Fair Share Tax

As of Tuesday, January 14th, “Vote Yes! For Alaska’s Fair Share” has collected over 43,000 signatures, including the required signatures necessary to qualify over 35 house districts, sponsors of the initiative said. The tally exceeds the State’s requirements of 28,501 signatures and 30 house districts required to place the Fair Share Act on the ballot.

Signatures will have to be verified by Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer, but if the measure is cleared to appear on the 2020 election ballot it will set off major campaigns both for and against the proposition next summer. The proposal would increase state production taxes on oil and gas.

Primary sponsors of the Fair Share Act are Robin Brena (I- Anchorage), Merrick Peirce (R-Fairbanks), and Jane Angvik (D- Anchorage).

“I want to thank the hundreds of volunteers and the thousands of Alaskans who helped us in reaching our goal of getting the Fair Share Act on the ballot,” said Robin Brena, Chair of the Fair Share ballot initiative. “As this campaign moves into the next phase, I look forward to speaking with Alaskans about how essential it is to the future of Alaska to have a tax system that is fair to both producers and Alaskans.”

“Throughout the signature gathering phase, I have heard from hundreds of Alaskans that it is past time we received a fair share for our oil,” said Jane Angvik (D-Anchorage). “Alaska has lost $1.5 billion dollars of production revenues every year for the last five years. Essential services have been reduced and our dividend has been cut in half. It is time for citizens to help fix the fiscal crisis by voting “Yes” for this new law.”

“Last summer, a bipartisan group of Alaskans came together in an effort to end the unconstitutional giveaway of Alaskans’ oil,” said Merrick Peirce (R- Fairbanks). “If the Fair Share Act were in place today, the State would be closer to funding our budget and paying out a full PFD without imposing new taxes on Alaskans.” Vote Yes! For Alaska’s Fair Share will submit petition booklets on Friday, January 17th at 2 p.m. to the Alaska Division of Elections.

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