Brunch

1st - South Restaurant + Coffeehouse

2nd - Snow City Cafe

3rd - Bear Tooth Theatrepub

Best Breakfast

1st - Snow City Cafe

2nd - Kava's Pancake House

3rd - Jackie's Place Restaurant

Best Coffee Kiosk

1st - Kaladi Brothers Coffee

2nd - Coffee Queen

3rd - Kindred Spirits Coffee

3rd - Boom! Coffee

Best Wings

1st - Wings 'N Things

2nd - Moose's Tooth Pub & Pizzeria

3rd - 907 Alehouse and Grill

Best Hot Dog

1st - Yeti Dogs -

2nd - International House Of Hotdogs

3rd - Costco Wholesale

Best Fine Dining

1st - Double Musky Inn

2nd - Simon & Seafort's

3rd - Altura Bistro

Best Seafood

1st - Simon & Seafort's

2nd - F Street Station

3rd - The Bubbly Mermaid Oyster Bar

3rd - Altura Bistro

Best Coffee Shop

1st - Kaladi Brothers Coffee

2nd - Dark Horse Coffee Co

3rd - Uncle LeRoy’s

Best Sandwich

1st - Bread and Brew

2nd - Sara's Sandwiches

3rd - Middle Way Cafe

Best Vegetarian

1st - Middle Way Cafe

2nd - Organic Oasis | Restaurant & Juice Bar

3rd - Namaste Shangri-La

Best Thai

1st - Lahn Pad Thai

2nd - Pho Lena

3rd - Thai Orchid Restaurant, INC

Best Donut

1st - Golden Donuts

2nd - Dino's Donuts

3rd - Dipper Donuts

Best Diner/Greasy Food

1st - Lucky Wishbone

2nd - Kriner's Diner

3rd - Alleyway Grille

Best Chef

1st - Chef Bombshell Michelle Larissa

2nd - Nate Bentley

3rd - Colin Miller

Best Waiter

1st - Shane at Spenard Road House

2nd Levon at South Restaurant

3rd - David Devlin at Bear Tooth Grill

Best Waitress

1st - Wa @buffalo wild wings

2nd - Heidi Heinrich, Lucky Wishbone

3rd - Emilee at Bear Tooth Grill

Best Vietnamese

Ray's Place

Pho Lena

Gia Dinh Pho and Vietnamese Cuisine

Best Chinese

1st - Charlie's Bakery & Chinese Restaurant

2nd - Twin Dragon Mongolian Bar-B-Q

3rd - Panda Chinese Restaurant

Best Ethnic 'Other'

1st - Hula Hands Restaurant

2nd - Bombay Deluxe Indian Restaurant

3rd - Yak & Yeti Himalayan Restaurant

Best Tea Shop

1st - Summit Spice & Tea Co.

2nd - Indigo Tea Lounge

3rd - The Kobuk Cafe

Best Ice Cream Shop

1st - Wild Scoops

2nd - WooHoo! Ice cream

3rd - Cold Stone Creamery

Best Steak

1st - Club Paris

2nd - Double Musky Inn

3rd - Sullivan’s Steakhouse

Best Outdoor Dining

1st - 49th State Brewing Co - Anchorage

2nd - Bernie's Bungalow Lounge

3rd - Arctic Roadrunner

Best Bake Shop

1st - Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop

2nd - The Bake Shop

3rd - Smash the Pastriarchy

Best Buffet

1st - Twin Dragon Mongolian Bar-B-Q

2nd - Bombay Deluxe Indian Restaurant

3rd - Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

Best Pizza Delivery

1st - Uncle Joe's Pizzeria

2nd - Pizza Man

3rd - Fat Ptarmigan

Best Family Restaurant

1st - Bear Tooth Theatrepub

2nd - Arctic Roadrunner

3rd - Table 6


Best Band (Original)

1st - Blackwater Railroad Company

2nd - Super Saturated Sugar Strings

3rd - Medium Build

Best Band (Cover)

1st - I like Robots

2nd - Alex Cruver Experience

3rd - H3

Best Vocalist Male

1st - Chester Mainot

2nd - Ed Washington

3rd - Tommie Pietsch

Best Vocalist Female

1st - Regina MacDonald-Welch

2nd - Blaze Bell

3rd - Megan Killoran

Best Singer/Songwriter

1st - Orion Donicht

2nd - Myra Mains

3rd - Kat Moore

Best Sound Guy

1st - Henry Hartman

2nd - Allen Nielsen

3rd - Jeremy Blake

Best Open Mic

1st - Chilkoot Charlie's

2nd - Van's Dive Bar

3rd - Mad Myrna's

Best New Band

1st - The Jangle Bees

2nd - Arctic Entry

3rd - Murmur

Best Live Theater Venue

1st - Cyrano's Theatre Company

2nd - Alaska Center for the Performing Arts

3rd - Bear Tooth Theatrepub

Best Actor

1st - Cameron Morrison

2nd - Evan Carson

3rd - Kevin T Bennett

Best Actress

1st - Regina MacDonald-Welch

2nd - Maddy Klever

3rd - Krista Schwarting

Best Director

1st - Krista Schwarting

2nd - Pandora LaPush

3rd - Regina MacDonald-Welch

Best Set/Costume Designer

1st - Kasey Johnson

2nd - Carrie Yanagawa

3rd - Rachel Androski

Best Hip Hop Artist

1st - Alaska Redd

2nd - Tayy Tarantino

3rd - ATF

Best Dance Studio

1st - Alaska Dance Theatre

2nd - Underground Dance Co

3rd - Studio Pulse Center for Dance


Koot's accepts the award for Best in Bars

Best Music Venue

1st - Chilkoot Charlie's

2nd - Alaska Center for the Performing Arts

3rd - Van's Dive Bar

Best Visual Artist

1st - Amanda Rose Warren

2nd - Ted Kim

3rd - Katie Sevigny

Best Photographer

1st - Joshua Veldstra Photography

2nd - Gutierrez Photography

3rd - Megan Freeman Photography & Film

Best Drag Artist

1st - Hank VanDickerson

2nd - Goldie Delicious

3rd - Luna Tyck

Best Burlesque Show

1st - Sweet Cheeks Cabaret

2nd - Frostease Burlesque

3rd - VivaVoom Brr-Lesque

Best Burlesque Performer

1st - Lady Duchess

2nd - Bobbye Pinup

3rd - Bunnicula Blanc

Best Club DJ

1st - DJ Blaque


3rd - DJ Spencer Lee

Best Radio DJ

1st - Kellen Pierce

2nd - Casey B

3rd - Malie D

Best Art Gallery

1st - Sevigny Studio

2nd - Stephan Fine Arts Gallery

3rd - 2 Friends Gallery

Best First Friday Venue

1st - Anchorage Museum

2nd - Georgia Blue Gallery

3rd - Stephan Fine Arts Gallery

Best Bookstore

1st - Title Wave Books

2nd - The Writer's Block Bookstore & Cafe

3rd - Barnes & Noble

Best Antique Store

1st - The Pack Rat Antiques

2nd - Ozarks

3rd - Rethink Home

Best Tattoo Parlor

1st - The Hole Look

2nd - Body Piercing Unlimited

3rd - Primal Instinct Tattoo

Best Piercing

1st - Body Piercing Unlimited

2nd - The Hole Look

3rd - Blake Thomas

Best Blogger

1st - AJ Colding

2nd - One Hot Mess - Libby Balakar

3rd - Jeff Landfield

Best Podcast

Jungle Room Podcast

Coffee & Quaq

Babe Town

Best Print Journalist

1st - RJ Johnson

2nd - Julia O’Malley

3rd - Kyle Hopkins

Best Radio Station

1st - 106.5 KWHL

2nd - KBEAR 104.1

3rd - 92.9 KFAT

Best TV Personality

1st - Kari Bustamante

2nd - James Gaddis

3rd - Jackie Purcell

Best Local TV newscast

1st - KTUU

2nd - KTVA

Best Sports Team

1st - Rage City Rollergirls

2nd - Anchorage Bucs Baseball Club

3rd - UAA Lady Seawolves Basketball Team

Ben Farleigh

Ben Farleigh

Best Stand-up Comic

1st - Ben Farleigh

2nd - Kass Smiley

3rd - Matt Burgoon

Best Fiction Writer or Poet

1st - Jered Mayer

2nd - Jesse Rosenstein

3rd - MoHagani Magnetek

Best Live Show

1st - Sweet Cheeks Cabaret

2nd - Friday Night Diva Variety Show

3rd - Arctic Entries

Best Radio Talk Show Host

1st - Malie D

2nd - Bob Lester

3rd - Dave Stieren

Best Athlete

1st - Allie Ostrander

2nd - Katnado (Rage City Roller Derby)

3rd - Kikkan randall

Best Museum

Anchorage Museum

Alaska Native Heritage Center

Alaska Jewish Museum


Best Dentist

1st - Jana Seaman

2nd - Adam Jensen

3rd - Guy Burk

Best Eye Care

1st - Makar Eyecare LLC

2nd - Daniel Volland

3rd - Wolf Eye Center, Inc.

Best Oncologist

1st - Shannon Smiley at Katmai Oncology

2nd - Dr. Aaron Kusano

3rd - Jeanne Anderson

Janine Miller

Best Dermatologist and Overall Best in Health Care winner Janine Miller, MD

Best Dermatologist

1st - Janine D. Miller

2nd - Gina Brown

3rd - Margretta O'Reilly

Best Urologist/Proctologist

1st - Andrea Wang Alaska Women’s Health

2nd - Randolph Michelle

Best Gynecologist

1st - Natalia Saprykina, Denali OBGYN Clinic

2nd - Dr. Natalie Ward

3rd - Allison Gibbs

Best Nurse

1st - Suzan Killian, Alaska Hand Elbow Shoulder

2nd - Elise Blomfield

3rd - Kevin Kessler

Best Pediatrician

1st - Daniel E. Tulip

2nd - Thad L. Woodard

3rd - John Tappel

Best Orthodontist

1st - Brian Hartman

2nd - Murray John

3rd - Michael Koropp

Best Health Club/Gym

1st - Vibe Cycle

2nd - The Alaska Club

3rd - F&H Fitness Studio

Best Crossfit

1st - Turnagain CrossFit

2nd - CrossFit Alaska

3rd - Orange Theory Fitness

Best Day/Medical Spa

1st - Allure Day Spa & Hair Design

2nd - ACENT Alaska Center for Ear Nose and Throat

3rd - Ice Spa

Best Yoga Studio

1st - Anchorage Yoga

2nd - Burn and Bloom

3rd - Deha Yoga

Best Yoga Instructor

1st - AlisaMarie Gaccione

2nd - David Westlake

3rd - Katey Inman

Best Spin/Zumba/Pilates Instructor

1st - Beth Childress | Just Ride Real Estate

2nd - Jenni Morlan

3rd - Crystalee Brown

Best Orthopedic Surgeon

1st - Kevin Paisley

2nd - Charles Hightower

3rd - Michael McNamara

Best Plastic Surgeon

1st - Sarah Troxel MD

2nd - Jana Cole, MD

3rd - Daniel Suver

Best Aesthetician

1st - Sonia Cox

2nd - Alisa Lyles

3rd - Teesha Northcott, Esthetician

Best Veterinarian

1st - The Pet Stop

2nd - Riley Wilson - The Pet Stop

3rd - Hillside Pet Clinic

Best Physical Therapist

1st - Amanda Atwood

2nd - Anne Blount

3rd - Melissa Sundberg

Best Chiropractor

1st - Dr. Jennifer Waldroup Gray

2nd - Whole Family Chiropractic

3rd - Mason McCloskey

Best Mental Health Professional

1st - Lisa Lindquist

2nd - Tracey L. Wiese

3rd - Arya Levinson

Best Personal Trainer

1st - Victor Spivey

2nd - Carlo’s Crew

3rd - Sabrina Jurasek

Best Urgent Care

1st - Primary Care Associates

2nd - Alaska Regional Hospital

3rd - Alpine Urgent Care

Best Imaging

1st - Providence Imaging Center

2nd - Imaging Associates

3rd - Northern Lights Imaging

Best Counseling Agency

1st - Wisdom Traditions Wellness Center

Medicine Horse LLC

2nd - Alaska Marriage & Family Therapy Associates

Best Primary Care Physician

1st - Allison Critchlow, DO

2nd - Mary Ann Foland, MD

3rd - Irina Grimberg, MD


Best Educator

1st - Scott Campbell, Dimond High

2nd - Heather Doncaster

3rd - Allyson Novy

Best Firefighter/EMT

1st - Bryan Grella

2nd - Nick Constantino

3rd - Cody Grella

Best Law Enforcement Officer

1st - Rhonda Street

2nd - Lisa Whitmore

3rd - Glen Kilnkhart

Best Attorney

1st - Blake Fulton Quackenbush

2nd - Rachel B Lauesen

3rd - Krista Schwarting

Best Elected Official

1st - Senator Lisa Murkowski

2nd - Mayor Ethan Berkowitz

3rd - Sen. Dan Sullivan

Best Accountant/Financial Advisor

1st - Andrew Wilson

2nd - Beltrami & Associates PC

3rd - Mark Schneiter

Best Airline

1st - Alaska Airlines

2nd - Delta

3rd - Ravn Alaska

Best Nail Salon

1st - OMG Nails & Spa

2nd - Touch of Aurora Nails

3rd - Amy's Nails

Marcy Lundgren

Marcy Lundgren, winner of Best Hairdresser, Best Worker, Private Sector. (Facebook photo)

Best Hairdresser

1st - Marcy Lundgren

2nd - Mandy Leslie

3rd - Carrie Peacock

Best Religious Leader

1st - Father Michael Burke

2nd - Mark T Goodman

3rd - Tracy Simmons

Best Laundromat

1st - Dondee's Laundromat

2nd - Queens Dry Cleaners

3rd - Arctic Laundry Mat

Best Masseuse

1st - Melanie Willert

2nd - Heather Arkell

3rd - Shauna Branche

Best Bank/Credit Union

1st - Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

2nd - Credit Union 1

3rd - Denali Alaskan FCU

Best Car Dealership

1st - Anchorage Chrysler

2nd - Continental Subaru

3rd - Kendall Toyota of Anchorage

Best Car Stereo Installation

1st - Perfectionist Auto Sound

2nd - Safe & Sound

Best Florist

1st - Bagoy's Florist & Home

2nd - Hummels Flowers Inc

3rd - Uptown Blossoms

Best Gun Store

1st - Great Northern Guns Inc

2nd - Granny's Guns

3rd - Boondock Sporting Goods

Best Grocery Store

1st - Costco Wholesale

2nd - Fred Meyer

3rd - Carr's

Best Car Repair

1st - Flat on the Spot

2nd - Big O's Automotive

3rd - Senior Automotive

Best Electronics Store

1st- Best Buy

2nd - Frigid North Co.

3rd - Guitar Center

Best Furniture Store

1st - Bailey's Furniture

2nd - Rethink Home

3rd - Treeforms Furniture Gallery

Best Non-Profit

1st -Beacon Hill

2nd - Anchorage Young Cancer Coalition

3rd - Bean's Café

Best Real Estate Agent

1st - David Parks

2nd - Paige Gibson

3rd - Jessica Barbeau

Best Wildlife Cruise

1st - Kenai Fjords Tours

2nd - Phillips Cruises - Whittier Office

3rd - 36 Glacier

Best Fishing Charter

1st - Saltwater Safari Company

2nd - Crazy Rays

3rd - Alaska Dream Charters

Best Meat/Fish Processing

1st - Indian Valley Meats Inc

2nd - Alaska Sausage & Seafood

3rd - Mike's Quality Meats

Best Hair Styling Salon

1st - The Loft Hair Design

2nd - Mirrors & Shears

3rd - Studio FX Hair Design LLC

Best Print Shop

1st - Shirts Up

2nd - PIP Marketing Signs Print of Alaska

3rd - Alaska Serigraphics

Best Cab/Rideshare Driver

1st  - Brian Hutton

2nd - Matt Durbin

Best Cookware Store

1st - Metro Cooks

2nd - Habitat Housewares

3rd - Allen & Petersen Cooking & Appliance Center

Best Auto Aftermarket

1st - Perfectionist Auto Sound

2nd - Total truck

3rd - Classic Auto Rebuilding, Inc.

Best Bicycle Shop

1st - The Bicycle Shop

2nd - Trek Bicycle Store

3rd - REI

Best Women’s Apparel

1st - Torrid

2nd - Second Run

3rd - BOTTOMS Boutique

Best Outdoor Apparel

1st - REI

2nd - Big Ray's

3rd - Skinny Raven Sports

Best Men’s Apparel

1st - Stallone's Menswear

2nd - Men's Wearhouse

3rd - Value Village

Best Shoes

1st - ShuzyQ South

2nd - Skinny Raven Sports

3rd - The Alaska Walking Store

Best Outdoors Equipment

1st - REI

2nd - Hoarding Marmot

3rd - SkiAK

Best Advertising Agency

1st - Spawn Ideas Inc.

2nd - Upper One Studios

3rd - Northwest Strategies

Best Shopping Mall

1st - Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall

2nd - Dimond Center

3rd - Midtown Mall

Best Shopping Plaza

1st - Tikahtnu Commons

2nd - Metro Mall

3rd - South

Best Day Care

1st - Creative Learning with Cady Lynn, LLC

2nd - Providence Center for Child Development

3rd - Faith Day Care & Learning Center

Best Dog Day Care

1st - The Hound Lounge

2nd - Doggie Dog World

3rd - Dog Tired Doggie Daycare

Best Smoke Shop

1st - 5th Avenue Cigars

2nd - AK Smoke & Vape

3rd - Planet X

Best Movie Theater

1st - Bear Tooth Theatrepub

2nd - Century 16 Anchorage and XD

3rd - Regal Tikahtnu IMAX & RPX

Best Hotel

1st - Hotel Captain Cook

2nd - Embassy Suites

3rd - Dimond Center Hotel

Best Liquor Store

1st - La Bodega

2nd - Brown Jug

3rd - Gold Rush Liquor

Best Jewelry Store

1st - George Walton's Gold & Diamond

2nd - Michael's Jewelers

3rd - Fred Meyer

Best Indoor Amusement

1st - Bear Tooth Theatrepub

2nd - Anchorage Museum

3rd - Alaska Escape Rooms

Best Auction House

1st - Alaska Premier Auctions and Appraisals

2nd - Alaska Auction Company

3rd - Denali Auction


Best Budtender

1st - Mason Raspberry Roots

2nd - Dan Lankford

3rd - Samantha Rodgers

Best Edibles (Brand)

1st - Chef Bombshell

2nd - Raspberry Roots

3rd - Lady Gray Gourmet Medibles and Craft Cannabis

Best Flower (Brand)

1st - Uncle Herb's

2nd - Raspberry Roots

3rd - Denali Dispensaries

Best CBD Oil (Brand)

1st - Uncle Herb's

2nd - Irie

3rd - Canamo concentrates

Raspberry Roots

Winners in Best in Cannabis Raspberry Roots

Best Inventory

1st - Raspberry Roots

2nd - Uncle Herb's

3rd - Catalyst Cannabis

Best Cultivator

1st - Catalyst Cannabis Company

2nd - Uncle Herb's

3rd - Great Northern Cannabis

Best Paraphernalia

1st - Enlighten AK

2nd - Raspberry Roots

3rd - Catalyst Cannabis Company

Best Dispensary

1st - Enlighten AK

2nd - Raspberry Roots

3rd - Catalyst Cannabis Company

Best Bud Name

1st - Tundra Berry

2nd - Rain Dance

3rd - Inzane in the Membrane

Best Head Shop

1st - Enlighten Alaska

2nd - Dankorage

3rd - Uncle Herb’s

Best Name of Shop

1st - Tundra Herb Co.

2nd - Uncle Herb's

3rd - Dankorage

Best Service

1st - Arctic Herbery

2nd - AK Slowburn

3rd - Catalyst Cannabis Company

Best Atmosphere

1st - Great Northern Cannabis

2nd - Raspberry Roots

3rd - Tundra Herb Company


Best Dive Bar

1st - Van's Dive Bar

2nd - Pioneer Bar

3rd- Birchwood Saloon

Best Sports Bar

1st - 907 Alehouse and Grill

2nd - Peanut Farm

3rd - Eddie's Sports Bar

Best Strip Club

1st - Great Alaskan Bush Co

2nd - Sin Rock

Best Night Club

1st - Bernie's Bungalow Lounge

2nd - Mad Myrna's

3rd - Chilkoot Charlie's

Best Craft Cocktails

1st - Ginger

2nd - Sub Zero Bistro & Microlounge

3rd - Spenard Roadhouse

Best Brewery

1st - Midnight Sun Brewing Co.

2nd - 49th State Brewing Co - Anchorage

3rd - King Street Brewing Company

Best Bloody Mary

1st - Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse

2nd - Spenard Roadhouse

3rd - Pioneer Bar

Best Tap Selection

1st - Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse

2nd - 49th State Brewing Co - Anchorage

3rd - 907 Alehouse and Grill

Best Outdoor Atmosphere

1st - Bernie's Bungalow Lounge

2nd - 49th State Brewing Co - Anchorage

3rd - Williwaw Social

Best Local Beer

1st - Panty Peeler

2nd - King Street IPA

3rd - Glacier Brewhouse Blonde

Best Karaoke Bar

1st - Asia Garden Restaurant

2nd - Mad Myrna's

3rd - Carousel Cocktail Lounge

Best Bar to Dance In

1st - Bernie's Bungalow Lounge

2nd - Mad Myrna's

3rd - Chilkoot Charlie's

Best Gay Bar

1st - Mad Myrna's

2nd - The Raven

Best Place to Play Pool

1st - Flattop Pizza + Pool

2nd - Buckaroo club

3rd - Anchorage Billiard Palace and Bar

Best Place to Play Darts

1st - Buckaroo Club

2nd - Pioneer Bar

3rd - Carousel Cocktail Lounge

Best Wine Shop

1st - Crush Wine Bistro & Cellar

2nd - WineStyles of Anchorage

3rd - La Bodega

Best Martini

1st - Sub Zero Bistro & Microlounge

2nd - Ginger

3rd - Sullivan's

Best Margarita

1st - Bear Tooth Cantina

2nd - Gallo's Mexican Restaurant

3rd - Simon & Seafort's

Best Bartender

1st - V - Pioneer Bar

2nd - Leo Glad @ 907 Alehouse

3rd - Manu Palepale


Best Place for a Tinder Date

1st - Uncle LeRoy’s Coffee

2nd - Pioneer Bar

3rd - 49th State Brewing Co - Anchorage

Best Place to Pick Up Strangers

Pioneer Bar

Chilkoot Charlie's

Uncle Herb's

Best Breakup Location

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

Pioneer Bar

Carousel Cocktail Lounge

Best Romantic Ambiance

Crow's Nest

Club Paris

Seven Glaciers Restaurant

Best Place to Take a Selfie

Alyeska Resort & Hotel Alyeska

Flattop Mountain

Point Woronzof Overlook

Best Hike/Trail

Winner Creek Gorge Trailhead (Lower Winner Creek Trail)

Flattop Mountain

Thunderbird Falls Trail

Best Place to Kiss

In front of David Grisham

Beluga Point Sight

Point Woronzof

Best Bed and Breakfast

Copper Whale Inn

Red Eagle Lodge

Mallars House

Best Place to Walk A Dog

University Lake Dog Park

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Connors Bog Dog Park

Best Dog Park

University Lake Dog Park

Connors Bog Dog Park

Valley of the Moon Park

Best Day Hike

Flattop Mountain

Thunderbird Falls

Hatcher Pass Public Use Area

Best Camping Spot



Anchorage City Hall

Best Getaway Weekend Spot


Alyeska Resort & Hotel Alyeska



Best Tourist Attraction

Denali National Park and Preserve

Mt. Alyeska Tram

Anchorage Museum

Best Place for a Wedding

Alaska Botanical Garden

Alyeska Resort & Hotel Alyeska

Alaska Luxury Adventures, Second Star

Best House of Worship


St Mary's Episcopal Church

Best Downhill Skiing Location

Alyeska Resort & Hotel Alyeska

Arctic Valley

Best Cross Country Skiing Location

Kincaid Park

Hilltop Ski Area

Alyeska Resort & Hotel Alyeska

Best Golf Course

O'Malley's On the Green

Moose Run Golf Course

Anchorage Golf Course

Best Bowling Alley

Center Bowl

Jewel Lake Bowling Center

Eagle River Bowl

BEST IN CATEGORY (as determined by most votes in category)

Restaurants - Moose's Tooth Pizzeria & Pub

Entertainment - Regina MacDonald Welch

Health Care - Janine Miller, MD

Best Worker, Public Sector - Scott Campbell

Best Worker, Private Sector - Marcy Lundgren

Business of the Year (Most overall votes) - Alaska Airlines

Non-Profit of the Year - Beacon Hill

Best in Bars - Koot's

Best in Cannabis - Raspberry Roots

Pressperson of the Year - O'Hara Shipe

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