In the first stop of her four-day tour in Alaska, Libertarian nominee for president Dr. Jo Jorgensen was visibly chilly at the Iditapark pavilion before taking the microphone for her speech to over 100 supporters on Sunday night.

Jorgensen gripped the sides of her arms and admitted to purchasing a scarf from a local artist upon arrival as she opened the speech. Picking up steam as she detailed her platform for healthcare and military reform, Jorgensen began to heat up as her applause breaks stretched longer and longer in front of the crowd in Wasilla. As a believer in local control, Jorgensen provided a long list of federal departments she would like to get rid of or alter if elected and argued for local control.

“What we need to do is give healthcare dollars to the veterans directly and let them decide where and when and how to use them,” said Jorgensen. “In every election politicians promise more peace but they only deliver more war. If I’m elected president, my very first official act will be to bring the troops home. I’d like to turn America into one giant Switzerland, armed and neutral we have to be able to defend our shores but we need to stop meddling around the world and make peace.”

During her speech that lasted nearly an hour, Jorgensen said that she would dismantle the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Reserve, Federal Income Tax, Foreign Aid, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and additionally she would federally decriminalize all drug use, pardon those convicted of victimless crimes, end no knock laws and qualified immunity, and efficacy requirements of the Food and Drug Administration if not the entire department. Jorgensen told the story of her Danish immigrant parents and the dreams of freedom they came to the United States to pursue. Jorgensen thanked military Veterans in attendance but articulated her stance that men and women in the Armed Services should return from posts abroad. When asked about foreign aid sent to other countries, Jorgensen gave a story about being scolded for driving a foreign car decades ago. Jorgensen countered that with more foreign trade, less military occupation would be beneficial and thus unnecessary.

“We’ve got half the people in Washington saying we need to increase spending on military and the other half are saying we need to increase spending domestically, so what’s their bipartisan compromise, they just increase spending everywhere. As your president, my veto pen is going to need a lot of extra ink,” said Jorgensen.

Jorgensen asked for voters responding to pollsters to say they would vote for her even if they didn’t plan to as a campaign to get Dr. Jorgensen on the stage for the Presidential Debates. Supporters of Jorgensen who addressed the crowd prior to her speech rallied to allow her to represent a third party at the Presidential debates with chants of “let her speak.”

“We need to reignite the light of liberty and we need a president who truly understands and honors that core principle, that we are one in our oneness, that individuality is what we have in common and that it must be protected,” said Josh Fryfogle.

Despite increasing rain throughout the event, Jorgensen warmed up the growing crowd for nearly two hours with her speech, answering questions and shaking hands after the event. Dr. Jorgensen said that she would not take a COVID-19 vaccine if initially provided and ridiculed President Trump for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Part of the problem is Donald Trump. Even though he’s saying we need to be open for business, he’s the one who stood on that stage with Dr. Fauci every day saying we need to close down, we need to stop the spread and the governors listened too. So I would do the opposite and say we need to be open for business and if you look at the stats, the risk of dying from covid at a young age are almost zero,” said Jorgensen.

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