Palmer Bar

The Palmer Bar and Grill is kicking off 2021 with live music performed by The Acoustic Oosik during their New Year's Eve celebration Thursday evening.

"We’re gonna have all hands on deck,” Palmer Bar co-owner Sherman Leifer said.

He said this is their second event, and first time hosting a musical guest as the new owners of the iconic bar in downtown Palmer.

Leifer and his cousin Wesley Artz acquired the Palmer Bar from the previous owners, Mary Lou Coddington and Jack Burnett, in July.

“I’ve lived in Palmer forever, since 1985. It’s a piece of Palmer’s history. I heard about and thought it would be kind of cool. I thought of my cousin. He’s been in the bar industry forever. We looked at it and decided to dive in,” Leifer said. “It’s just exciting… to have a piece of Palmer that’s been around with such great history. We’re looking to keep it the same. One of the big things I tell everyone is, ‘I want it to feel the same in 16 years when the bar turns 100 years old as it does today.’ There’s gonna’ be some changes but I want it to feel the same.”

Leifer said it’s been a rough year to take over a small business, but they’ve been making it work.

“I tend to call it ‘treading water.’ you know? Starting up this year probably the worst thing that can happen to any business, but we’re treading water and that’s where we’re at,” Leifer said.

Leifer said their first event as the new owners was during Halloween. He said they plan to keep hosting events at the bar at night and providing quality food and a family friendly atmosphere during the day.

“One of the things I’m looking at is the word out there, we are family friendly and we do serve food and we’re trying to get a little bit more of the earlier crowd… The early lunch crowd would be nice to gain up on,” Leifer said.

Food will be served until 8 p.m. with the music starting at 9 p.m. The Acoustic Oosik is set to perform until 1 a.m. For more information, visit the Palmer Bar and Grill Facebook page or call 907-745-3041.

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